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File: 1585287186845.jpg–(321.03KB, 1024x702, 1574876263844.jpg)
No.1549  [Reply]
ITT: Trains with cool livery
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1585375635164.jpg–(247.75KB, 1600x942, af8088bd4e34335a52d0e5594b5f9b7e0f0867fdb406778f47)

¨ No.1555
1585376041391.jpg–(120.52KB, 640x427, f9983a81bab6aac43fcf7144516c272e10dd06347f6130da1f)

¨ No.1556
1585376337036.jpg–(234.33KB, 1024x766, 7605bef5c72147987494e67829e3136052c61fd3d6cfb70b9c)

File: 1576703743012.jpg–(257.89KB, 1200x824, hitachi_rock_trenitalia16SalvatoreRomanodOrsi_pist)
No.1020  [Reply]
I just took my first ride on the Hitachi Caravaggio. Compared to what i used to commute on (E464 towing UIC-Z1) this thing is like a spaseship.

Finally you did ONE GOOD THING. Good job Trenitalia.
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1576759176388.jpg–(692.02KB, 1300x861, 259490.jpg)
Allow me to disagree. Not only it is quite ugly (I would even dare to add "almost objectively", since it is hard to argue it looks rather grotesque and disproportionate), it is also impractical. Why would they choose to make the windshield not only quite narrow but actually recessed like a feet deep thanks to these a-pillars limiting the view, and then the side windows are like two meters behind the windshield and tiny, which I heard more than once from the drivers are a really sad trend. Especially given that the crash-modules are exposed (so they didn't make any effort of concealing them, which does sometimes result in a weird cab shape, like on Russian Ivolga on pic related) is there any structural point of making the cab such a weird and view-limiting shape? It's not an armored vehicle after all.
¨ No.1025
1576759406797.jpg–(635.58KB, 1250x750, 259090.jpg)
I don't say about other qualities of this machine obviously, since I have no way of knowing by photo. But I don't really like where the exterior design of the trains EU imports is going. Gotta hand it to mericans for keeping their locos' exteriors fairly consistent for decades - maybe not pretty but does the job well enough and that's what eventually makes the thing look pretty in the eyes of the spectator.

Also jokes on us I guess, since I just realized Russia also has a fairly similarly looking MU train, a RA3 DMU developed by Метровагонмаш, and you could also argue it's ugly. Though it seems the view is not as limited here after all.
¨ No.1548
I agree, it looks like shit.

File: 1584095438485.jpg–(47.59KB, 779x779, 89810796_3025851884131744_754926968553603072_n.jpg)
No.1485  [Reply]
Just gonna leave this here, nerds.
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¨ No.1488

Pigeons and vermin caught up in the pressure drop when the train enters a tunnel.
¨ No.1489
1584221615635.png–(136.09KB, 325x325, 498ed76be651cffb6bb9bac6a9bb75c3.png)
¨ No.1546
Pickle rick train when?

Embed: ★ 4K Cab ride Samedan - Bergün, Switzerland [01.2020]–(YouTube)
No.1109  [Reply]
Do you like cab rides? Of course, who tf am I asking? You like cab rides! Here's a cab ride from Switzerland, done in 4K. That's a thing now. It's pretty cool.
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¨ No.1399
Führerstandsmitfahrt im Schnee von Nürnberg nach Würzburg–(YouTube)
A bit more…

Freight haulage from Nürnberg to Würzburg. It's night. And it's snowing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXGTzbPaF1w – Brenner–Kufstein. More snow.
¨ No.1515
For those who like high speed:

Lyon Part Dieu-Nimes (TGV)
Montpellier - Lyon Perrache (TGV)
Paris-Bordeaux (TGV)

Rotterdam - Antwerp (Thalys)
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¨ No.1545
Falkland Yard Ayr - Chalmerston (Speeded up)–(YouTube)
Here's a favourite of mine from my part of the world, taken a few years ago so not the best quality). The line has since been mothballed due to the closure of Chalmerston opencast. The former Dunaskin ironworks, now headquarters of the Doon Valley Railway can be seen about five and a half minutes in.

File: 1574473742243.jpg–(268.25KB, 2160x540, 76909732_2404714683124489_7699251292132081664_o.jp)
No.740  [Reply]
Just gonna leave this here.

(CREDIT: Teenage Stepdad)
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¨ No.1499
>Do not hammer on car
I remember waiting for an elevator to finish unloading a grain train, and as they were pulling it around, there was a guy hitting every hopper bay with a hammer to make sure it was empty... despite do not hammer being stenciled on nearly every car.
¨ No.1516
1584917534862.jpg–(173.81KB, 1024x575, IMG_0407.jpg)
>Countless cars have been put aside for preservation and then totally ruined..

