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File: 1570677700301.jpg–(239.04KB, 720x540, tren_roca.jpg)
No.461  [Reply]
send your photos of old trains that are still used in your countries
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¨ No.502
1571040944109.jpg–(186.09KB, 1024x576, 37403 resized.jpg)
Until quite recently, this was operating on the Cumbrian coast line for Northern Rail.
¨ No.504
no me gustan los trenes de inglaterra son muy afeminados
¨ No.512
1571318779936.jpg–(457.52KB, 1200x800, EP05 23.jpg)
The last Skoda 44E (series EP05) in running condition in Poland, still operates passenger service.

Built in 1961, modified into EP05 configuration in 1973. Withdrawn in 2008, most of the series were scrapped in the 90's and early 2000's. This one survived and was restored in 2017.

File: 1570214455700.png–(1.30MB, 960x595, 960x0.png)
No.382  [Reply]
posting from schhooool. What's ur favorite trains? Model Train kits?

How about thoughts on where trains are headed (no pun intended) in the future? Super fast trains?
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¨ No.483
1570887555756.jpg–(179.72KB, 799x534, Union Pacific Night Train.jpg)
1chan Gold thread
¨ No.484
1570887651087.jpg–(111.86KB, 799x533, Union Pacific Reflection.jpg)
also, waor wings
¨ No.501
1571040505384.jpg–(122.85KB, 1024x683, Flying Scotsman and morayshire 1 resized.jpg)
>What's ur favorite trains?
Anything LNER.
>Model Train kits?
>How about thoughts on where trains are headed (no pun intended) in the future? Super fast trains?
With all the controversy surrounding HS2, it's 50/50 whether it will actually get built. I'm kind of on the fence over the whole issue, because yes high speed rail is cool, but the money could be better spent upgrading the existing network, especially in the north of England, and there's the problem of woodland being cut down to make way for the railway.

File: 1570932261211.jpg–(111.54KB, 1024x578, Trenes-Argentina-Fuente-foto-Hispan-TV-Data-Urgent)
No.489  [Reply]
what train model is this someone knows
¨ No.491
The Toshiba EMUs on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urquiza_Line look to me like the best match.
¨ No.497
Por que tu no leer Wikipedia primero?

Wikpedia tiene todos respuestas!

File: 1570494498267.jpg–(918.55KB, 2000x1500, 6111.jpg)
No.437  [Reply]
Thought I'd share a touch of OC with my photos from my trip to see the Class J on its visit to Pennsylvania. I guess the Strasburg RR was expecting so many tourists, they had to rent a larger engine?!? idk
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¨ No.441
1570495143747.jpg–(1.75MB, 2296x1724, 6115.jpg)
Mind you, I did get some SWEET shots as the sun was going down. This isn't one of them, this is a reject shot, as are the rest of the posts in this thread, but it's a story to tell, eh?
¨ No.442

Oh, and I forgot the step where 611 also did a photo runby in between the side-by-side posing and getting in on the siding behind 475.
¨ No.486
475 looks sharp with the back dating. I want it to stay like that.

File: 1570744461415.jpg–(219.54KB, 900x883, RI4504_LaSalleStStation_Chicago_Dec76.jpg)
No.470  [Reply]
Does anyone remember a website called "A few railroad pixs?" It had a significant pile of US rail-related photos from the 70's, 80's, and early 90's, sorted by railroad, and every photo had a pretty in-depth description, often with trivia and author's recollections. The website would sometimes go offline for weeks at a time before finally disappearing at some point in the past 5 years or so. Unfortunately it was a typical early 2000's page and it had a gimmick java applet menu instead of a proper directory, so web archives are of no use. I thought perhaps somebody from here has a mirror or a backup or something?

The author's name is Garry Morris. I don't know whether the guy is alive or not. To give you a sample of his photos, he did post some of his photos on railpictures: https://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=214

I don't know where I'm going with this, just though I'd put it out here because of all places on the net, people on 1chan should know of it.

File: 1570594372424.jpg–(406.60KB, 939x664, showimage.jpg)
No.448  [Reply]
it is currently real SDP45 hours
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¨ No.457
1570596049113.jpg–(92.08KB, 750x606, csdp1.jpg)

¨ No.466
Isn't that the last one in existence?
¨ No.469
Conrail SDP45 6670 Initial Inspection–(YouTube)
Here's a tour of this glorious piece of scrap metal.

File: 1569602522729.jpg–(93.66KB, 738x528, 903714cs-b&osafety.jpg)
No.277  [Reply]
What's going on, what's with all the broken stuff?
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¨ No.363
¨ No.380
Yaaay, thanks my dude!

Also, did you crank up the timeout between posts too? I mean it's not perfect but it's probably still the most reliable hassle-free way of preventing a major flooding. (BTW if you did maybe it will be a good idea not to tell us the exact number of seconds - y'know, in the unlikely case there actually will be someone malicious enough to write a script, this knowledge might help them) Still, will be looking forward to see a limiter or a captcha one day.
¨ No.467
1570743313527.jpg–(66.45KB, 740x494, 903010cs-b&osafety2.jpg)
Thank you for keeping us updated, Tex and Mike.

File: 1570425380283.jpg–(127.11KB, 866x960, 72608472_1424245251087532_8018081068294864896_n.jp)
No.430  [Reply]
(SAUCE: "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba")

File: 1570134573583.jpg–(274.48KB, 720x960, 932019132357.jpg)
No.360  [Reply]
Debris from flooding takes out a NS bridge in Missouri. The 2nd link has the video of it going over. Last report is they are searching for the bridge remains.



¨ No.381
That’s not gonna buff out.

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