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File: 1508163882400.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-366577.png)


I need some help. Give me the dankest memes you have.(TRAINS OR GTFO)


Oh, and a fucking alternate imageboard website.



The obvious solution would be 4chan - but I take it you've tried there?


I just need an active alt that isnt too popular like 1chan. Sucks that this site is damn near dead.(TRAINS OR GTFO)


4chan has too many summerfags in it now. The only good boards there are /a/, and /vg/.


dumb frogposter

File: 1508010527497.jpeg (2.42 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


Hello fellows, I'm not dead. I took a little walk through a wooded area in town that butts up to the side of a yard, and I think I found a squatters/rail rider campsite.
To try and keep it in order I'll show the pictures as I took them from the yard back to the opening.
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Happy Belated Birthday!

I also wonder what they will do about the bridge.. Does it provide any real access? Or is it just an alternate route?


Thanks man!
At the other end of the road is a factory for Intertape Polymer, which is serviced by an industrial spur that comes out of the back of that yard, but other than being a faster route to and fro that factory, and that part of the county that it's in, the road doesn't really service anything. You actually have to go outside the city limits to get back to that road which takes you back into the city limits about a mile from that factory.


Did you find any dead bodies?


File: 1508034942151.jpg (3.25 KB, 146x144, Chadwarden.jpg)

happy birthday xana-kun


A belated happy birthday to you, Sarge! Can't wait to see this souvenir you've picked up!

File: 1507606120104.jpg (118.39 KB, 1022x576, IMG_4735.JPG)


When do you think automated trains will take over the transportation rail sector? And when will automated trains take over freight?


File: 1507649521772.jpg (69.66 KB, 728x543, N1000_18.jpg)

Depends on the degree of automation. It's a messy issue, but mostly infrastructure related. IMO 2050 is a reasonable guesstimate for majority of train driving in developed world to be automated. It's pretty normal for isolated many (i.e. no level crossing) commuter systems and subways to be on various levels of ATO now. The driver just operates the doors and says when to go.
Things get more interesting when you have fully autonomous trains existing on a proper network rather than segregated lines. That's harder to centrally automate and integrate with signalling and some future systems may rely on train to train communication (e.g. like ATACS).

Likewise is the case for freight railway automation. For mining railways (e.g. Rio Tinto, IOC, Muskingum Electric Railroad), the isolation makes it a lot easier as per above, as would I imagine the likely larger time constants involved with slower trains.

Now, the other curious one is performance. Most ATO systems, especially commuter ones tend to be pretty "dumb" in the sense that they don't really fine tune how the systems respond to timetabling and acceleration, more push and shove than anything. AFAIK the only somewhat "smart" one is the Hitachi fuzzy control system on the Sendai Subway which has been studied for its smoother acceleration and energy savings over human driving, although curiously the stopping accuracy is rather "human" in the sense that there's a lot more variance than what one would expect.

Some may fight it tooth and nail, but it's inevitable as with many industries and it's going to hurt when it comes. Though it's still some time away, I imagine if it was given the same attention and funding as autonomous road vehicles, it would all be automated by now.


If its so close why are locomotive freight engineers paid so much?


>>4618 – Because right now they are the most versatile train control systems available.


there's also not many of them relative to revenue tonnage. trucks need one driver for every truck hauling ~20 tons, trains can move 10,000+ tons in one train with just two guys in the cab.

File: 1507564775659.jpg (102.36 KB, 700x467, advertise_thumb.jpg)


Totally off-the-wall idea: A bogie/truck with its own power built right in. Just add diesel and control feeds.

True, it is very unlikely to happen for non-electric power, but life is for having fun and dreaming big, right?

Just FTR, these are Subaru (think Fuji Heavy Industries, which did build rail vehicles) EE20 flat-four diesel engines.


Hello, unsprung mass.

Secondary suspension is critical to reduce track wear. Concentrating all the mass in the bogie would probably be a problem.

You also probably want bogie commonality between bi-mode and electric trains (thinking Class 800 sort of situation) because they're easy assemblies to keep spares of. In that case running a few cables (even thick ones for traction current) to the bogies is not such a big deal.

Another concern: Packaging. You still need to get heat out of the engine and you still need to have a not insignificant quantity of electrical control modules. You need a place to put your air compressor.

Also engines and bogies need servicing at vastly different intervals. Do you want to have to crawl around an engine every time you change a brake pad or wheel bearing? No sir.


That is why I said it would be very unlikely to happen. Will a 120-kW diesel-powered bogie be lighter or heavier than an equivalent electro-powered one? Can it be made as sturdy and reliable as needed? And, of course, can it compete on value?

