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As I tried to explain, streetcar / tram wheel flanges are designed so that they can bear the weight of a tram. There are two different philosophies on tram wheels though, three if straight railroad wheels count. First is how European small loading gauge tramways did it. The wheel tread is rather narrow and doesn't bear the wheel but in the most gradual and gentle diamonds, so all points and diamonds where two flangeways make and X cross, they made ramps, where the tram wheen switches from tread bearing to flange bearing. The trend has been to adopt a wider wheel tread standard, I think typical narrow tread is about 85 mm and wide is 110 mm or maybe more; I think that was only the narrowest "wide wheel". This increase allows eliminating ramps in most flangeway crossings and have tread bear the wheel across.

I know flange bearing is used on some heavy railways too, for having continuous mainline track.



Is that portland just east of the willamette? if so, why ask why about anything to do with that place? their drinking fountains don't have buttons due to an anti-button activist ffs.

how many bridge kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (they don't, they screw in the portland loos)


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Pretty sure it's Jack London Square in Oakland


Why yes, I understood some of these words.

What the hell are you talking about?


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Are you telling me I can a train from here? I bet they go slow enough but they must just terminate here right? Jk I'll just go to one of my many other options, Emeryville, Richmond or take the Bart/bus to Stockton.

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GWR hides tickets inside books.



Is that a 387 in the background?


I do not know, but to me it looks like one.

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And this is what our Russian stores look like lol https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/russian-general-store-houston

Yeah as different as we may have been in the past, we are two of the global superpowers so we are going to have many more similarities rather than differences. It's funny if you look at the similarities between the private sectors, businesses, what people buy, etc.. they only go back to the early 90s. However if you look at our military and infrastructure they go back all the way to the early 50s.


File: 1489062184427.jpg (442.19 KB, 1166x820, drg-bassin555130p-.jpg)

that looks very similar to this German live fish car from '24




u wat m8?

33KAOd!F futbol




Привет-то оно завсегда привет, а без поездов, увы, разговору нет.


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Thanks for taking care of that one..


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I lol'd. Thanks, Paravoz!


I'm surprized your translator engine could handle such an archaic dialect.
Yeah… :) I was under impression of one great Soviet play I just watched so I tried to kinda fit this under the same style and foot.

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You guys on other imageboards than 1chan, or is it just the rails???
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File: 1484409073452.jpeg (796.78 KB, 1000x691, CPR8711.Yahk.BC.jpeg)

This is my primary flagstop. Pretty comfy here. I get my fix on Russian trains, DirtyKid Travels, and mein Fu3hr3r's CP pix.


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Started on 4chan, then the major faggotrygot too much , Tried 8chan, still faggotry – so am here now.


It's all Yahkity Yahk with you, isn't it? Great photo, 3 builders and 2 generations!


File: 1488610367502.jpg (250.47 KB, 1991x2015, CPR.ChapmanCamp.Oct1965.Da….jpg)

Hmm… How about a pic of #8710 & 8724 switching out some ore hoppers at Chapman Camp near Kimberley in October 1965.


Goodness me, yes. I think I need to get some photos from you, could you drop me a line? trainboysd40 on the gmail.

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Thinking about picking myself up a radio scanner for railfanning, since I'm tired of relying on a phone app to do it for me (broadcasting from a stationary tower as opposed to my immediate surrounding area, eating up my cellular data, unreliable connection, etc)

I'm just a little confused though, most of the radio frequencies I see listed for railroads show "train to dispatcher" and "dispatcher to train" as different channels, plus something called "ARN" (see link below) which I have yet to find a definition for. So, do I tune my scanner to multiple channels at once, or…? How it works, wat do?
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File: 1487811350000.jpg (14.59 KB, 500x375, Quarterwave-vhf-handheld-a….jpg)


FYI laying an antenna sideways will reduce your receiving signal by 6db to as much as 20db (which is quite a bit) due to cross-polarization. The railroad transmits in vertical polarization, an antenna that is sticking straight up is vertically polarized & radiates a torus shaped signal that looks like a donut laying flat. Generally speaking, towards all points of a compass level with the horizon.

If you lay the whip antenna sideways it becomes horizontally polarized & directional, receiving broadside to the antenna with nulls off the ends.

Again, just for generalization ease, 3db of loss is 1/2 power. ie:

1 watt @ 3db = 0.5 watts
1 watt @ 6db = 0.25 watts
1 watt @ 9db = 0.125 watts.

You can see the trend on how quickly a signal can degrade.

If you really don't want a whip (1/4 wavelength would be about 19" high) you can look into 1/4 wave flexible antennas that screw directly onto the radio as long as it uses the same connector (usually SMA type). These provide more gain. Alternatively you can try an active amplifier witch will need batteries or power adapter. They will cost more and the amplifier will be inline with the antenna.
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>Baofeng UV-5R transcievers. They are drifty as f–k. What I mean is that they don't stay on frequency. This is a known issue and evidence of the (low) quality of engineering put into them… that's why they are so cheap. They're pretty trashy radios. They're of questionable legality too in Canada & possibly the USA.

lol Baofeng. If you want to get into RR scanning on the cheap you're better off getting a used Uniden or GRE on ebay/craigslist.

