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No.1905  [Reply]
New to trains and shit . Where do I start
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¨ No.1987
Seriously, in train forces can do this? I thought surely this had to be a collision or some kind of hump yard mishap.
¨ No.1991
They absolutely can, I've seen it happen. You're right that it can also occur in yard accidents, but in train forces are what came to my mind at the time.
¨ No.1996
150 cars worth of slack? That can sure add up with an unskilled or emergency applicaiton.

File: 1584947504930.jpg–(363.60KB, 1200x794, 269922.jpg)
No.1520  [Reply]
So, how better to celebrate post #1520 than by a proper, official 1520 thread from monsieur Parovoz?

I mean I know there are a couple of 1520-ish threads already but hey, they don't start with the post 1520, RIGHT?

Everyone is welcome to ask even the stupidest or most obscure questions about Slav railways which come to mind, participate in occasional toxic shenanigans with your truly and in general have fun, as long as it's train related (duh) and politics-free. Obviously all stuff Slav, 1520 or 1524 is expected.

Will start off with the mighty EP20 dual-system 7200 kW Slav lad made by a well familiar to everybody here НЭВЗ works (in Rostov region), hauling a medium-sized double-decker I think towards Bryansk.
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¨ No.1994
1593814226900.jpg–(628.68KB, 1800x1200, 1009.jpg)
The curfew has been lifted almost completely, now only gatherings above 500 people are prohibited. Also, the bars are open only to 2.00, whoop-de-doo. The motion to support the micro-breweries to finally allow the so called "out-selling rights" (which wineries already have) didn't go through - boo...

All this means though that clubs and associations now run their diesel rail buses, Jokioinen railway is open and "Old man Pete*" 1009 operates again (155 tonnes, 114 kN, 110 km/h but now restricted to 80).

*as in Pehr Svinhufvud
¨ No.1995
1593815254655.jpg–(271.65KB, 1500x1000, 2te116.jpg)
>And what does heavy mean anyway in your context? Is it somewhat arbitrary or is it assigned after certain weight/axle load?

Uh, right. There was actually a question...

Uh, so traditionally engines have been classified to light, medium, and heavy and I have to look up if I find what they actually stand for anything nowadays. In "littera" (does any other railway stick to this kind of archaic system?) the engines are basically ether initial T - työkone/maintenance machine, D - diesel or S - sähkö/electric, so Sr1 is "Elelectric, heavy, model 1" and Tk7 is "Work machine, light, model 7" and it doesn't exactly mean "rail lorry" even if most of them are, but there are tamping machines and such in "T" also. Engines are classified by model but wagons are interchangeable and there are many models on the same littera, like almost all Tsar era passenger wagons are "E" and there are also many series for "single deck day wagon" Ei, both wooden and steel.

Oh dear, I', rambling.

It seems that "medium locomotive" is about 1000 kW so one can assume below is "light" and above is "heavy". In the steam era there definitely were some strict arbitrary number limits. It's connected to the littera but it had been revived twice but I don't have literary resources to check some vaunut.org discussion half remembered years ago.
¨ No.1998
Now that I've sobered up I found some real numbers: the ranger for a medium engine is currently 11.1-16 tonnes axle load.

File: 1592620727157.png–(23.78KB, 1279x377, sc44_blonk.png)
No.1932  [Reply]
So, Amtrak has on order of Siemens ALC-44, the long distant variant of the SC-44 Charger. They should be coming in the new and improved phase 7 paint scheme. Hopefully this is not a copy of the geometric dust livery of the new Acela IIs.

