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File: 1490580080567.jpg (140.67 KB, 903x600, LI-OysterBayBrTrain_2005.jpg)


Someone tell me what the hell this thing is?




A train, I think


I'm not so sure. Judging by the shape, that might just be the box that the train came in.



File: 1490884687628.jpg (659.31 KB, 2976x2024, 67003 cropped.jpg)

Same prime mover as used in the British class 66 and 67.
And a similar looking corrugated bodyshell. Very different cabs, though.

File: 1490652101337.png (384.56 KB, 580x431, sk-22.png)


From Tokyo to Kyushu in a day on a single Seishun 18 ticket:



File: 1490688537411.jpg (120.15 KB, 1024x768, CARc05jUMAE4v5g.jpg)

I find it oh so very Japanese that you can depend on a 1 minute connection between trains.
Although it's really something for bragging rights, like crossing Japan in under 24 hours with all those stamps on a Basic Ticket.

Stolen from the twatter. It seems the Basic Ticket is printed in long format so you can't use it on the ticket gates but you get to keep it.

Funny thing is that as a gaijin, if I could accept not using Nozomi/Mizuho, I could get away with making back the value in the single day trip with the JR Pass.

File: 1489365406627.jpg (4.12 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20170312_155932.jpg)


I'm far from home in Muni land for a few days. Got a personal tour of the car barn for the cable cars today. This ship is incredible. They have everything necessary to keep the cars running, including an on site blacksmith shop.
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I'd like to find one of these & rubber tire it BUT keep it still looking like a PCC



Because everything in it is straight out of 1965. Everything about BART has been falling apart in the past few years, from the train control to the power system and the seats. They had three major power failures last year and two separate transformers blow up this year.

They've spent most of their San Jose expansion money on implementing a new signalling system and the new cars, and a separate bond they got passed last year pays for new power equipment. Fares will be hiked soon to keep construction crews working.


File: 1490645107772.png (682.38 KB, 475x613, bart-to-the-future.png)


I'm digging through and trying to find the original 1956 BA-RTD's rolling stock concepts, which remind me of the aerotrain.


File: 1490645539572.jpg (304.72 KB, 1024x663, eric fischer.jpg)


Found it. Had BART formed in 1956 without a doubt we'd be riding around in these today. Notice how standard, not broad, gauge is used in this design.



File: 1482940417966.jpg (138.62 KB, 1024x576, Castletown station resized.jpg)


When talking about railways, the mainstream media (particularly cheap gift books and DVDs that a relative might buy you because you "like trains") tend to focus on the biggest, fastest express trains. In this thread, I want to share photos of quaint little branch lines in the countryside. Standard and narrow gauge are both welcome. Stone built sheds, cheeky tank engines are encouraged. Starting with… Castletown station on the Isle of man steam railway.
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This is cool. This is one of those things that makes me like Russian trains.


File: 1483118715575.jpg (346.12 KB, 1280x658, .jpg)

Then heres another eloquent photo and very likely I will tell more about this part of the network in my 1520 thread soon after the New Year, so stay tuned if it is interesting to you.


File: 1490462545560.jpg (165.89 KB, 800x541, IMG_5964_tonemapped-L.jpg)

East Broad Top Railway, narrow gauge coal line in Pennsylvania. She operated as a tourist service from the 60's to 2006, when she was bought by someone.Her current owners are trying to give/sell her to a nonprofit.


File: 1490483078655.jpg (1.79 MB, 3264x1836, IMG_20150729_142203.jpg)

A *little* bit further south on the Essex/Suffolk border is the town of Sudbury. Its station is on a single-track branch running from Sudbury to Marks Tey, around twelve miles away.

Anyways, 156402 sits at Sudbury awaiting departure south on a bright summer afternoon.


Along with the occasional steam powered revenue freight!

File: 1490427009483.jpg (180.02 KB, 900x548, 1490143839316.jpg)


Prairie railways, post em if you have em
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File: 1490427738749.jpg (587.07 KB, 1200x800, .jpg)

Just look at it.


File: 1490427981776.jpg (395.74 KB, 1290x860, .jpg)

Also Privolzhskaya railway has the route in Astrakhan' region with the heaviest single-headed trains in regular operation in Russia, 10000 tons each.


File: 1490550756562.jpeg (144.33 KB, 1280x720, hiline.jpeg)


File: 1490551259585.jpeg (615.75 KB, 1752x1168, atleastitsnotsand.jpeg)


File: 1490552104012.jpeg (219.4 KB, 1000x656, bnsf.jpeg)

File: 1490313562476.jpg (608.78 KB, 1200x810, 6516.1424728342.jpg)


Is this the greatest bicentennial paint scheme ?
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File: 1490404598030.jpg (3.43 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20160905_211400.jpg)


Had the pleasure of visiting it when I went down to Roanoke for my 611 whistle blow.


