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File: 1501516894238.jpg (293.7 KB, 1100x826, 1379464656016.jpg)


There's always photography of trains, how about an artwork dump thread? I have no idea where some of these come from, but hoarded files over the past few years.
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>17:03:00 No.4741
>15:30:20 No.4740

A doublepost hours apart? 🤔


The first one I posted while I was on break at work but it didn't seem to go through so when I got off work I tried again it turns out it did go through so I ended up dobble posting.


does ur gf know you're posting pics of her on 1ch? shes probably not cool w/ it tbqhsmhfam.


File: 1509096421618.jpg (364.53 KB, 850x576, sample_fc8cf8d7a25f05570e8….jpg)

This reminds me of a sector of Union Pacific main line near Red Bluff, CA. The line runs past a regional distribution center for Walmart, which has a wind turbine nearby.


File: 1509129216065.jpg (266.89 KB, 970x970, 1081000.jpg)

Something I picked up at some booru or other.

File: 1508034482755.jpg (304.56 KB, 2048x1422, rtxj5ip.jpg)


Should a person in college or high school even bother pursuing a career in freight or commercial rail anymore? It's going to be fully automated in like 40 years so why bother?

Pic unrelated
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I couldn't even get an interview. Beats me as to why. I tried for six years before I just gave up and decided to stick with what I'm doing now.


Are you serious? Not even a damn interview? Damn. I don't have any friends in rail company's either so I don't know what to do about that.


I didn't have any friends and I got interviews with two different class I's and hired by the better paying one.

I don't know what to tell you.


And there's the magic of it. Some will get in on the first try, others might not ever. It's not terribly uncommon.


File: 1508842524877.jpg (325.73 KB, 1280x960, 66607 (1).JPG)

I don't know how it is in the US, but here in Blighty, the railway companies make potential drivers jump through a lot of hoops to get a job (probably because there are way more applicants than vacancies).
I applied for a job with FLHH a few years ago. Got to the interview part of the second stage of testing and shown the door, sadly (I generally do well in written tests, but not in interviews).
I've applied to Scotrail on multiple occasions and never even got offered an interview.

File: 1507657855110.gif (1.87 MB, 480x256, orange line 14000.gif)


Hnnnngh, new MBTA Orange Line trains in the metal flesh
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Where were the blue line cars built?



The new 0700 cars were made by Siemens. And beset with problems when they first arrived. Despite that grand "German engineering."

The old 0600 cars (which share their design with the current Orange Line cars) were made by good ole' Hawker Siddeley Canada and had no problems to me, aside from rusting because the Blue Line literally runs yards from the oceanfront in some areas.


Yes but where were they built New York? Vermont? California?


File: 1508498462758.jpg (29.94 KB, 720x405, p05k3j33.jpg)

Japanese trains superior. Check out this revolutionary aircon which cools passengers through direct contact.


How much are you paid to post on western imageboards?

File: 1508270710328.jpg (391.99 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Great Eastern M….jpg)


So, who here plays with train simulators? Or in fact, other simulators?
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File: 1508373847768.jpg (286.9 KB, 1024x575, downloadfile-38.jpg)

I absolutely love trainz for the model railroading aspect. I enjoy Run8 v2 a lot aswell.


What's the modeling scene on Trainz? I'm honestly unfamiliar with anything past MSTS, and this sounds really intriguing.


File: 1508444229736.png (335.46 KB, 1101x919, s.png)

There. Now if anybody wants to download the translated ROM I've set up a page and a tutorial on how to play.


File: 1508444556517.jpg (67.66 KB, 800x800, official-nintendo-64-vru-n….jpg)

I also forgot to mention, if you own a VRU and an adapter for it, the translated version is compatible with English voices aswell. However, this is merely optional. The emulation of the VRU on Project 64 (with the real VRU mic, no actual microphone compatability yet), is supported from Project 64 2.3 and above.


Trying to find this out too, can you actually build?!

File: 1507585253747.gif (1009.35 KB, 500x380, 75a.gif)


why is rei best girl
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Bring this thread back to trains or it gets locked.


Somebody's just mad that their waifu a shit.


Hahaha someone got buttmad


File: 1508533428448.jpg (482.82 KB, 2000x1300, 1483290602730.jpg)

Heh. Here, have some spookily Evangelic IC4s.



File: 1506021397578.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


Street 'art' vandals paint Union Pacific engine to look like a tiger. Both people in the freight graffiti world and railfan world are angry. The graffiti writers are mad because painting engines is one of the most obvious no no's. It just makes doing graffiti at that spot harder and crack downs more often. Railfans mad for obvious reasons. This street art collective are the same ones responsible for all those Donald Trump "has no balls" statues that popped up everywhere. And Bum Fights, yeah same people, they're political now I guess. Pic only semi related, just a picture I took in kc with graffiti in the background
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They're definitely butthurt. Dunno if their worried about their public image or what.


Probably trying to discourage this from becoming a trend. This one might look nice but the next several? Probably not.


