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File: 1573715465130.jpg–(770.35KB, 1000x755, EZBTHNJ600.jpg)
No.655  [Reply]
the P01235 is the best honky boi ever built, discuss
¨ No.669
Best of the Nathan K5LA–(YouTube)
We live in a society...that does not value passenger rail transportation.
¨ No.670

File: 1573925066158.jpg–(593.92KB, 1280x720, 92125.jpg)
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¨ No.667
1573930037776.jpg–(161.47KB, 800x600, 7638891_orig.jpg)

¨ No.668
Imagine that... even if PTC would not have prevented this.

File: 1573497903391.jpg–(50.88KB, 600x598, 1573340994118.jpg)
No.632  [Reply]
Got any CP links?
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¨ No.656

“I think my Alco has autism”
¨ No.659
1573779903475.jpg–(389.51KB, 1280x960, CP_1550_Series_locomotive_in_Tunes_Train_Station _)
What was that? You want more? Here, have more!
¨ No.665
goawayweebm, we only fuk trans

File: 1567642117605.jpg–(1.64MB, 2736x1730, C80E0277-AE14-480A-B27B-37F97AC10E8A.jpeg)
No.92  [Reply]
New board, new modeling thread. I’m curious as to how many serious modelers we still have around, because I have a question about creating a coal load from some real coal

Pic unrelated, one of the more scenic sections of the N scale layout at the Greensboro club.
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¨ No.658
1573745198667.jpg–(530.66KB, 2048x1365, 20190414 Supertrain ops 08.jpg)
And also the reason I have a C424. MEGACHUGG LIVES!
¨ No.661
1573889057929.jpg–(779.96KB, 2560x1440, 20191115_220954.jpg)
I've been told the retirement of the FM/CLC's was premature. I don't have my files accessable atm but irc someone who worked in the locomotive assignment office in Montreal mentioned to me that the CPR retired their FM fleet about 2 years too early. That's how low on motive power they were and management was cautioned about their decision as traffic forecasts were predicting an increase, which turned out to be accurate. A sentiment i've heard echoed by other employees of the day.

He also gave me a copy of the telex to Nelson ordering the remaining CLC products to be returned east to Alyth forthwith. Interesting to see where each C-Line A-unit and H16-44 was on the system at that moment. It gave specific instructions on which trains to put certain locomotives. I think one pair was already on an east bound train and they tacked on the remaining CLC's stored at Nelson as it passed through. All CLC's were in Alyth inside of 24 hrs except for one C-Liner which was held over somewhere (Lethbridge?) Until the next day. The trains they were on were operating at night so the railfan community had no chance to get some last shots even if they received a warning in time.

I think I may also have a copy of the report showing the cost per mile figures for those last remaining CLC's, and submitted to Montreal by the maintenance forces at Nelson. While a bit higher than the GMD products in 1975 they weren't too far out of line.


Tonight I just got what you see here for $60. A guy was changing his era so it was deemed surplus. New in the box. :^) I now have a model representing each variation the CPR had for the two demonstrators.
¨ No.662
Nice C424, btw. A buddy was one of the first to buy the Atlas HO model back in the day. We thought the price was outrageous, ($130 at Hobby Worst). I prefer it in the action red pacman scheme. Had a real one tooling around Calgary during summer 1986 for a few weeks. A rarity as they almost never came west then. Watched it do a Keith Turn and back while partying in Edworthy Park. Heheh The only time I ever saw it.

File: 1572305369171.jpg–(519.60KB, 1600x1200, DSCN2661.JPG)
No.556  [Reply]
I'll just leave this here
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¨ No.643
It's still on tour right now. It passed me headed eastbound at Fulton, AR, about twenty minutes ago. It definitely sounded pretty good. I'll try to get photos and videos up ASAP when I get home in about four hours.
¨ No.645
1573609385813.jpg–(322.43KB, 1400x934, 59879789_10215131176934947_128801684045430784_o.jp)

Haven't heard of any major failures. They stop in a lot of small towns in between the big cities for like 15-30 minutes each so folks can get a good look close-up, which means they have plenty of opportunities to do a bit of servicing.
¨ No.646
1573615870504.jpg–(2.33MB, 1920x1296, Sharing-1920w-E2-00807.jpg)
Guys, shooting a train headed northeast while the sun is in the southwest is a major pain in the ass and you have to do a metric tonne of touching up in Lightroom to make it work. I highly recommend you don't try it yourself.

The rules of good photography are, of course, thrown out the damn window when it comes to something this cool, though.

Embed: Slavic train with hardbass–(YouTube)
No.621  [Reply]

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¨ No.626
Are Latvians even Slavs tho?.. Never even thought of it, honestly.