(From the Baofeng "documentation" I've looked at even dealing with old school memory bank programming is easier)



Thank you for the incredibly detailed explanation. I guess I'll plant it on the roof when I want to use it, and then hang it up in the bed cap when I don't need it. The antenna suggested by this Anon >>3261 is 43" long, so perhaps I'll look into this 1/4 wavelength antenna you're talking about, as that looks friendlier to my wallet, but how much range will I lose over just having the whip?


This looks like what I'd need.


Range comparison? Yikes! Now it gets subjective because all sorts of parameters like terrain, power levels, and radiation patterns, etc would need to be compared which is beyond the scope here so i'll just go in layman's terms. :-)

The 43" whip antenna mentioned is probably a 1/2 or 5/8 wave antenna with a loading coil at it's base. These typically have a gain around 2 to 3 dbi. I have some Larsen vhf mobile antennas that claim those figures. For mobile work, this is about the best you can get.

The 1/4 wave I had is probably around -1 & +1 dbi. So the one mentioned above will be better, maybe double range.

The flexible whip option is a compromise in improving reception and having an antenna that shouldn't break. The one you've linked to doesn't give any gain figures but in reality it probably isn't above 0 dbi (no gain). But it will be better than the original stubby antenna that comes with it.

So going from top to bottom listed here: best, better, good.

Hope this helped!



Sod it, I'll just splurge for the big one then. Again, your help is appreciated!

File: 1487196241248.jpg (1.33 MB, 3000x2000, Shinkansen_E954(fastech360….jpg)


ITT: One off or limited production locomotives. Whether they were made for testing, or massive experimental failures. Some of these trains just don't get the respect they deserve.

I'll start with the Fastech 360 Shinkansen. Only 2 were made, the 360S and 360Z. They were used to test features for what became the E5 series. The 360S had two different styled end cars to test which end was more aerodynamic. 360Z was built with the same styled end as the E5. Affectionately called the "Cat Eared Shinkansen" because of it's unique air brakes which were never applied to the later E5 series. Sadly both units were scrapped.
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I'm surprised one of them didn't end up at Exporail.


GO Transit was considering buying these in the '90s to electrify some of their lines.


File: 1488250022904.jpg (131.53 KB, 800x600, Jreast_e993.jpg)

E993. Lasted a good 4 years. If Dr Frankenstein built a train, this would probably be it. All 5 cars are different to test various things including door types and configs, articulation, in seat entertainment, direct drive motors, a new control system, both stainless steel and aluminium cars with double layer body and so forth.


Jesus christ what a nightmare.


File: 1488494763172.jpg (415.24 KB, 1200x800, 59808.jpg)

We had very similar solution. There have been taken two ChME3 road swithers by CKD and turned into the railway Tesla. They called them LAM-01 and LAM-02. Looks almost exactly like normal ChME3 but without the fuel tank. The goal was kinda noble, to make the switcher for work with passenger cars without any toxic emissions inside the shops of car depots. But unsurprisingly both of them quickly ended up propping up the fence, one in the VNIKTI research institute and the second in the Bekasovo depot.
There is even a pun in Russian, train enthusiasts call the LAM (ЛАМ) series hLAM (хЛАМ) which translates as garbage… and this is exactly what they are today.

File: 1488379236670.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 82112.png)


82112 leads a late afternoon InterCity service from London Liverpool Street to Norwich.

File: 1488242651176.jpg (1.29 MB, 3264x2448, 20161224_113450.jpg)


Does anyone know anything about the railroad track near Edmund SC? It crosses Boiling Springs Road. I'm curious if anyone knows its history.


Look at a map or satellite image. Sometimes old grades like that are still somewhat visible and you can trace their path from, say, a trunk line to an industry. Other than that, no, I have no clue.


A quick look seems to indicate it eventually interlocks with the CSX yard in Columbia.



Where does the other end go? Once you know that, it'll be a lot easier to find the lines heritage.

File: 1487652956615.gif (169.03 KB, 600x430, 1291171227198.gif)


So what lines should I ride to get the railfan window, I already know about the 7 train so what other ones?


Here are the current car assignments:

A Division (number lines & 42 St Shuttle)

B Division (letter lines except 42 St Shuttle)

R-32s, R-42s, and single-car R-62As have true RFWs, i.e., the window is completely separate from the cab. On some other cars like the R-160s they have this weird polarized window between the train and the cab which you can sometimes see through in daylight but are pretty useless in tunnels. Also some operators will get paranoid if someone is filming/looking into the cab.
Don't even bother with the (7), there are some employees saying that the MTA plans to implement CBTC on a section of the (7) in a week or two, so the remaining few sets of 62s will be/will have been transferred to the (6) soon.
Your best bet rolling stock-wise is the (J)/(Z), the MTA basically uses it as its dumping ground for unwanted stock on the Eastern Division. Definitely be sure to see some 42s, they'll probably be scrapped this year if the 179s aren't too problematic.

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