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File: 1575168609202.jpg–(29.49KB, 220x311, Railways_film_poster.jpg)
No.923  [Reply]
A thread for random features, movies and related AV (audio-visual) material that may hold the interest of assorted anoraks, foamers, gunzels and tetsu-ota.
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¨ No.1041
Britain's Railway - 1988 British Rail Advert (Better Copy)–(YouTube)
Inspired by "Night Mail", obviously.

HQ at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsyyJaX0j3Y
¨ No.1043
Bahnorchester: rnv's Antwort auf den EDEKA-Spot–(YouTube)
Merry Christmas and Joyful Yule!
¨ No.1161
LNER HST Farewell | 20th December 2019–(YouTube)
Look like, then, that LNER no longer operates HSTs.

File: 1574209341539.jpg–(77.24KB, 640x646, 0x37882.jpg)
No.671  [Reply]
Post gore
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¨ No.1130
1579116994441.jpg–(208.56KB, 2048x1367, rusty car.jpg)

¨ No.1148
We get it, you vape.
¨ No.1157
1579510870961.jpg–(122.79KB, 704x938, received_518334578776709.jpeg)
I am sitting in a train station in Poland and remembered you guys exist. Here's a photo of when some gypsies tried to steal some cable but they fucked it up, it took fucking ages clearing the mess up.

File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
No.54  [Reply]
Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
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¨ No.1113
1578811849917.jpg–(1.13MB, 2256x1500, DSC_0292_.jpg)
Bonus Flexity pantograph arcing
¨ No.1117
So the CLRVs are ded?
Also how long will the ALRVs last until they're gone as well?
¨ No.1143
The last ALRVs went out in September.

No.30  [Reply]
In the starting post I shall mention what I know: the Jokioinen museum railway. 14 km of 750mm mainline track and a short (re)extension the to shore of Loimijoki-river to a more suitable place for a terminus in the works. After that, it would be full 15 km.

In the video attached there is plenty of footage from their depot at Minkiö. Outside sits the "regular train" which they use on normal operating days. The blue engine sitting outside the shed is also the one most used, "Lovisa & Wesijärvi nr 5". The various old timey machines seen on flat cars are linked to annual agricultural fairs; unloading all that and setting them to idle for a day is one of their party tricks. Recently, they also drove special that train for a German filming crew. As stated in the old board, that train is so long that they legitimately need extra brakemen in the middle of the train too.

ps. Can has catalog and or referrer links? :(
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¨ No.1126
NIPPUJA, NIPPUJA Dokumenttielokuva Honkataipaleen rautatiestä 1971.–(YouTube)
Ah, right I should probably name "Krauss", it was for this log transfer railway, here's an attempt of a time link to short film youtube with relative long continuous shot of the engine itself. It was losed relatively late, halted in 1978 and officially closed in 1982 ish. The steam engine was left be and the diesel used in the later times was sold to Swizerland and is still operational.

Some "secondary source" made a claim that the valve gear would have been improperly assembled. Does it sound weird? The engine was of course maintained in situ.

Notice their weird cyclic way of running the engine: stuff the fire box full of metre long half logs for a long climb and them coast with few remaining logs back. Would be horrible stress for the boiler I think.

The last operational narrow gauge railway, also a metre gauge wood transfer track, in this country closed in 1989, the year of my birth. I hear there are still some proper peat railways operating in Latvia and Lithuania at least.

(in case time link doesn't work)

I wish I had energy to make english subtitles for this.
¨ No.1127
1579106917274.jpg–(112.21KB, 800x600, porter.jpg)
This is porter, the oldest operational in the country, ordered in 1901 from America! This was the boiler one and there are actually 4 engines from stationary display: 2 main line kind from Loviisa & Vesijärvi with proper tender, 2 shunters, 1 industrial 1 logging kind with one passenger car. Porter also came with passenger car, oddly even though it was an industrial kind.

Both tender engines were put on display. one with two passenger cars and one with a freight car, a that proper long lantern roof passenger car with steel sides seen in the aerial shot and that weird post car - conductor car - brake van combo pulled by porter here and also in aerial.

For the record, that blue tender engine is Hyvinkää & Karkkila, not Loviisa & Vesijärvi.