(And yes, this is definitely in Latvia. Only they can have such crappy tracks on a mainline, as far as Space-1520 goes)
¨ No.627
Oh wait, that's actually Estonia. Turns out their ER2s look incredibly similar...

Well then, turns out the only Baltic country with actually decent railway is Lithuania. Just as Belarus, they profit from a huge Russia-EU freight transit.
¨ No.633
Тепловоз Ц36-7и-1517 на ст. Раквере / GE C36-7i-1517 at Rakvere station–(YouTube)
>This guy's channel is a goldmine, by the way.
>Oh wait, that's actually Estonia.

"Oh, do they have a video of... yes, they do."

File: 1573454019422.jpg–(126.39KB, 780x439, metro.jpg)
No.628  [Reply]
I had this sent to me recently and it reminded me of an older thread where a restaurant or pub in Australia had a bunch of repurposed street cars on its roof.


This repurposed MR-63 Metro car has been turned into a student space where Polytechnique students can take a break from hitting the books and decompress. (Simon Nakonechny/CBC)
¨ No.629
1573454144612.jpg–(130.76KB, 780x585, stm-car2.jpg)
After decades of service, an original Montreal Metro car has reached the end of the line, but it will continue to be a gathering place for Montrealers: a place where engineering students at Polytechnique Montréal can take a study break and relax.

Some of the people behind the project say it's a homecoming, of sorts.

"A lot of engineers from Polytechnique worked on this particular car, so to save it and to bring it back to kind of its original place where so many people learned before was kind of bringing it back home in a way," said Polytechnique chemical engineering student Florence Ravary-Berger.

The project was the brainchild of a group of students who pitched the idea when the old MR-63 train cars — on the tracks since 1966 — were phased out to make way for the new AZUR cars.

The STM sought pitches for what to do with the unused cars. Out of 30 submissions, the idea from the Polytechnique students was one of seven given the green light.
¨ No.630
1573454262518.jpg–(164.64KB, 780x585, stm-car.jpg)
Getting the 17-metre-long, 13-tonne MR-63 into the Lorne-M.-Trottier atrium was no easy feat, however.

A team of 18 students had to remove a bank of windows from the building and then slide it inside with a crane.

"We were so excited when it was finally in," said Ravary-Berger.

The project was three years in the making and took the collaboration of students, faculty, administration and the French transportation company Alstom, which provided the lion's share of the funding.

Philippe Tanguay, the director general of Polytechnique, said in a statement that it's a "fantastic" and "bold" project that posed the engineers involved with a real challenge.

They constructed a structure made of steel beams so that the car is suspended in the atrium and takes up less space.


File: 1573223662524.png–(19.12KB, 142x142, apple steam emoji.png)
No.620  [Reply]

This person decided to review steam locomotive emoji designs and it is fucking hilarious.
¨ No.625
Heh, that's good for a chuckle. I like the constant references to the "spirit bar" drive rods.

File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
No.54  [Reply]
Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
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¨ No.602
1572788531553.jpg–(453.38KB, 900x600, et22.jpg)
Shame on me, haven't been to 1chan in years and I forgot! Let's pretend 00 was a wildcard.
¨ No.615
1572998787462.jpg–(468.88KB, 1536x1024, asea trailer.jpg)
This 1916 ASEA trailer is waiting restoration for heritage service.

It belongs to "Oy Stadin ratikat Ab", which already operates an ASEA (it hink it's) model 4 "little Swede" from 1909 along with an open trailer from 1916 (Made domestically by Hietalahti shipyard).

This is about as far as the Helsinki equipment numbering goes, long dry season in getting ahead... Locomotives start in somewhere like in 23xx (excluding 1009, our "big boy" of course).
¨ No.622
1573395315366.jpg–(251.99KB, 1280x853, DBAG_622009_Euskirchen.JPG)
Another class match.

The Alstom Coradia LINT 54 has the class number 622 with Deutsche Bahn.

File: 1572359300290.jpg–(35.37KB, 480x360, 1972420_1557369217822507_1891803058_n.jpg)
No.559  [Reply]
I just want to say hallo to all the old friends... I too ashamed to post these days ... I am happy to see that a lot of the old are still posting, here in Africa it is real dark and my company is suffering one scandal after the next... like I said nice to see you Ham549, Mike, microbuss, Tex, Kartma, Captain Slog... the only one I don't see it Cornelius van der Wreck...anyone know if he gone on to a better place?
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¨ No.597
1572766625784.jpg–(325.49KB, 1280x960, DSCF0010.JPG)
Alright mate, I hope you're OK.
¨ No.612
Now there's a name that was always a guarantee of quality content. It's good to have you back.

Also I hear the local egg-chasers did quite well recently.
¨ No.619
Smitie! Alas, I too am too busy myself to pop into 1chan these days myself, I do miss it though.

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