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File: 1546830514524.jpg (558.42 KB, 2048x1365, TGV-001-Aquitaine-1973.jpg)


So what are the major impediments to regular HSR service at 400km/h anyway? Is it mostly a power distribution/delivery issue or is it more of a mechanical issue to do with track or train components?
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Testing if i have been banned or not((You were))


>((You were))

What? So people can get banned for testing if they have been banned? :o


No, I'm guessing he was banned for being a shitposting idiot.


File: 1547757241887.jpg (45.29 KB, 534x401, 636397877239631282-PENN-ST….jpg)


>Jokes on us, he was only pretending to be retarded

Normal train service has (hopefully) been restored.


Yup. I asked him to quit doing the "necrobump" shit and explained that this is the slowest chan ever, but he kept doing it. Another admin figured that the user wasn't making any kind of redeemable contribution anyway, so adios, amigo.

File: 1544660313656.jpg (72.51 KB, 596x342, ca-mobility-VIA-Hero-Mobil….jpg)


I for one welcome our new Siemens overlords.

Just announced that VIA is purchasing 32 trainsets for the Québec City - Windsor corridor.
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Yeah, and totally fuck themselves over like CAT did by shuffling EMD production around to non-union shops while shedding workers with years of experience in the process.
Besides, Siemens doesn't have the wiggle room to fuck around like EMD did between 2012-2015. If they deliver to lemons to VIA or Amtrak they're guaranteed to become a pariah like Boeing did after the LRV nightmare and to get pushed out of the NA market or at the very least to become another marginal player like CAF.




Even if everyone hates these, they don’t look half bad imo. They actually look cool. It’s kind of like a replacement for the Bombadier LRC. (I mean the LRCs looked cool and all, but to be real. 95 MPH??? Yeah. Even the first VT 11.5 was faster.) Can’t wait to see it being used. How fast does it go?

Side note: I think the chargers on amtrak’s Roster should be painted like this, the current one for the chargers is just an eyesore, and don’t forget it’s the Siemens paint job just with the Amtrak’s Midwest logo slapped on it.


File: 1547164898488.jpeg (848.21 KB, 2304x1536, 8354B3B0-5439-4895-B6BA-2….jpeg)

Forgot to include the paint job I said about above


Based on VIA's proposal for a 'new' corridor north of the existing Quebec-Windsor corridor (to be mostly made up of reactivated segments of RoW) they're probably going to be geared for 125.

File: 1544042088385.jpg (486.94 KB, 1280x800, AMTK458A.jpg)


whats your favorite amtrak locomotive? (excluding traInsets)
mines the F59PHi or HHP-8
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File: 1545489581510.jpg (5.54 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20180824_131833658_HDR.jpg)

Dees bad boys. I hardly get to see them anymore. When I do it's either the Pennsylvanian flashing by or traveling to see family. So yeah, in a see of ACS-64s, I choose the P-42.


Why is that MoW guy holding up a red whistle board thing?


Yeah. Necrobumped


FYI I made this lol


Thank you and goodbye Evangelion bullet train
May 13, 2018 Lastrun (T_T)
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It is about two months to see this figure …
Ha ha! I have neither ridden yet!



File: 1521840459184.jpg (102.9 KB, 774x1176, p6l3.jpg)

Hello Kitty Bullet Train Debuts This Summer!







I, for one, welcome our new Satanic overlord

File: 1547081263399.png (62.41 KB, 191x255, 3AF50C5D-27A5-4EC0-903F-84….png)


Hahahaha it’s me ARetardedTurboliner

File: 1531556508502.jpeg (110.6 KB, 720x420, 5B9C55F4-48D9-4693-B5DE-A….jpeg)


We talked a lot about trains over the years but the important question is.. do you like planes too?
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Planes can’t swim…


File: 1542894609460.jpg (58.25 KB, 731x423, gk175-5.jpg)

I'll be missing the 1st stage booster separation.

Still, supposedly 1 engine is more economical than 5 and 1 stage is easier to fly back home.


File: 1542926663942.jpg (60.45 KB, 900x600, ares1.jpg)

Ares 1 was rad. Pity it didn't proceed.




A load for a railway wagon!

File: 1545982410102.jpg (169.71 KB, 800x450, 11272018232245.jpg)


Dashcam catches near miss with Metra train when lights and gates failed to activate until the train entered the crossing.




Check the signal house that's visible when the truck stops. It looks like signal maintainers are in there and they failed to activate the gates manually or allow them to activate automatically. Either way, that dude might not have a job after that video was released.


