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So, had enough of this in your railroad enthusiast feeds yet?


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Until it starts pulling some freight unassisted, I will not be content.


Yes. I might get more interested when it makes it to NW Indiana.

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I like 4chan but I also like trains, I never knew there was a combination!


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simply epic my friend, simple epic indeed.


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Welcome, traveler.


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Trams are a foamer gateway drug to urbanism.
Before too long, you start to view cities with the same glasses as you view rail networks.


Rail Tycoon is a gateway to Sim City


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And then you hit the hard shit, like Cities in Motion.

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Regarding the runaway of a loaded grain train on CP Rail's Field Hill back in February that resulted in a triple fatality of the entire crew that had just boarded moments before.



It sure is brief but what I got was what everyone already knows; grain hoppers are ragged pieces of shit and their brakes are garbage.

It certainly didn't help that it was so damn cold. It's a shame 3 people, that did nothing wrong, lost their lives over it.


Yeah, i've been hearing a lot of private comments from veteran railroaders on that segment of line about the conduct and actions of the crew that relinquished the train to the ones that were killed. Criminal negligence often the core of the subject. It's as if they dismissed 100 years of accumulated knowledge. The final report should be an interesting read.


That's a lot of scrap metal. Where they cut that up?


File: 1556489056245.jpg (1.18 MB, 2048x1365, 017A8895 Yoho wreck.jpg)

Everything was cut up on site. There's an access road just around the bend and they had people working there every time I drove past for a couple months, with 24 hour security so I never could grab a photo better than this.

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what does FNBS stand for as in StobeTheHobo's case?
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Damn, I never would have seen the letters for what they are other than the face. Guy should be a graphic designer (inb4 that's what graffittists do anyway)


Long shot, but do you know a guy who travels with a dog, and has CSX tattooed on the top of his left hand.


I've heard Amcrash and AmOffTheTrak before.


I can't believe nobody's ever heard CN's nickname - Crash National


It's Cirque du National, or The Cartoon Network by those in the know.
[spoiler]I defy this by answering the radio as IC (insert location) yard.[/spoiler]

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Where has the urban rail thread gone?

Ah well.
So heah, Länsimetro opened today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zGvhYRgBBE

They had the student orchestra to delight the early morning visitors, of whom there wandered a reasonable number, everyone thinking they'd be almost alone. Later the day very small coffee, cake slice, bag and mug ceremony. As it's saturday, some probably use the new instrument for bar crawl right away.

So yeah, urban rail - the armchair foamer's rail. Always things happening.
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Well this was needlessly harsh.

I studied a bit about the Sun Metro and it appears to be one of the saner transit authorities. Still, this doesn't change the fact that as things stand now, it's yet another figure of eight heritage streetcar.

There may be some translation issues, what is broadly a "tram" in queens English is a "light rail" US, there's really no good term for these "streetcars", because such systems aren't really built here.

>reversing headshunt
Right, should have looked up the term and not assume anything. Didn't know the double sided cars operated back to back. Now they make that much more sense.


I meant that it was a deviation in that a city (in Texas, no less) was building a new streetcar line AND using rebuilt vintage cars for the service.


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Bump. I'm lurking too, but no content, empty head.

Anyway, the home town tram project is chugging along. The original chedule called for a vote after the council summer holidays, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead the transport board announced it's going to review british light rail systems, namely Nottinghamn, Manchester and London.

I don't know what to take of that. I mean our transport board's thinking that the UK is the most appropriate prototype for for our town :( I still count it as a positive sign that that they are taking their time with this and observing all tram cities. They already went to Nantes and Malmö to see what it takes to make dedicated infrastructure for the buses only.


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Not 100% unique, the dum dums in St. Louis have made a toy tram line


File: 1556400027943.jpg (242.62 KB, 1198x674, our market square as of no….jpg)

It was over a year ago when I first posted about the tram project in "Finnish Turku". Back then it seemed that the decision on proceeding to the project planning phase would have happened in that year, yet what would one have guessed: it got postponed over the summer again! Next try in August. At least the BRT option got finally killed for good in the meantime.

