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File: 1493859025546.jpg (119.21 KB, 620x387, potd-corbyn_3457949b.jpg)


Does anyone have that one picture of a Japanese train with an advertising wrap for an anime that was awkwardly placed near the gas cap of the train?

>pic unrelated
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It's a thumbnail. There's barely enough pixels for the vehicle number.


File: 1494273502597.jpg (221.69 KB, 1024x658, 13975890586_c0f679dea4_b.jpg)

Here we go


That's pedantry to a whole new level. It's the same character, on the same carriage, at what looks like the same station! What's the difference?


Look closer.


*sees emergency door release handle*


File: 1493676037581.jpg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20170430_222919.jpg)


Breaking news out of Dallas: former Dallas Railway & Terminal #612/Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority #3334 will be scrapped.

McKinney Avenue Transit Authority has decided that rebuilding the car was simply too much. After receiving the car to their property in December of 2015, work began on dismantling much of the car so that an assessment could be done on what had to be done to restore the car to active service. While it was already known that most of the body would have to be fixed or replaced, removal of the floors revealed a lot of rust through the frame. The cost proved to be drastically more than what the board of directors was led to believe, so the verdict came down: scrap the car.

If anyone wants a really rough PCC, you could probably offer them maybe $10 over scrap value and have it to yourself.
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How about we pool some money together and buy it? We can make it the official 1chan Clubhouse


No kidding? Are you from the Dallas area or were you just visiting?

"Welcome to the clubhouse. That corner is off limits. There's nothing secret there; it's off limits because if you go there you'll fall through the floor."


If you have in mind somewhere under roof to park it, I'd pitch in some money just to see it saved from the torch.

Buying and moving it would be the easy part. Storing it indefinitely in such a condition that it doesn't degrade further would be more difficult. Any plans to put it back into service could take as long as they needed to; it's not like it would be going anywhere.


File: 1494226871191.jpg (4.45 MB, 4032x3024, 33710506773_0208ae364f_o.jpg)


Just visiting. Try to go once a year. This is the only image I have with the 612 hidden off to the side. Had I known I would have taken photos. But it's just a hollowed out metal shell.


File: 1494226936815.jpg (4.46 MB, 4032x3024, 34135293490_da8d9ba5f3_o.jpg)

Wrong photo above.

File: 1489035739230.jpeg (150.87 KB, 840x1500, trainperson.jpeg)


Anybody else ever ridden without a ticket?

I'm curious if you all can give some tips on how to train surf safely, and any advice on how to interact with railyard staff without being a menace and causing trouble. I'm a homeless enthusiast that loves to get around and I don't want to cause anyone unnecessary trouble with my presence. I just rode for my first time (CSX) and didn't have any problems but as I said, I'm curious if you all have any input.
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File: 1492369674966.jpeg (1.87 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

There was just a pile of them on the porch of this grainer. Just took the pic like that to block my friends face. The first pic was just me trying to focus my phones camera. Friend in the background reading.


File: 1493756331535.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I identified this train wrong. Thought it was going to Houston, you know I suspected it was wrong. The proper identification is; first half autoracks, second half Doublestack with K-Line, Hapag-Llyod, NYK & APL. I saw the autoracks and K-Line but nothing else. Ended up being the Golden State route to Kansas City, I realized it too late when I suddenly started going north after El Paso. Rode from Tucson AZ to Pratt Kansas before I bailed because of rain. Stayed in Pratt for two days dodging rain. Finally caught out yesterday around 4pm and arrived in KCMO at 3am. Dodge the cops in the yard for a while, ducking and hiding in bushes. Actually slept in the yard before leaving at noon today. This pic was in Lordsburg NM.



Nice aaaaaaaart, 'Kid!


File: 1493827650186.jpeg (2.44 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Fell asleep in the yard after dodging the bull. I couldn't figure my way out, I saw a bridge and headed for it. There was thick forest separating me from the streets, so I ducked in and went to bed. Woke up around noon and figured it out in the daylight. Found this hard hat. Left it behind.


I'm one of the people strapped into this and pulling it. It's made up mostly of scrapped train parts. And most of the people involved are train riders.



Today I blasted Push it to the limit from the scar face soundtrack while rideing a handcar while a freight train passed. What awesome train things did you do today?
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Mods, in light of this thread I think it's only fair that we get to push Ham to the limit. Do you agree?


I am a mod


Every day we stray further from god's light.





File: 1494412306940.jpeg (19.77 KB, 690x388, modsrfgds.jpeg)

mod$ r faggs

also, sage

File: 1493496194126.png (41.26 KB, 500x200, tamas-18th-birthday.png)


Has Google told any of you yet that today is Tama Day?


not at all


No Unfortunately. That's a cute doodle, though.



I went to the Google yesterday and it showed me no such doodle. I am disappoint.


According to the map, it was shown in Japan, Russia, Iceland, Cuba, Estonia, Belarus, Taiwan, Portugal and Serbia. Which are, of course, all the countries that come to mind when you think of stations and cats, or something.

File: 1493131311006.jpg (15.84 KB, 467x459, 1479431510020.jpg)


Hello, my name is Trevor [rest of name removed]. I was recently made fun on this site would gladly appreciate anyone who apologies to me. I was called pizza face and short bus rider by 5 users for no reason. Plz be careful what u say to others because it can affect a life thank u any questions my number is [phone number removed](Don't post this crap AND hand out personal information)


I know people are always mean to me for no good reason.


Obvious shitposting is obvious. Go back to 4chan.

>no good reason

You give us plenty of reason, Ham.

File: 1493086462794.png (19.13 KB, 326x278, 14867775458.png)


Wa-wait a second… ¿Is this Chan about trains?
I just search 1chan (curiosity), and i found this page. And im really confused right now.


How very astute of you, Sherlock. Yes it is.

File: 1490843252173.jpeg (188.38 KB, 1024x768, Speeder_at_MadCity_Rail_S….jpeg)


Any of y'all into the Speeder Life?
Either own one, or have ridden on one..

What's it like?
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File: 1491669115827.png (289.75 KB, 750x400, not-a-shoop.png)


I thought this was a shoop
It's really Buster Keaton


>I wish they would allow trailers

Now that I think of it, are there any standards for speeder trailer or push cart construction; deck height, link and pin coupler location, and so forth? Or does each manufacturer, shop, and railroad do whatever the fuck they want because it's not like you need to worry about interchange service.


As far as I know, you wouldn't use a coupler. You just use a bar, some pins with r-clips or linchpins, and some hooks and chains. That's what we used to hook up MoW machines to be towed.


Yep. From the movie "The Railrodder" it was his last movie. I just recently got a copy off YouTube


I knows! But I don't have the monies to get it OR ship it to my house
either way it'd cost a fortune UGH!

File: 1492928733802.jpg (1.3 MB, 4160x2340, 20170423_090309(1).jpg)




There already is a thread dedicated to humor, y'know… Don't see the point of creating uninformative threads.

File: 1492745801241.jpg (94.92 KB, 964x659, article-2605886-1D23D53C00….jpg)


I found a scan of an old guidebook that may be of interest to some of you. It's a book that was given to American soldiers who were to be stationed in Great Britain to help them become acclimated to the different cultures and customs found in the Empire. There's a brief bit in there about the different terminologies for railways and what you can expect to see when riding a train in war time. The whole thing is worth a read if you're into this sort of thing.



What page is the part about railways on?


>>3713 – To go by the reader’s page counter, 11 and 16 (printed numbers 17 and 26), at least.

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