Saw that and they mentioned in the article that a signal maintainer had just arrived a few minutes earlier. I'll bet he was watching the action and was going "oh $hit.. oh-$hit..!" :^)


Surprisingly the DOT cares more about crossings then the FRA.

File: 1510325063683.jpg (278.48 KB, 652x433, englewood650px.jpg)


>One of the last logging railroads in North America ended a century-long run Nov. 6 as Englewood Railway ceased operations on Vancouver Island off Canada’s West Coast.

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File: 1525748903605.jpg (476.94 KB, 960x720, 4720.jpg)

The authoritative book on this line was released a few weeks ago in case anyone is interested. It's big, the size of a phone book and just as thick. 390 pages. I know one of the authors and he indicated that there may be an addendum of pics to go with it at a later date, apparently a lot of pictures were cut from the final result and they're gauging the demand.

An update; as of mid-March the line is still silent. In fact there are railcars still parked on the mainline at several areas as if the crews just up & walked away after last years fatal accident. Lots of community pressure to reactivate the line. Unfortunately WFP (Western Forest Products) historically is a milling company, not a logging company… and they have little expertise in it. Fingers crossed smarter people with foresight will prevail. Maybe the recent fuel hikes will resurrect it.


Interesting choice, the last logger to go and the first C-liner to be wrecked.


WFP is looking for public input on what to do with the rail line.


(Sorry, can't start new threads for some reason).


TSB report is out on the fatal accident:


Also, (this is how it was told to me by a couple of people closely affiliated with the Englewood operation): it seems logging company officials have dug themselves a hole. In their zeal to dump the rail line & sell the assets for a quick short-lived buck for the shareholders & resulting performance bonuses, that they failed to resesrch the market. Apparently the steel in the rail is practically worthless on the used market & removal terribly expensive, more than they expected.

So, Western Forest Products is stuck paying millions to scrap everything and remediate the r.o.w. with money they don't have. Or they have to pay an awful lot to bring the line back into operation and update the old safety apparatus.

WFP has entertained the idea of a rail-trail because it would mean public funding to convert the line. A strange stance for a logging company that historically likes to prevent people going into their TFL's by barring access.

Also apparently there is a locomotive still sitting on the mainline since the accident. They can't move it because if they do, it's legal status makes it a train & they have to follow some strict rules by the federal govt, namely those costly safety upgrades the company isn't willing to spend & the govt isn't giving them an inch. It may get cut up where it sits but they haven't figured out a way to remove the prime mover.

In the mean time, i'm told everything is still there but weeds are slowly encroaching on the r.o.w. Nothing is being touched, no preventative maintenance.


Wow, just a real tragedy of small errors led to 3 people getting killed.
>Pin didn't completely fall.
>Derail was installed in rotten ties.
>Car derailed, but rerailed at the next switch.
>Track workers didn't have radios turned on to hear the warning.

File: 1545700724041.jpg (33.11 KB, 512x350, 226844.jpg)


Y'all got your trains up around the tree yet?


>No Ithaqua gaudy Christmas setup this year.



Nah, I'll be playing with my 1:1 scale layout outside.

File: 1545161054053.jpg (226.93 KB, 1000x750, Monon50cabdestroyed.jpg)


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It is going to get fixed


From what I gather…
>Truck driver blames the pilot car driver for leading him under the overpass
>Pilot car driver blames the trucking company for giving them bad directions
>Trucking company blames the subcontractor that did the route survey
>Subcontractor could not be reached for comment
>Someone's insurance is gong to foot the bill for the restoration, so yay?
Isn't this complete lack of accountability at all levels grand?


File: 1545421603032.jpg (34.16 KB, 800x450, 1WU8ron.jpg)

In a nutshell…


File: 1545423248407.jpg (281.42 KB, 960x720, dce1a08c9a499978c117ce4d68….jpg)

the whole point of the pilot car is to test clearances ahead of the trailer with a high pole, it shouldn't matter what route they take, the pole should've whacked into the bridge and the pilot should've stopped the convoy


File: 1545457073661.jpg (1.47 MB, 2500x1406, MILWSW7867.jpg)


Per the story, it belongs to a private owner, and was being transported from the old site of the Indiana Transportation Museum to the new site. All involved are hoping insurance will cover the estimated $75,000 in repair costs.

God, the ITM situation was an unbelievable mess, and just when you thought it was over… RIP to the SW1 that DID get scrapped in this mess (although truth be told, it was beyond finished with being an operating piece)

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