And this is Valmet move 1 >>684
This here of course is a Pedershaab >>98
¨ No.1128
1579111061959.jpg–(381.88KB, 1150x670, the electric ram.jpg)
So tl;dr would be that in in narrow gauge preservation there may be some extremes of the greatest and best. Imagine if there was left was some maine 2-footers. Would give a complete wrong idea of the era as whole.

Meanwhile: here it is, the - Kyröskoski wood transfer railway - replaced in the end by a long long wood transfer belt system.

File: 1579008372781.jpg–(141.84KB, 1024x768, 19216_tn_ru-centralppk-ep2d-tula-waldin.jpg)
No.1119  [Reply]
There's something I've been wondering, and there aren't many places to ask, maybe one of our russian frens can help.
I was in Moscow last year, and rode the commuter train to/from Kievsky terminal. It looked similar to pic related, but I can't be sure if it was the exact same model.
Now, what I noticed that even tho the train looked reasonably modern, when moving it felt more like an older train. And it got me wondering, could it be that these units are simply rebuilt older trains, the classic green ones?

I'm kinda sad I didn't get to ride on the green ones anymore.
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¨ No.1121
1579031068942.jpg–(449.62KB, 1280x797, 263942.jpg)
There are, however, PROPER modern and well designed trains operating in Central PPK fleet, these are Ivolga (EG2Tv) trains, engineered also locally by the Tver works (part of Transmashholding, the same holding owning the DMZ which makes the EP2D), these are very decent examples of how a modern urban-class EMU should look and work, but the only reason the CPPK even bothered to pay for them is because they were assigned a budget on them as part of our massive MCD (Moscow Central Diameters, by the way I totally should tell about them here, some time later perhaps) project of metro-integrated pass-through urban rail lines based partially on the existing railway directions, obviously with a lot of added infrastructure. So now you can see them in limited numbers only on the recently opened D1 and D2 lines of the MCD. But EVEN THERE, with assigned budget, they managed to be fucking cheap asses and order just 6- and 7-car sets instead of proper 11-car sets, AS THEY SHOULD HAVE, that along with some other management fuckups led to them being SO OVERCROWDED on the first day of MCD operation that they just had to urgently couple them into 5+6 sets so the number of trains obviuosly dropped, they had to substitute the Ivolgas with everything they could. At least they weren't full dumb asses and they ordered the additional cars from TVZ to extend the original sets to the true 11-car config this spring.

Even though Ivolgas sometimes can also feel a bit sharp on some worse sections of the track and SOMETIMES (rarely) during accel/decel too but that's due to a bit stiffened suspension to keep them more stable at higher speeds, and the latter can be perhaps attributed to the traction converter's algorithms acting out sometimes. Overall Ivolga still feels are lot more quiet and stable than even the Lastochka trains (another example of a properly modern EMU in Moscow, being this time modified licenced Desiros). The latter you can find operating on the MCC or Moscow Central Circle and some routes of the MTPPK, the company operating trains between Moscow and Tver.
¨ No.1124
Interesting, thanks a lot for those in-depth explanations!
I'm going to play devils advocate and say that I didn't mind much that these trains were built on a rudimentary platform. They weren't particularly uncomfortable. Just that the acceleration pattern didn't seem like that of a truly modern train. What I rather saw as an issue was the slow speed, but then again I don't know if this is due to the train sets or the top speed permitted on the rail line.
¨ No.1125
>MCD (Moscow Central Diameters, by the way I totally should tell about them here, some time later perhaps)
Please do, it sounds really interesting.
Moscow commuter lines are a fascinating subject, but not much information can be found on the internet to someone who doesn't speak russian. On the trains themselves there was also a map of all commuter services which I've never been able to find on the internet, if you have something like that I'd be grateful.

File: 1572359300290.jpg–(35.37KB, 480x360, 1972420_1557369217822507_1891803058_n.jpg)
No.559  [Reply]
I just want to say hallo to all the old friends... I too ashamed to post these days ... I am happy to see that a lot of the old are still posting, here in Africa it is real dark and my company is suffering one scandal after the next... like I said nice to see you Ham549, Mike, microbuss, Tex, Kartma, Captain Slog... the only one I don't see it Cornelius van der Wreck...anyone know if he gone on to a better place?
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¨ No.612
Now there's a name that was always a guarantee of quality content. It's good to have you back.