Sadly agree.
¨ No.1528
1585005321508.jpg–(530.19KB, 1024x683, H1644 1.jpg)
Such as the CP 'historical collection" that has been moved to an abandoned gas plant since this photo was taken. This unit in particular hasn't been touched since it was retired in 1975.

File: 1581476409727.jpg–(58.28KB, 600x450, 51F27926-E44D-4839-A235-F1BEE67DC81C.jpeg)
No.1312  [Reply]
>class 40 thread
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¨ No.1467
Just stop being so fucking salty alraedy.
¨ No.1519
1584947331746.jpg–(548.32KB, 1273x845, 208536.jpg)
Oh by the way. If anyone was wondering but too shy to ask, the jerry-rigged pantograph on the metro trainset is due to it being run on the Railway transport research institute's test ring in Scherbinka on the outskirts of Moscow, which is partially opened to the public, hence there is no way to mount a third rail here, but the feeding substation can output all kinds of current, so this is how metro trains are tested here. Similar setup is used on the manufacturer's test track, on Метровагонмаш factory in Moscow region. Granted, in this particular case it was a public "amusement run" event as part of the EXPO-1520 commercial rail expo in 2017, traditionally accompanied by a heritage stock parade and such amusement runs, on "public days" of the EXPO.

Oh, and also our dear purist can rejoice now as there is a dedicated 1520 thread incoming, or possibly he can be even more bummed out since EVEN MORE Russian stuff is incoming, yay! (and also by no means I bar myself from replying with Russian stuff to non-Slav threads IF I FIND SO THEMATICALLY APPROPRIATE, haters gonna piss off)
¨ No.1525
1584953436495.jpg–(241.56KB, 1000x645, 20091222_235774.jpg)
It's the same test ring where (getting closer to the thread's original topic) the British HS4000 was researched, before moved to Kolomna where another institute is located, one which focuses more closely on diesels. Here it is in Kolomna in '85, already in disrepair and abandonment, by then the USSR has pretty mcuh lost interest in it as they have toyed with it enough and had some way more advanced projects in the works.

File: 1584705146985.png–(0.97MB, 719x717, Donetsk_Railway.png)
No.1507  [Reply]
Thread about Ukrainian Railways.
Allow to speak ukrainian, russian and little on english.
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¨ No.1511
1584753890113.jpg–(489.25KB, 1200x800, 94986.jpg)

¨ No.1512
1584753960955.jpg–(644.31KB, 1200x789, 236942.jpg)

¨ No.1518
1584946069853.jpg–(808.05KB, 1200x800, 265614.jpg)
Don't want to offend or anything, my fellow Slav, but this board is purely about English last time I checked. But nonetheless Ukrainian trains is the topic I did very little coverage here, mostly focusing on the angry imperialistic Russian ones (LOL), not because I don't like them, but mostly to avoid political shenanigans, since in recent years everything starting with "U" on the Internet might spell disaster for a discussion. But hey, "as long as it's train-related" is pretty much the motto of this board, so...

By the way the choice of pic is not to imply any bad things about the Укрзалізниця (though there certainly are bad things to be implied here, and it's not politically-related and even most Ukraininas I spoke to tend to agree, but that's a whole other discussion for another day) but just because I saved it recently as it just beautifully conveys the pure comedy and light-heartedness of the situation.

No.30  [Reply]
In the starting post I shall mention what I know: the Jokioinen museum railway. 14 km of 750mm mainline track and a short (re)extension the to shore of Loimijoki-river to a more suitable place for a terminus in the works. After that, it would be full 15 km.

In the video attached there is plenty of footage from their depot at Minkiö. Outside sits the "regular train" which they use on normal operating days. The blue engine sitting outside the shed is also the one most used, "Lovisa & Wesijärvi nr 5". The various old timey machines seen on flat cars are linked to annual agricultural fairs; unloading all that and setting them to idle for a day is one of their party tricks. Recently, they also drove special that train for a German filming crew. As stated in the old board, that train is so long that they legitimately need extra brakemen in the middle of the train too.

ps. Can has catalog and or referrer links? :(
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¨ No.1449
1583362085160.jpg–(371.70KB, 1200x801, reghin 0-8-0T.jpg)
>work train

Except of course not, it's the front end while the rest is rolling down via gravity. Allegedly this particular loco was made as late as 1986 by Reghin! Gauge, by the way is 760 mm.

Photos are credited to "mr decauville", here >>684

To get mostly everything off my system, I must note that I'm quite miffed by the fact I didn't save any of the pics he posted to facebook about his portable turntable. Now the content is god knows how many months behind and my browser crashes well before I get to scroll that far.

