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If you lot can listen to this and still feel down in the dumps, your problem is permanently unsolvable.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkFUAUmo2Xs – «Hilly-Billy-Ding-Dong-Choo-Choo» with Conny Froboess
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iLmvW1FXk (better sound quality)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3tyEv0GG4A – «Schwarzwaldfahrt» with the Fischer Choir.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA15Es6Bw2w – “Locomotion”
Not the one with Grand Funk Railroad, but the one with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.


File: 1551658848498.jpeg (130.11 KB, 576x472, 3EBA65C9-9B47-40D4-8264-4….jpeg)

Let me play you the song of my people (literally, I was born here)





File: 1551498276623.jpg (829.28 KB, 1300x897, 241483.jpg)


Just days ago Novocherkassk electric locomotive works, a division of Russian company Transmashholding, produced a prototype of 3ES5S (3ЭС5С) 12-axle 25 kV AC freight electric locomotive, a variant of 2ES5S series, noticeable as the first electric loco series with an all-Russian asynchronous traction drive.

Now, to why I write this. This is a single most powerful locomotive in history. Extrapolating the specs for 2ES5S, the 3ES5S has a maximum effective power output of MIND. SHATTERING. 16200 kilowatts.
That's 1.3 MW an axle, at wheels! (and by the way heres >>6911 my two cents on the rationale behind the per axle power output, so let's not dive into that "pfffh, whatever, you can stuff more kilowatts into a single motor!" again)

This loco consists of 3 4-axle sections (units, modules - whatever) which, as usual for such locos, de jure counts as a single locomotive. Also it has predictable 300 tons of weight in effort to back up all those kilowatts.
And this thing beats the previous formal record of a 16-axle 4ES5K (which BTW you guys were criticising for it's lack of per axle power output - now you're satisfied?) by more than 3000 kW.

Its intended use is likely to haul 7000+ metric ton trains on the quite harsh track profile of Far East of Russia. With 1.3 MW an axle it is clearly oriented for also improving train dynamics which should help in overcoming difficult grades.

So yeah. It's not that I brag about this thing or anything… awww, c'mon, just look at this beast! If only it wasn't kinda too ugly and unpretentiously looking for such an impressive thing. Anyway, thought you'd be interested to know.
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Chonky beast. How fast are the typical speed limits in the far east? 16.2MW in 300 tonnes assuming ~0.25 adhesion would need to be 80+km/h just to avoid slipping at max power :)


File: 1552751134895.jpg (988.1 KB, 1370x850, 236743.jpg)

But did you? Did you take a look at the situation, from the side? A person who actually shares some foreign (and VERY, if not impossibly hard to find for En speaker, try my words) train details on the board dedicated to discussing trains, which is largely (save for couple of occasional users) ignored, until someone very occasionally sees some thing he didn't immediately understand and calls it bullshit, without even trying to dive deeper into that very chunk of info. Because apparently that's what one normally does on a dedicated board for railway enthusiasts!
And here you go, talking about dismissing my arguments, if not for seeming butthurt (perhaps I did misunderstand the wording, that barely changes anything now), then obviously for being overly enthusiastic - on the enthusiast site… So apparently now we have "enthusiast" board turned into regular casual nonsense. Seriously, I've seen popular YouTube comment threads with more dedicated and rich discussions.

If it sounds somewhat entitled, then because it is. I think that after all this piles of informative text largely unnoticed, or "dismissed", and lost to history I have just a little bit of moral right to rant somewhat rudely about the state of the board I now contributed so much into. I hate those "it used to be better" types, but this time yes, it used to be better.

You know, I was going to say sorry if turns out I DID misunderstand the wording or the tonality of your remark, hence unnecessary escalating the thing, but now… screw that. Maybe I did misunderstand but now I see that the overall attitude is more or less still the same as I assumed: "Hah, look at this neeeeerd, being so worked up about trains on the train board, haha".


File: 1552751791884.jpg (901.26 KB, 1350x850, 218910.jpg)

<…> (second part of) >>7067
And EVEN if by some chance it was a remark of gleeful surprise (with comparing the train discussion to furries?) then it only confirms my words, the real discussion is so gone on this board now you do a surprised remark upon seeing one.

And seriously, if it really IS that you were actually pleased to see a proper discussion, than consider stretching the text limit a bit. I think it doesn't even reach mere 2000 symbols, even Instagram has more.

You know, there's no hard feelings really. I needed to speak out anyway and this looked like a perfect moment. I'm proud that for once I managed to spark an actual related discussion and stir up this swamp just a little and none of those seemingly arrogant comments gonna change that.