So... What is it? What does that mean? What would you do? Main thing is silver with red, white, and blue accents are typical of Amtrak.
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¨ No.1947
1592866262724.jpg–(186.69KB, 1279x377, sc44_DD.jpg)
I know he's on the way out, but this bastard probably did the worst any CEO has done to Amtrak to date. Let's get him a tribute scheme.
¨ No.1948
1592870639746.gif–(1.00MB, 450x360, giphy (3).gif)
¨ No.1988

File: 1577450793847.jpg–(52.32KB, 384x512, ee76dd9094dcfb0e4c186e04fe1f36fb.jpg)
No.1071  [Reply]
Mods have all died of old age quick post sneaky boats
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¨ No.1976
1593538074938.jpg–(836.96KB, 2916x1993, p3PRe.jpg)
whatever floats your train
¨ No.1978
1593566313055.jpg–(1.16MB, 2048x1376, Rosebery 1983 8820 on barge.jpg)
Sneaking trains back onto your boats PLOT TWIST
¨ No.1979
1593602133319.jpg–(73.07KB, 512x352, LIRR float.jpg)
"A gentleman with a lady on each arm."

File: 1567642117605.jpg–(1.64MB, 2736x1730, C80E0277-AE14-480A-B27B-37F97AC10E8A.jpeg)
No.92  [Reply]
New board, new modeling thread. I’m curious as to how many serious modelers we still have around, because I have a question about creating a coal load from some real coal

Pic unrelated, one of the more scenic sections of the N scale layout at the Greensboro club.
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¨ No.1809
The East End Shops didn’t deserve the cards they were dealt. :,(
¨ No.1957
Man I like that image. I enjoy looking at the progress of your layout. Have you seen the diesel shop model on Mark Dance's layout? Beautiful. It's on his Flikr channel.
¨ No.1973
Absolutely. I'm still settling my design for it, I wanted to do full size, but Mark's taken one of the dead end heavy bays away to save some depth and I'm contemplating the same.

Embed: 10 Best Train Games That Let You Run Your Own Railroad Company–(YouTube)
No.1972  [Reply]
Hi guys. It's ~8 years that I don't post here or on any model railroading forum. The reason is simple: the imagination is better than reality. Soon™ we will live in a simulation and the best train video game should be open source. In the past games were lacking, but now we might do something. WHO IS ONBOARD?

File: 1582654557693.jpg–(53.07KB, 700x568, 8QbZY9h1FHU16sReXUTYlr5KOYdHg5A58h-laJtyDyc.jpg)
No.1381  [Reply]
is anyone even on here?
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¨ No.1963
Everyone is reducing motive power at the moment. It's crazy some of the changes I'm seeing right now.
¨ No.1964
It's due to the switch to PSR or whatever it's called. Still don't understand what that really means. Can anyone explain it.
¨ No.1965
Doubtful for me, at least. I work for CN, Hunter Harrison's first go at PSR. We've been running 150 car coal trains with 2 engines for years.

Right now the biggest changes I'm seeing are a lot of older engines being stored or sold off. I think it's mostly because the cost to add PTC when coupled with expected service life just aren't worthwhile. So definitely less older engines on trains and A LOT less foreign power on trains. This is even more extreme at places like UP where there was a lot of fat to trim before the 'Rona took off.

But more on PSR: The *idea* is that you run trains on a schedule and stick to it. The theory is that it makes for more predictable operations and then you can use what resources you do have more efficiently. In practice it means running trains with less engines, running bigger trains, making short connections with cars, shutting down intermediate terminals, and consolidating switching operations.

People bitch and moan about it, but the fact is that a lot of railroad operations are or were pretty bloated before PSR took hold. A lot of the terminals shut down made sense in their time, but with diminishing traffic and different kinds of traffic, it doesn't make sense to run a hump yard that only switches 600 cars/day.

File: 1583078063784.jpg–(188.70KB, 960x720, 20200218_214738.jpg)
No.1416  [Reply]
Where in Japan is this? Pic unrelated
¨ No.1962

No.1890  [Reply]
wtf is a train?
¨ No.1892
1591888435807.png–(89.12KB, 253x251, 1588114963470.png)
¨ No.1897
For the purposes of this board, a train is a string of coupled-together cars that is pushed/pulled along rails by one or more locomotives or power-cars.
¨ No.1950
just google it lmao

File: 1592170898253.jpg–(3.36MB, 4032x3024, exif.jpg)
No.1898  [Reply]
¨ No.1949
nice train

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