File: 1507704420314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.07 KB, 410x205, train penis.jpg)

In before an UP SD70M graffiti'd up to look like a hairy, veiny giant penis.


I hit the spoiler button for you. I debated about it, but in the end it is a dick and technically NSFW. Not enough to remove, but enough to need to hide.



File: 1508163882400.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-366577.png)


I need some help. Give me the dankest memes you have.(TRAINS OR GTFO)


Oh, and a fucking alternate imageboard website.



The obvious solution would be 4chan - but I take it you've tried there?


I just need an active alt that isnt too popular like 1chan. Sucks that this site is damn near dead.(TRAINS OR GTFO)


4chan has too many summerfags in it now. The only good boards there are /a/, and /vg/.


dumb frogposter

File: 1508010527497.jpeg (2.42 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


Hello fellows, I'm not dead. I took a little walk through a wooded area in town that butts up to the side of a yard, and I think I found a squatters/rail rider campsite.
To try and keep it in order I'll show the pictures as I took them from the yard back to the opening.
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Happy Belated Birthday!

I also wonder what they will do about the bridge.. Does it provide any real access? Or is it just an alternate route?


Thanks man!
At the other end of the road is a factory for Intertape Polymer, which is serviced by an industrial spur that comes out of the back of that yard, but other than being a faster route to and fro that factory, and that part of the county that it's in, the road doesn't really service anything. You actually have to go outside the city limits to get back to that road which takes you back into the city limits about a mile from that factory.


Did you find any dead bodies?


File: 1508034942151.jpg (3.25 KB, 146x144, Chadwarden.jpg)

happy birthday xana-kun


A belated happy birthday to you, Sarge! Can't wait to see this souvenir you've picked up!

File: 1507606120104.jpg (118.39 KB, 1022x576, IMG_4735.JPG)


When do you think automated trains will take over the transportation rail sector? And when will automated trains take over freight?


File: 1507649521772.jpg (69.66 KB, 728x543, N1000_18.jpg)

Depends on the degree of automation. It's a messy issue, but mostly infrastructure related. IMO 2050 is a reasonable guesstimate for majority of train driving in developed world to be automated. It's pretty normal for isolated many (i.e. no level crossing) commuter systems and subways to be on various levels of ATO now. The driver just operates the doors and says when to go.
Things get more interesting when you have fully autonomous trains existing on a proper network rather than segregated lines. That's harder to centrally automate and integrate with signalling and some future systems may rely on train to train communication (e.g. like ATACS).

Likewise is the case for freight railway automation. For mining railways (e.g. Rio Tinto, IOC, Muskingum Electric Railroad), the isolation makes it a lot easier as per above, as would I imagine the likely larger time constants involved with slower trains.

Now, the other curious one is performance. Most ATO systems, especially commuter ones tend to be pretty "dumb" in the sense that they don't really fine tune how the systems respond to timetabling and acceleration, more push and shove than anything. AFAIK the only somewhat "smart" one is the Hitachi fuzzy control system on the Sendai Subway which has been studied for its smoother acceleration and energy savings over human driving, although curiously the stopping accuracy is rather "human" in the sense that there's a lot more variance than what one would expect.

Some may fight it tooth and nail, but it's inevitable as with many industries and it's going to hurt when it comes. Though it's still some time away, I imagine if it was given the same attention and funding as autonomous road vehicles, it would all be automated by now.


If its so close why are locomotive freight engineers paid so much?


>>4618 – Because right now they are the most versatile train control systems available.


there's also not many of them relative to revenue tonnage. trucks need one driver for every truck hauling ~20 tons, trains can move 10,000+ tons in one train with just two guys in the cab.

File: 1507564775659.jpg (102.36 KB, 700x467, advertise_thumb.jpg)


Totally off-the-wall idea: A bogie/truck with its own power built right in. Just add diesel and control feeds.

True, it is very unlikely to happen for non-electric power, but life is for having fun and dreaming big, right?

Just FTR, these are Subaru (think Fuji Heavy Industries, which did build rail vehicles) EE20 flat-four diesel engines.


Hello, unsprung mass.

Secondary suspension is critical to reduce track wear. Concentrating all the mass in the bogie would probably be a problem.

You also probably want bogie commonality between bi-mode and electric trains (thinking Class 800 sort of situation) because they're easy assemblies to keep spares of. In that case running a few cables (even thick ones for traction current) to the bogies is not such a big deal.

Another concern: Packaging. You still need to get heat out of the engine and you still need to have a not insignificant quantity of electrical control modules. You need a place to put your air compressor.

Also engines and bogies need servicing at vastly different intervals. Do you want to have to crawl around an engine every time you change a brake pad or wheel bearing? No sir.


That is why I said it would be very unlikely to happen. Will a 120-kW diesel-powered bogie be lighter or heavier than an equivalent electro-powered one? Can it be made as sturdy and reliable as needed? And, of course, can it compete on value?

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