Anyway, back on track.

>16.2MW in 300 tonnes assuming ~0.25 adhesion would need to be 80+km/h

The adhesion coefficient for an electric locomotive is about 0.39 (on dry track, without using the sand I think), so there will be at least 100 tonne-forces of traction to invest this power into. There aren't exact numbers yet but I would assume that short-term speed would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 65-70 km/h, well within even the modest speed limit. By my observations I think freights on Far East can frequently do about 80 km/h.

P. S. Note that pic related is not 3ES5S, but 3ES5K, the less powerful DC-motor (with impulse feed) predecessor of this beast, the main workhorse of electric freight transit in the Asian part of Russia.


My dude, you are correct that this is a board specifically for railway enthusiasts. It's all we do. You should see how many people are on the ban list with the reason "Trains or GTFO".

(On that note, if you see a ban notification about posting porn, ignore it. Your IP address cycles pretty frequently and someone posted porn today using an IP address that you previously used once. I gave it a two week ban so hopefully you won't cycle back to that IP before it expires.)

Anyway, I was just making an offhanded remark about how, from my perspective, this wasn't a true single locomotive. You're the one that became argumentative right off the bat, taking it so personally that one might think you designed the locomotive yourself and I just spat on it.

Detailed discussions are always welcome here. Not everyone chooses to participate in them, but they are welcome nonetheless. Creating a hostile environment isn't going to help your argument. While super detailed discussions aren't as popular, it doesn't mean they're unwelcome. You just have to realize that it's not the norm for this board.


File: 1552767722631.jpg (448.18 KB, 1350x904, 242472.jpg)

I think that's the main point of our disagreement, you somehow approximate "argumentative" (especially in case of the original discussion, where it rather means "rich with reasoning") and "hostile". My problem was that you think/thought that lots of text and reasoning, which BTW is more an explanation rather than argument, look hostile - and that's on a (nominally) tech-savvy board. Although as stated before it might be my problem with the board, really.

Yes, at first I was perturbed with your remark, but not because you "spat" on something but because this sounded quite ignorant by the "official" standards set on this board, and protected largely by you yourself, as in, being all-train friendly and with "However simplified or detailed you want to discuss trains, someone will be there to match it" (this was your words BTW).
BUT my unhappiness with it was confined to the first paragraph of my response, and then I was mostly only explaining as well as I could. And I'm glad other people were drawn to discuss that topic.
Something similar happened with K-POW recently when he said that I "don't understand trains" or something and while, maybe, at first a bit of overreaction was there (that comment seemed a bit bitter, but he later claimed it was not), but despite that I tried my best to explain the technical point.

And that's why I complained about the board which is incredibly protective of its "trainness" seemingly acting very casually, because that's a common trait of casual discussion: lots of text and reasoning = LOL U BUTTHURT M8.

Let's admit, we're all being huge nerds here, it's our dirty secret, so since there are perfect conditions to be nerds around here, it seems kinda strange to point fingers at those who act bit nerdier than others.

File: 1546658525687.jpg (205.99 KB, 1200x800, DwD_dimXQAAr28Y.jpg)


in the Philippines they use de-powered JR 203's as diesel push-pull coaches and I thought that's pretty horrible/neat

(src: https://twitter.com/Pierre2427/status/1081144919740174336)
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File: 1552427585739.jpg (699.91 KB, 1200x800, 233885.jpg)

I might also add, that if they weren't intended and certified as a single loco, then they wouldn't be. For example, this "3ES10" (unofficial name) is just a twin-unit 2ES10 with added later 2ES10.S booster, because it wasn't certified a whole loco. However unofficially many perceive it as one, as in theory it could have been.

True, and they are an amazing feat of engineering. But since there wasn't a two-unit loco (intended and assigned as a whole loco) based on them, it would be more correct to count them as world's most powerful single-unit locomotive. FF, I believe before that it was the other Russian beast, EP200 @8000 kW. It was a weird locomotive, a shame it didn't take off.

>it seems that the majority of publications list its stats by section

I also noticed that but I can swear I came across sources which consider it as single loco. At the very least, it WAS after all regarded (at least by some) as world's most powerful loco. In fact, I think it still is by some, just because as you pointed out, it's both that people aren't bothered finding out about some russki locomotives nor many of comrades bothered to translate any info to English, so 4ES5K, even minus the confusion of its modular design, came almost unnoticed.