Also I hear the local egg-chasers did quite well recently.
¨ No.619
Smitie! Alas, I too am too busy myself to pop into 1chan these days myself, I do miss it though.
¨ No.1118
1579008041676.jpg–(274.76KB, 1024x589, krokodil.jpg)
I'm going to zombiepost itt to say that as longtime lurker and very occasional poster I'm also still here. I used to live in Spain but now I live in Switzerland, fwiw.

also F Cornelius
May this Crocodile take you to railroad heaven.

Embed: ★ 4K Cab ride Samedan - Bergün, Switzerland [01.2020]–(YouTube)
No.1109  [Reply]
Do you like cab rides? Of course, who tf am I asking? You like cab rides! Here's a cab ride from Switzerland, done in 4K. That's a thing now. It's pretty cool.
¨ No.1115
I like cab ride vids, especially the Norwegian ones. I just watched the one you've linked above as it popped up on my recommendation. Nice scenery.

File: 1578594260681.jpg–(67.58KB, 1414x1080, 81961164_1524221744391809_7691124423734067200_o.jp)
No.1102  [Reply]
Thomas had seen far too much.
¨ No.1108

File: 1576304359144.jpg–(1.03MB, 1784x1124, P1040278sm.jpg)
No.988  [Reply]
What does a railway lover want for Christmas, 1chan?
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¨ No.1104
1578622773398.jpg–(2.03MB, 4032x3024, 321617C7-E6A1-4093-A39C-3166F02B00BF.jpeg)
My wish came true
¨ No.1105
1578622823472.jpg–(1.64MB, 4032x3024, 56CF7B6C-454F-4498-B3EF-70FFB12B63B2.jpeg)
The best Christmas presents are the ones you buy yourself, because you know exactly what you wanted
¨ No.1106
1578622859496.jpg–(3.08MB, 4032x3024, 611C5D7D-C2B7-4ED7-8959-403FA63613DD.jpeg)
And boy is she amazing.

File: 1569777819317.png–(47.72KB, 600x883, russian_gauge_comparison.png)
No.285  [Reply]
Let's get the five foot broad gauge thread rolling again!

(Finland, by the way has been historically UIC, with as light as 30 kg/m rails and buffers and chains...)
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¨ No.1096
1578226007754.jpg–(281.60KB, 1024x669, dm7 suspension.jpg)
The tramway society (SRS) was taking an excursion in 2003 to various harbor branches on Porvoo museum railway association's Dm7 and had a visit planned to the metro depot.

Turned out Dm7's suspension (and steps) were outside the metro loading gauge and landed where the power rail was. Thus they couldn't proudly just roll into the metro depot and had to park outside. The embarrassing bit was that no one had thought to measure or had measured only the pilot so this was found out in situ.

As said, VR cars sometimes used in metro work trains have to be modified too. I don't know what the metro cars get done at Pasila machine shop, but when they do, they go at truck bed - apparently cheaper than sending a locomotive to move a single metro unit. This happened already when the old more direct transfer track was still open.
¨ No.1097
1578227181399.jpg–(242.64KB, 1024x670, transfer track.jpg)
2008-2009 ish the transfer track was moved to Vuosaari harbor. You can see it wasn't in regular use at all in it's last years. It was pawed over in some places, here the right of way is used as a bus street.

The track along which the metro depot was went to an oil terminal at Herttoniemi. Now it's totally gone. To Laajasalo where the tanks used to be they now build a new suburb with tramway service via giant bridge, so called 'Kruunusillat' (crown bridges).

That bus route, 550 is now in process of being converted to light rail too. All this disappearing and new improved thing taking their place. (Except Swiss and Austrians - please never close your quirky little mountain railways.)
¨ No.1098
1578228263721.jpg–(674.41KB, 1757x1171, Ravitie_koerata_3_14.11.2019-1.jpg)
This is _not_ 1520, but 1000: the first test track of 550 light rail, the so called "Joker line". That moniker it inherited from the bus line, still operating. It long used to be the only branded radial trunk line.

This shirt stretch of time was an exercise in track laying, various methods and materials were also tested. This summer they play to lay 5 km out of the total of 25.

I should add, it's nowhere near where the metro transfer track was but in Espoo.

Meanwhile, here they still are planning on starting to plan stating to take the issue of light rail (possibly Karlsruhe-like!) to policy making.

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