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My GrandFather, my Dad and all my uncles worked for Erstern Pacific/UP all their lives. Railroads are dangerous places. My Uncle Albert was killed at work when a box car door fell on him, my dad almost got killed when an idiot mechanic defeated the deadman switch and the engine crashed into his office, destroying the WP concrete offices and his workmate got accidentally COUPLED—-Joe was alive to call his wife and kids and to dictate his will. He died 41seconds after they decoupled him

Lessons Learned:
1. Always Eye 👁 Ball ⚽️ the Rollbys
2. Never go under the cars to cross
3. Do not walk between gaps in train cars
4. To test if a train is about to leave, throw a pebble against a Tank Car. The customer will lose money on gasoline tank cars because gas ⛽️ will spoil after 30 days!!! Filled tank cars have priority.
5. Never completely close a box car—closed box cars get locked!!!
6. Never hop trains drunk or stoned—-wait until you are onboard.
7. Never break a seal on a sealed box car—-that’s a FELONY!!!
8. Try to carry a camera and stand with you. FOMIES rarely get hit with Tresspassing charges.
RIP Strobe Dah HOBO!!!


> To test if a train is about to leave, throw a pebble against a Tank Car. The customer will lose money on gasoline tank cars because gas ⛽️ will spoil after 30 days!!! Filled tank cars have priority.
That is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

It's almost as dumb as
>Joe was alive to call his wife and kids and to dictate his will. He died 41seconds after they decoupled him
But not quite.


Train hopping is not something that we encourage on 1chan. We tend to have a focus on safety because several of us have worked on trains at some point. This is not the forum for sharing tips on how to catch trains. Please don't do this again.

File: 1534542975714.jpg (462.78 KB, 1024x768, Trimley_Branch_Line_-_Frei….jpg)



1. Don’t die.
2. Don’t make others die.
3. A good shift is when everyone gets to return home to their families. Make all shifts good shifts.



File: 1540487333793.jpg (80.49 KB, 640x397, g7.jpg)


Union Pacific - 475 Railroad Workers, 200 Contract Jobs layoffs.



.016% of the workforce.


More like 1%, but whatever.


Tariffs begin to bite, film at 11.

File: 1535890857179.jpg (208.18 KB, 1152x1536, fd2ebaa3935048092d0a68f092….jpg)




File: 1536006196277.jpg (95.05 KB, 1854x1040, Tama.jpg)


Good night sweet princess


File: 1540374491948.jpg (84.24 KB, 1200x1200, jNTyEZh.jpg)

File: 1540100399407.jpg (168.24 KB, 1024x683, Badouzi-station-1.jpg)


Anyone take the train in Taiwan? Am going on a trip am wondering what to expect.

Just from reading about it, I'm going to get a huge kick many of the trains are the same models as they have in Japan.


File: 1540218550556.jpg (41.32 KB, 650x400, 1.jpg)

Taiwan train derailment in Yilan County kills at least 18.


Maybe you should reconsider if you are going to travel in Taiwan after this accident.


Why should Anon1 do so? Are railcrashes that frequent on Taiwan?


Taiwan is like visiting China but everyone is nice and the country is relatively clean, but not autistic like the Japanese

Fuck no am I going to reconsider going there


According to the news the Limited Express "Puyuma" sets were 5-years old and made by Nippon Sharyo so its not really suspect. What they do suspect is something on the track or maintenance issues.



>A spokesman for Taiwan Yilan District Court told Reuters the driver told his bail hearing he switched off the system himself to boost the train’s power when it had slowed down on an earlier stretch of the journey.

>Reuters was not able to reach the train driver, You Zhen-zhong, 48, for comment. He was granted bail of T$500,000 ($16,167) and barred from leaving Taiwan after being detained for the investigation.


File: 1539470931683.jpg (291.49 KB, 1500x1000, ICE_fire.jpg)


A fire broke out in an InterCity Express travelling between Köln and Frankfurt yesterday, 2018-10-12. No deaths, five light injuries among 510 passengers.


