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While pictures of locomotives abound, there are fewer photos of the wagons/trucks/freight cars (pick your terminology) they pull, so lets have a wagon thread!
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File: 1550273531364.jpg (485.05 KB, 1440x1080, QNSLLCUORECAR.jpg)

This takes things back to the Eastern Quebec Ore Lines quite nicely. They also experimented with radio controlled trains fairly early on with some home-built solutions. They called their remote receiver cars "LCUs" for Locomotive Control Unit. Here's one made out of (surprise!) an ore car. They also had at least one made from a former GP9 on their engine roster.

Apologies for the crappy picture of a screen, this is from the Pentrex VHS on the QNS&L, so I couldn't exactly screengrab it from VLC.


my bad vision makes everything look like VHS


File: 1550380169745.jpg (393.61 KB, 1200x797, 240298.jpg)

I see now. Does those have diesel generators or just large batteries to power the compressor?

I like that obsession with RC toys of yours.
It's not like we don't use pusher locomotives or double trains, but pushers are usually used for just a short section of the train's route where the grades imply the use of another loco, so they just… man them. You heard that right, most of the pushers are manned. The rationale here is this: the pusher loco is used only on short section where it is really needed, so it is used with many trains per shift and it is already manned, so synching/desynching it to/from the leading loco would be a waste of time. Furthermore, some of the pushers are attached/detached in the middle of the stretch (usually before/after the limiting grade) or even on the go.

This practice doesn't then confine pusher locomotive to the tail of the train, so there are instances of so-called "pusher in the head" (textbook mutually exclusive paragraphs LOL), so again, even despite the physical contact to the "main" loco, the "pusher" is manned and coordinated by voice over radio or maybe by the auto-driving software.
Like on pic related. The "pusher" here is 1.5 bigger and more powerful than the "main" loco.

Same for some double/joined trains. However there are areas where double trains or pushers are used for longer distances, this is where fancy Russian ISAVP-RT system comes in, which is not only the radio-control system, but also an auto-driving system which uses the auto-driving software to better coordinate the locomotives and correct the commands in accordance to the profile and other stuff to reduce the risk of breaking the train. For example on the video here >>6797 the second loco is likely unmanned.


>US railroads
>Electric batteries
lol no. It's just a diesel powered air compressor with a remotely controlled brake valve so that you get reductions and increases much faster in the trainline.

Manned pushers are used here also, but only in areas where there is a steep grade. DP engines are used because they make for much better train handling and the much longer and heavier trains run in the N. America.


>That picture
>Jointed rail on concrete ties
Granted it looks like they're changing it out, but still!

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Please stop ghostbumping /__\


You think I would want to dirty my hands with a Geneshit. There would also be no trying and only doing.

File: 1545871398220.jpg (103.66 KB, 640x689, layout06.jpg)


Is there a term for this style of railroad? I see it's very common in British/European modeling. My red line addition is crude, but the basic concept I see is that there is hidden staging (backdrop marked by my crude red line) and the trains appear from staging to run through the layout, and then disappear back to staging. So you get this sort of shadowbox effect with the visible layout. Just wondering if there's a word for this across the pond, because we don't see quite this style in the US.
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I've only ever heard it referred to as a "British-style" layout.


i'd call it 'evil' for making a 'wagon turntable' the only way to get onto the pier

this is usually called a 'terminal layout', 'yard layout' or 'switching layout' in the US, sometimes a 'timesaver' if they don't know what they're talking about. 'shelf layout' describes any generic layout with benchwork that's roughly shelf-depth (1'-2'), not how it operates.


I think "diorama" would apply to a model with limited viewpoints (such as not being able to see behind the scenery), but I'm not entirely sure.

FWIW, the area behind the curtain where stock gets swapped out is known in British practice as a "fiddle yard".


Just known as a tailchaser AFAIK.



File: 1548627942968.jpeg (9.48 KB, 355x303, ieiejg8r.jpeg)


Literally 1chan: the album

File: 1548364968134.jpg (78.29 KB, 1000x750, cn-train-morgan-web.jpg)


CTV News has some footage showing the train entering from the left before the derailment starts.

This one shows the mid-train unit piling up into the freight cars. Note the drivers scattering from the carnage occurring before them.



File: 1548385147354.png (136.09 KB, 325x325, 498ed76be651cffb6bb9bac6a9….png)


File: 1548624880404.png (1.52 MB, 680x571, cf6.png)

File: 1548299906119.jpg (2.47 MB, 3264x2448, 20190123_191457.jpg)


I ride train.

File: 1522001857858.jpeg (87.05 KB, 592x394, image.jpeg)


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It's not abandoned, it's just derelict. As I recall, some guy owns it and all of the cars are for sale but he wants an exorbitant amount per car despite their terrible condition. Might be wrong, I don't really remember.



Just give it time, eventually he will die and the cars will get sold to whoever wants them and those that don't will get scrapped


God of necro posting joined the chat!



They are used for parts last I knew so they are not being horded, PCCs are a dime a dozen.

File: 1548208047213.png (8.37 KB, 200x200, 1fa2938b-9e83-4df9-a6bd-2f….png)


File: 1547873677522.jpg (206.42 KB, 1024x788, 11 05-07 40.jpg)


In a move that most railfans are chalking up as Dick Anderson living up to his name, NS office car #30, the "Marco Polo," was removed from its longtime home at the end of Track 7 in Washington DC Union Station. It was parked there in ~1989 and used by NS and Amtrak for entertaining politicians and other distinguished guests. Last October, the car was plucked from its parking spot of nearly 30 years, and shuffled up to the Ivy City maintenance shops to have its brakes redone, among other repairs.

Last week, it was ferried from DC Union Station down to the NS Van Dorn Street yard in Alexandria, VA. It sat there (behind multiple barbed-wire fences, mind you) until tonight, when a lone SD40E shuffled up to Van Dorn, picked the car up, and began heading for Altoona, PA, where the car will presumably meet up with the rest of the OCS fleet and maybe have some more work done.

Picture shows the car sitting in Union Station.


Why would people think it's a "dick" move for them to move their car and keep it *gasp* behind barbed wire fence?



The "dick" move is that Amtrak evicted it from Union Station for no apparent reason.


Delta boy seems to have a personal vendetta against heritage fleet stuff. Fucker cancelled the retirement party charter that was organized for the guy who's been coordinating Amtrak's charter operations for ages.

I'm really curious to know if he's just a clueless git or if he was given the mandate to wreck Amtrak from the inside to justify selling it off.


There has been a lot of rumbling about him sabotaging Amtrak from industry press and even the previous CEO. Some actions do come across that way at least.

File: 1545196929903.jpg (139.6 KB, 1024x732, 0ba168ac95d36044e1110990a6….jpg)


>literally seconds ago
>4chan is down. Only use it dir shitty memes. Never post
>see if chans "1-3" are up not even knowing which ones exist
>1chan literally is nothing but trains
>I love trains
>I've always loved trains
>let's talk about fucking trains lads

Pic related favorite train
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Checked the file on my computer, it's been there since 2010.


Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your positions after 9 years but who am I to judge.



re-evaluate my positions?


>>6715 – Kindly explain or elide this manager-droid-speak.


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