After all, I must admit, the modular loco concept is VERY confusing, but it is nonetheless an established practice, it's not like you may or may not believe it is a thing.

And again, even not understanding it fully, calling it cheating is kinda ignorant, there isn't such thing as cheating in engineering. You could say, that's as much cheating as calling the NA's trains with DPUs a single train, since there are more than one sets of locomotives.


So I found some more information on it. It's a modified E5k, a single engine class of electric locomotive.

It's also not the most powerful locomotive, or the most powerful articulated electric locomotive. That goes to the Chinese HXD1.

HXD1 Is rated at 19,310HP continuous rating VS the 17,594 of the Rusky Four-banger. The Russian 2ES10S is even more powerful than the Loco you keep posting.

Perhaps you are getting confused with the Russian GT1S, which is the most powerful non electric locomotive built.



For KW, the Chinese Loco is rated at 14,399 KW VS the Russian locos 13,120KW


File: 1552431743908.jpg (796.92 KB, 1282x834, 199533.jpg)

>It's also not the most powerful locomotive, or the most powerful articulated electric locomotive. That goes to the Chinese HXD1.

Not anymore, it doesn't:) If you've been up-to-date on this board, there's now a clear winner on Russia's side, 3ES5S at 16200 kW peak. Here: >>6938
The #001 was built just days ago, so it's quite far from being in operation yet. It has 3 sections as opposed to 4, so multi-unit/articulated concept haters still gonna hate, but 25% less:)

But in regard to 4ES5K vs HXD1 you're right. It is very weird that I never heard of it in this context prior to this, perhaps because on Wiki only its continuous output is listed, which is usually way more modest, and to find more info you need to do proper armchair research (so kudos to you for one).

>Russian GT1S, which is the most powerful non electric locomotive built.

First, it's GT1h (ГТ1h originally, where h means hybrid - latin letter in the cyrillic acronym, awful, I know), and second, it is also now beaten by this guy, 3-unit 3TE25K2M diesel locomotive at 12600 HP or 9260 kW on the diesels. Also Russian but it was able to achieve this power by using GEVO-12 diesels (this family usually uses domestic D49 diesels which are bit less powerful but here they wanted to experiment a bit), so maybe 'murican folks out there will have less incentive to berate it for also being a multi-unit monstrosity:)

P. S. If anything, I kept posting 4ES5K only to keep it related (to the discussion). Also, I feel like I accidentally totally derailed this poor thread which was about a different thing… Sorry. So maybe to not worsen things, might be as well a decent idea to keep the multi-unit/the most powerful loco argument in this thread: >>6938 Just a suggestion.



Neat, how does it ride compared to the chs200?

File: 1551570843732.jpg (176.69 KB, 488x800, 222019155343.jpg)


Check out this very short video of a guy chasing a train at speed with a hopper car having issues.

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File: 1551658475186.jpeg (636.44 KB, 2048x1536, 84A4B6B2-421F-4936-9689-0….jpeg)

Forgot the picture


Damn impressive piece of memorabilia!
So did the welder just take a blowtorch to the rail or was it a more involved procedure?


Whenever you're cutting rail to replace a chunk, you use a big abrassive saw blade. Think of those little black things for dremels, but way bigger. You torch cut to get rail to an approximate size, but use the saw for finishing to final size.

t. spent 7 months in the track department


While what you say is true… this one looks like a truck failure as the side frame is on the ground while the axle is still on the rail. You can see how low the knuckle is on the damaged car.


They didn’t replace the rail, I think he literally just cut it off the head of the rail. Honestly I don’t remember as it’s been several years

File: 1551898677043.jpg (105.15 KB, 640x636, sparks joy.jpg)


I made a meme.


You're not wrong.


And in fifty years, old farts will be reminiscing over the 142s ever so fondly.


File: 1552311916377.jpg (3.65 MB, 6000x4000, _D340560.jpg)

File: 1550933748818.jpg (98.23 KB, 640x432, ptatt_310762a.jpg)


Sometimes I get this undefined variable: mod -error, how come?
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Just a heads up I’ve been working on it intermittently. It looks like it’s possibly related to the spam filter. However after disabling all keywords, people still got the error.

Next step is to completely disable it and possibly recompile the board. Hopefully we’re now pretty low on the list of places to spam. We’ll see though.


File: 1551461193360.jpg (204.74 KB, 960x541, 1387814959953.jpg)

Probably I got myself on spam filter by deleting and recreating same post multiple times. Great, I wont do that anymore :/


I'm going to compromise and reduce the intensity of the spam filter. Hopefully, that should reduce false positives while still preventing spam.