News video:


not bad

forgot my marshmallows though


>utterly disintegrated, including the frame

And then they say aluminium is just as good as steel, just lighter…


WTH was do flamable?



It is curious. All i've found so far is a report that it was a "technical fault" in the last car and that the fire spread to the adjoining car. I'll assume something went wrong on the HV side of things.. traction motor failure? ..or maybe something in an electrical cabinet? ..burning electrical insulation?

File: 1539822790140.jpg (258.43 KB, 1024x703, amtk 825 wil 8-26-2012.jpg)


Includes F40PHs, P40s, Pacific Parlour Cars, and some other odds n' ends. If the link doesn't work right, it's the first listing under "Non-Construction Business Opportunities" document X10172018-001



File: 1539252704602.png (646.3 KB, 800x531, 925-silver-ford-falcon-wit….png)




File: 1539252743856.jpg (330.18 KB, 2048x1901, 15540469_666977616809676_8….jpg)

this kills the carfag


File: 1539263579086.jpg (79.19 KB, 883x574, 1f3ea5a6e834f962a2c6f7f4d3….jpg)

Corvettes on trains!

File: 1537937151703.jpg (208 KB, 1150x766, 123345.jpg)


I'm bored so I'm going to make a Yellowstone/various articulated topic. Its been too long since there was a Corny-style steam thread. Miss that guy.
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File: 1538359172895.jpg (122.35 KB, 864x703, sou4056_1946.jpg)

That's fascinating! I had no idea some survived that late - what a treasure it would have been if one had been preserved.

For pics of Southern articulated, the best resource I have found is the Southern railfan site, which is invaluable. Love the compact look of these mallets.


File: 1538359210896.jpg (83.4 KB, 856x512, sou4054.jpg)



The thing that gets me is that the Southern didn't use up every available inch of space like… just about every other railroad did. I mean, that 2-8-8-2 there isn't tiny, but compare it to a Y6b, for instance.

Also, the tenders are still small. With all the efficiency the Southern boasted, one would think that going longer between tender-filling stops would be desirable.


File: 1538592050341.jpg (33.94 KB, 800x523, 4053c.jpg)

I would imagine that tender size has more to do with the infrastructure that was available on the lines they were designed to run. Perhaps there was sufficient coaling and water facilities for where they were used?

Regardless I find them aesthetically pleasing; wish I could find a few color shots of them.


File: 1539037011175.jpg (204.51 KB, 1000x604, 20170510 (1).jpg)

Found a color shot - apparently this is on the scrapper's line as the main rods have already been disconnected.

File: 1516983471552.jpg (105.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


what does FNBS stand for as in StobeTheHobo's case?
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File: 1517478515516.jpeg (2.68 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Also FNBS isn't the only one for BNSF, people also call it B*tch N*gga Snitch F*ck, on the count that BNSF workers tend to call the cops more often than UP for some reason.

(Pic found on the tracks, someone who works for KCS is a litterbug)


File: 1517479188360.jpeg (1.91 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I'm living in the West Bottoms in Kansas City, there's trains all around me, just google map it. It's a great place for me to enjoy my hobby of looking for hobo monikers. I also run a punk venue here right now, in the warehouse in living in, alone and like I tell all my local friends "just til I get that feeling again and catch a train anywhere but here". The one that looks like a face is a friend of mine, the face is actually made up of letters it says Claw Hamr (a way to play the banjo) he's also a train rider..tho he's been living at one place for about two years now I think, only riding when he has time off work. The one to the right I don't know personally but that's Helaphant.


Damn, I never would have seen the letters for what they are other than the face. Guy should be a graphic designer (inb4 that's what graffittists do anyway)


Long shot, but do you know a guy who travels with a dog, and has CSX tattooed on the top of his left hand.


I've heard Amcrash and AmOffTheTrak before.

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