File: 1507467179204.jpg (17.54 KB, 238x215, 1466065801861.jpg)


>this place is still somehow alive


What is this site?(It's the bane of 12 year olds on the internet, apparently.)

File: 1506955905162.jpg (34.26 KB, 320x240, nyce9.jpg)


Wonder how many (or few) have noticed the existence of the NOHAB-GM Foundation in Hungary, one of the countries that operated the NOHAB AA16.



Really interesting, I'd never heard of this.


File: 1507255190232.jpg (793.83 KB, 1000x696, swe_tagab_tmynr105_greatno….jpg)

i'm vaguely aware that NOHABs have ended up in some awfully strange paint schemes


File: 1507393773340.jpg (135.5 KB, 1000x667, 5246.jpg)

File: 1507142735213.jpeg (1.83 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


2:09am 10/2/17 BNSF
I got on this train around 9pm in Kansas City, Kansas. Two friends were already on it, they got on in Ft Madison, Iowa. They told me it was a short train & they were 6 cars up from the last one & that 3 cars up from the last one was another ride, that's the one I got on. The train pulled up about half a mile further than normal because of how short it was, which meant I had to run through the yard to get on. It wasn't a far run & luckily an eastbound GM was rolling on the other tracks providing cover. It's been pretty smooth. I'm currently sided on a trestle over a river in El Dorado, Kansas. I'm under a UPS trailer & behind me is a UPS intermodal container (single stack) on a flat car, I traced it & it said this is do to NBAY on the 4th 10:48am, perfect. I'll be getting off in Bakersfield, California. 2:22am, we aired up & I put my earplugs in expecting to start rolling again but we just sat there. Now I hear the horn of another train, not sure if it's headed our way or passing us going opposite but that's clearly why we're sided. Hmm it didn't pass us, 3 minutes after we aired up we suddenly jolted forward & we're off again. Time to take off my glasses & turn my…oh there it is, passing us going opposite way, turning phone off now til next entry.
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Glad to see you're doing okay, also I like this journal style of posting.


Ride safe, Kid. It's nice to have you here.

No hobo.


I highly approve of your hat.

Flagstaff isn't the worst place to get stuck in. The nights are shockingly cold, but the locals are fairly sympathetic. Just hang out around downtown and you should be fine.


I've been living in Kansas City MO for a while, in the west bottoms really close to both a BNSF yard and a UP yard. BNSF is within walking distance, I have to take the bus for the UP one since it's about 3 miles away. I've just been rail fanning a lot, I have a spot with some other locals where we watch trains. There's also a model railroad store one block over from me there.


I've been in Flagstaff a few times before, and yeah the locals are pretty nice. Last I was there was winter 2 years ago and this lady let me stay at her house for a week, 3 days where she wasn't even home. I just met her in the cafe. My tag, my little hobo signature can be found in that park near downtown. It's xH(A)PPYX with a wifi symbol underneath, there's also a tag from a now retired rider there named Candlemass, his moniker is exactly what his name suggests. You'll also find smaller tags (candles and mine are in spray paint) done with markers from a kid named Coyote and a man who has since passed named Roach. They're in that weird concrete structure there.

File: 1506091257564.jpg (121.83 KB, 600x523, IMG_0853.JPG)



1chan will be down for maintenance on Sunday September 24th. The maintenance will last from 12-18 hours. The site should go offline around 12 AM EST.

Unfortunately the interruption in service is unavoidable and is due to a data center migration. During the migration 1chan will be inaccessible. No data should be lost during the move.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave them in this thread.


You mean 24th?


Went ahead and updated it, thanks!


Looks like it's all finished.

Thanks for your collective patience!


File: 1506385966768.jpg (167.46 KB, 598x465, 1454737846441.jpg)


Re original pic, this Hungarian blog has a few pix of the case in making:


File: 1501263607137.jpg (3.9 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20170727_131157.jpg)


I'm up to some no good nonsense again.
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Ft. Worth is already building its part and it's to begin service next year.


I know, Texrail runs to the airport. I was talking about the proposal to build an extension of the bullet train from Dallas to Fort Worth via Arlington.


I actually haven't heard anything of this. Shows how much I pay attention.


Are they really that far apart? I'm all for rail, but a bullet train, is that necessary?


Not really, and we already have a pretty good rail service between the two. There's no point in adding high speed rail service. On top of that, Arlington pretty much hates public transit, so I don't think they'll be buying into anything like that soon. I seem to recall that they're the largest city in the US without a good public transit service. DART runs exactly one route with only four stops in the city.

File: 1506743576103.jpg (134.63 KB, 736x529, the sim conspiracy is why ….jpg)


Simeon Webb conspiracy theories?


Thanks, but no thanks. Making up shit about the dead is a most dishonourable practice, IMAO.


As in the Casey Jones guy?

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