As for deleting and recreating that could have possibly done it. Unfortunately, the lack of editing is one of the prices we pay to use image board software like this. I've been thinking about possibly changing us to a more traditional forum where you're required to register.


File: 1551502316190.jpg (206.91 KB, 389x800, 21201920511.jpg)

I got this a few minutes ago while trying to reply in another thread. A glitch in the Matrix I guess. :^)


>I've been thinking about possibly changing us to a more traditional forum where you're required to register.

That would cause a riot ;)

Even a bit updated imageboard software would be nice, since this currently is evidently more broken than just the catalog (which is tradition, I understand).

Anyway, got the error again like 10 minutes ago, let's see if I get through this time. For me it has been like that, that sometimes I get a message or two through if I try repeatedly but not always.

This has happened very rarely before but I have assumed that the whole board would have been closed due ongoing spam surge or something.

File: 1551996687421.jpg (69.51 KB, 800x426, 53052594_10156939972019014….jpg)


RIP Joe Boardman

File: 1551337780468.jpg (176.54 KB, 960x720, 9387738726.jpg)


Found this stuff on another web. Info?
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Definitely exports, I get them through my area pretty frequently (close to port). If I had to guess, they're for India or Pakistan, they at least aren't the same kind I saw heading for Ukraine.


File: 1551508059691.jpg (653.38 KB, 1280x850, 238216.jpg)

>they at least aren't the same kind I saw heading for Ukraine.

Funny thing, given there's a long and successfully operating assembly line in Kazakhstan making those very same ES44ACi's, but NOPE, since the Evil Empire™ is indirectly involved in their construction, we are going to buy the same locos from across the ocean for literally about 1.5 times the price… Politics is such a ridiculous thing.

And that's not to say that the diesel locos aren't the biggest concern, as the current AVERAGE age of the electric locomotive in Ukraine exceeds the basic lifetime of one, yet no one even speaks of sorting this mess out! Unless they are just going to replace their aging electrics with diesels, which is totally ridiculous to think about for a railway system of that scale.

Though, to not be banned for alleged political bias, I will point out that UZ (Ukrainian railways operator) was a pure mess and notorious for its many problems, including with locomotives, way before all that Gidnost' revolution/Maidan thing. Even when they had an option of manufacture domestic locos, they never really bothered. So, technically, compared to what there was, those 240 Evos are already kind of a success.

Livery looks kinda nice tho. But with that cab design… ehhh.


Just to clarify and ease your mind, politics are not completely taboo. If the political discussion is related to railroads, it's more than welcome.

Mostly I just don't want this board to be fouled up with people who want to argue about irrelevant bullshit. Remember, the only true rule on 1chan is "Trains or GTFO" which is a rather broad rule.


File: 1551650996394.jpg (571.39 KB, 1024x685, 7249370708_bbe9da9868_b.jpg)

appears to be GT38ACe's bound for Indonesia


Ahh finally

File: 1541281518874.jpeg (65.34 KB, 583x399, E1CEE2FA-BD81-4099-AE42-2….jpeg)


ITT: Objectively ugly engines
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Being used to blunt-nosed British and European engines, I see nothing wrong here.



I agree. I am not a fan of the whole SD60/SD50 series (nearly identical bodies).


More importantly: where's the second cab?


I was at a train show & the seller GAVE me 2 ofthose BQ23-7 locos for FREE cause he didn't like them!
Both were traded off in a month for a few freight cars hehe


Good score.

File: 1550642719056.jpg (705.29 KB, 2048x1365, 017A9575 CP 4403 Alyth 11….jpg)


I'm still alive.
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File: 1551042705052.jpg (734.78 KB, 2048x1365, 017A4682.jpg)

It's cold! I bought a house. Just spent our first wedding anniversary at a remote mountain lodge. Life is good, pre-collapse.


Happy anniversary to you and the missus! Just celebrated my sixth anniversary myself.


These are some beautiful shots. Care to share where you've settled down? You're making this cityslicker jealous.


The first photo I posted is a few blocks from my house in Calgary, visible behind the train is the chicken plant that this gentrifying neighbourhood hates ;-) The other photo is the mountain lodge, definitely not my new home!


Oh that is beautiful. I recognize that mountain. That's the only park i've never visited but my favourite one borders it just to the west. I'm planning to spend some time in the backcountry there this fall.

I always appreciate your pictures when you post them.

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