File: 1490404696193.jpg (4.36 MB, 4000x3000, P1030781.JPG)

They also have the matching Bicentennial trailer, which was blocked by a forklift so I couldn't get a full shot of it.


have this in HO as a dummy unit


Legend says when you blow the horn on this unit, it sounds like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdFxnbZtu1I


Fun fact: you've been bamboozled by patriotism. That noise you associate with the bald eagle is actually the call of a red tail hawk.

Now allow me to break your heart and show you what bald eagles actually sounds like. Hint: they're basically giant seagulls.


File: 1489509055499.jpg (46.09 KB, 580x325, e784a1e9a18c2.jpg)


For sale: ED403 locomotive. One careful owner.



File: 1489681764713.jpg (648.78 KB, 2560x1719, .jpg)

I remember how a few years ago Moscow metro had a few decommissioned original Yauza (81-720 and 81-721) cars for sale as cheap as about 67000 RUB which was about 2200 bucks for the time, probably it is even less than the scrapmetal worth. No one bought it as far as I know which is pity since this is very limited production model. Luckily there are two consists still in use and probably the model will be conserved after all.
Also not long before that someone bought from them decommissioned but used as some pantry in the Presnya depot 1935 A type car for about 200000 RUB. However recently it suddenly ended up again in the MM museum stock but this is another story.


File: 1490267391823.jpg (59.92 KB, 591x334, easeys-1.jpg)

Reminds me of quite a while back in Melbourne. The state government sold the Hitachis for something like $5000 per 3 car set. Then things happened and they wanted them back, being willing to pay $20000 per set.

Some of them ended up in interesting places, one by a café in Sydney and 3 cars on the roof of a restaurant in Melbourne.

I'd love to have one but I don't have the space lol.

File: 1490128431272.jpg (115.23 KB, 600x800, cover.jpg)


Its Construction, Development, Management, and Appliances

Published in 1889.


File: 1489447304130.png (623.28 KB, 886x530, wire.png)


Along the old MKT line south out of Dallas, for several miles there is a wire suspended more or less above the tracks, like a trolley wire, but it deviates way too much on some curves, and goes over highway bridges where the tracks go under. At one end, the wire comes off a transmission tower carrying a bunch of other lines, and the at the other end it seems to go away when the power lines branch off. For years I've wondered what the fuck the wire is there for. Anyone have a clue what it's doing there?
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>Is it due to some bizarre ROW constraint

Almost definitely. Could have been the power company wanting to test new line types, specific rights eg: another company wanted to run a line, and couldn't co-locate it with the other lines. Lots of things…


Definitely just power, and the previous speculations about ROW easements are probably right. The Katy never hosted electric rail vehicles (under power, at least), only steam and diesel.

If you found that, damn, you were in a rough part of town. That location on the map is right behind one of my bus garages. I honestly hate going there.


I found it out of boredly wandering around google maps a few years ago, but recently on business I have been having to venture to the shittier parts of DFW.


File: 1489661599306.jpg (34.31 KB, 400x300, Cable-guy.jpg)

As your resident telecommunications tech I can tell you with 99.997% certainty what you are looking at: It's a fibre optic line. There's actually 2 of them at your pin-drop.

Several things stand out for me. Mainly that there is a lack of insulators which tell me no power flows along it. I also followed the line south from your pin and on the next high voltage transmission tower (here in western Canada, BC Hydro and TransAlta Utilities call them "structures") I see a fibre loop strapped to the pole. It looks identical to the one suspended over the tracks which also use the same support hardware.

So keeping that in mind I continued south following the uninsulated line supported over the tracks. Eventually it stops and transfers back to a high-voltage structure near Blanco Dr and Witt Rd just north of a substation. It actually pairs back up with the other FO line seen at your pin-drop.

Now, if you are wondering why it would branch off for a ways before rejoining, it's quite possible that it's done as an economic measure. Telecom companies will often lease a spot on a Utility structure (or competitors pole) for a set rate usually by the km or mile. Sometimes it's cheaper to put up your own. I've seen a dozen examples of this in my city.

Hard to tell in the Streetview images but that appears to be a decent sized FO line.


Cool, that makes sense. Thanks for the info everyone. I was going to post a pic I took with my phone today, but it wouldn't go through for some reason.


Peep the comments.



The comments aren't displaying.


I meant the comment in which I posted the link, since links in OP posts aren't allowed :P


That's just… wow. That guy had too much time on his hands.

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