The reason for the delay this time is that the city fathers want a yet another study on the project's financial effects, mainly on land value. The major party leaderships are on board with the project but there is significant scabbing in every party and these people need all the data available, preferably spoonfed. That's one reason why the municipality didn't proceed the matter for the council.

Another issue is that we just had the parliamentary elections and it seems that the government forming negotiations will take a Belgian time and result either into a weak mega-coalition or a minority government. Just before the elections the highly unpopular "provincial, social and healthcare reform" got canned. That's why everyone is a bit jumbled up and all politics are in grindlock until there's a "quorate" government.

Also the market square is a huge pit as there's a parking hall under construction to be hidden under the surface. There is some 50m of clay there and now it has been found that the ground and the building around the pit are sinking so that has to be addressed. (The Tampereans are quite pleased though: "Turku is finally sinking into mud!") To say the least, the atmosphere in town isn't very receiving for another huge construction project that costs an order of magnitude more. Maybe it is indeed a good idea to wait for the summer weather.

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>mickey mouse outfit

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How recently did trucks like this appear on the rail scene? I know we've had hy-rail trucks and trackmobiles for ages, I'm referring specifically to these sort of standard-ish flatbed trucks with bigger engines and full size couplers making them capable of hauling a few cars down the line, as opposed to the trackmobile which is mostly just for switching. I'm only aware of them being manufactured by Brandt in Canada, and they don't appear to have a company history on their main website.

I'd quite like to put one of these trucks on my layout, but I model primarily the late 1980s/early 1990s, and so far I haven't found any evidence that these existed before the year 2000, so I'm just curious if it's going to be a case of "modelers license."


They've been around for a little bit now. I don't know of any other manufacturer of them besides Brandt. They're pretty cool, but they can't pull more than about 4 or 5 loads.

If you're interested in their history email them. I bet you'll get a good response.



I considered emailing them, but I feel like a major machinery manufacturer has better things to do than answer emails from nerds on the internet. I suppose it only hurts so much to try though.


>a major machinery manufacturer

must have at least somewhat of a PR department which sure should handle those questions. Also if they have one, they must be on social media, so it would make more sense asking them there.

In Russia almost all engineering companies are present in social media. Though most of their PR managers are typical office girls being only somewhat in touch with reality, still if you are persistent, you can squeeze some of the more obscure info from the interaction. And if you are cheeky enough (like yours truly) you can even, through them, secure yourself a place on some presentations or other events featuring officials and engineers from said manufacturer, who you can actually speak in-depth with (I somehow managed to have a nice private chat with chief designers of 3 major Russian manufacturers already, that means A LOAD of obscure and "internal" though obviously not classified info).

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File: 1555990732696.jpg (122.77 KB, 1280x800, TRTA_Marunouchi_Line_500_7….jpg)


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Let's have a thread for your favorite train stations! Subway or outdoor, big or small.

I personally love the Green Line in Boston, even if it's slow. Stops like Longwood are so beautiful when the trees are full.
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Meanwhile, the old Tacoma Amshack will always have a special place in my heart. The place may be ugly as sin, in a crappy neighborhood, and a bit of a hike from both the Tacoma Dome Station and Freighthouse Square. But it's been where a lot of my rail journeys began and ended, and it has also been where I'd go spotting before Amtrak got all paranoid about things.

When the Point Defiance Bypass is sorted out, and Amtrak moves back to Freighthouse Square, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it.


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Looks like someone didn't get the joke, lol.

*for the ones who missed it there was a totally innocent meme, nothing family unfriendly, related to this >>7134 post (so *technically* it wasn't purely an offtopic or shitposting, but oh well)


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Wemyss Bay


File: 1555956315383.jpg (763.35 KB, 1024x683, DPP_0048.JPG)

The inside is even better!

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name one train
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"Amtrak Joe" Biden and Friends


Who made that?


File: 1555661347860.jpg (78.49 KB, 1566x881, 150828-joiner-biden-trump-….jpg)


I wish I knew.


File: 1555955695426.jpg (2.97 MB, 4272x2848, IMG_1537.JPG)

I like this one.


File: 1555955909312.jpg (209.34 KB, 1611x842, South Africa cropped.jpg)

Specify. Do you mean the name of a train, or the name of a locomotive?

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