But anyway, back to portable turntables. They used to be super common in the lightest possible hand operated fiend tramways used in peat and clay harvesting, with rails in the ballpark of 5 - 7 kg/m. To get to the tub carts right next to the peat stack or the clay pit digging front, one would lay a short lenght of prefabricated segments tangentially towards the more relatively permanent way, pop the turntable on the rails and when the cart's center of gravity was above the bearing, the ramp could be easily lifted and turned even with a loaded cart.

First time steamed in February in its heritage career, that is.
¨ No.1450
1583364616143.jpg–(26.97KB, 280x226, turntable.jpg)
Found a tiny picture of the said device.

I'm lacking so so many words here. What's even "rillirata" in English?
¨ No.1517
1584934130287.jpg–(574.67KB, 2048x1536, Image3280.jpg)
Hi, lads. I haven't been here for a while, and I'm glad to see image expansion is finally a thing here.

Here's my conundrum - I'm looking for Narrow Gauge Japanese rolling stock, as I'm kind of making an accidentally themed garden railway. I bought pic related a few years ago, and it was the survivor of a house fire. So I just kind of ended up referring to it as Hanako (of Katawa Shoujo, who also survived a house fire) and now I wanna make some little figures of the girls to go in a coach to have a tea party. Sort of one of those little references you hide in model railways.

I was wondering if you could post pictures of some Japanese coaches, please? As finding some on a cursory Google search turned up nothing, and it'd be nice to make a Japanese coach for them to relax in on their way around my garden.

The locomotives are named after the girls, too. But that's mainly because I ended up with bacon girl, and a vertical boilered thing that I named after the weirdo of the bunch. So I guess I'm somewhat committed to it at this point. If all else fails, I'll just put them in a Zillertahlbahn coach such as they have on the WLLR.

Thanks, folks.

File: 1583949026869.jpg–(160.03KB, 760x500, Old Smokey Press Release Photo.jpg)
No.1482  [Reply]

Apparently KSHC does plan to run it again!
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¨ No.1502
>Not saying this doesn't deserve to be preserved

Indeed. Those who do the work get to make the rules in the heritage "business".

>but they straight up lie saying it's based on an American loco from the 20s

The lie here is in fact the decade. The American component in its heritage are ultimately the two Baldwin decapods ordered in 1894 for tests and study. Those were the basis for the Ye class designed in Russia, made in America. That lead L class, lead to LV class, which in turn was the basis for QJ.

If I'm wrong here, what is the 1920s American design supposed to be?

>“Old Smokey”

¨ No.1503
That's the problem, there's a nearly 100 year gap between the locos. Anything left probably isn't American specific anyways, it's compromise on compromise.
¨ No.1508
I hope you meant to say "improvement on improvement" ;-)

File: 1583447989294.jpg–(440.64KB, 700x528, fig13.jpg)
No.1455  [Reply]
Would a simple but well-planned rail system be able to compete with or even oust trucking in America?

I know for sure other places like France, Germany, and Japan have pretty reliable rail systems for passengers, but their city centers are really close together.

Wondering since America's just so big, would shipping freight on rail just be more efficient than having a bunch of smaller trucks rolling down the freeways?

(just curious, have not at all done any extensive research or stuff like that)
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
¨ No.1476
Perhaps you've touched on the greater issue: supply chains.

If (these small) countries and companies are still nationalistic with their resources and products, there is no way freight rail will displace the on-demand nature of trucking. The headache of pulling, switching, hauling, switching, then finally spotting a car isn't worth it if the *average* car distance traveled is under 200 miles.
¨ No.1478
1583756842632.jpg–(97.93KB, 1024x680, Töölö old freight station.jpg)
>spotting a car isn't worth it if the *average* car distance traveled is under 200 miles

True, but it's very accurate that the truly sensible freight distance is something like 600 km, because for example the Helsinki-Oulu piggy back has been teetering on the edge of profitability. Now it's again stopped.

When this pic was topica the trucking distance was more like 20 miles. *sigh*
¨ No.1484
CP eliminated the last of it's Iron Highway/Expressway piggyback services a few years ago. This was after they pumped a bunch of money into the services with great fanfare after NAFTA (including expensive purpose built terminals at strategic highway interchanges), but they were never able to really make them work. They had plans for a massive Canada/US wide piggyback network but only the Toronto to Montreal service managed to be viable in the long term. Zellers and Sears Canada were some of the largest customers, it left the service without enough customers to really make sense after they closed.

AFAIK there's no piggyback in Canada anymore aside from a few remote access trains like the ONR to Moosonee.

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