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File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
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Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
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1567523857786.jpg–(252.93KB, 1280x960, 89001_at_Barrowhill.jpg)
¨ No.90
1567608812272.jpg–(198.50KB, 1024x683, 7332013414_913886e2cf_b.jpg)
90 get
¨ No.91
1567611562879.jpg–(132.24KB, 1000x662, 91.jpg)

Thanks for the idea. I also stole your old name ;)

File: 1567047086965.jpg–(66.21KB, 700x467, Tim Fischer.jpg)
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Vale Tim Fischer. Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the National Party years ago.

The former Nationals leader, who died last week aged 73, will receive a state funeral in Albury this afternoon.
Earlier this morning about 80 people attended the railway station at The Rock in the New South Wales Riverina to say one last goodbye.
Some residents also gathered along the train line between The Rock and Albury to pay their respects.
The rail journey, which included Mr Fischer's home town of Boree Creek, was arranged by the Lachlan Valley Railway (LVR) and completes a trip Mr Fischer was unable to finish as his health deteriorated rapidly in recent weeks.
LVR director Ross Jackson said it was a surprise to hear his old friend had requested the journey on the heritage train, which features three CPH railmotors."Two of the cars actually serviced the Boree Creek line as part of passenger journeys, probably when Tim was a lot
younger, but certainly synonymous with country branch line travel and country towns," Mr Jackson said.
"The saddest part about it is when I ran the cancer charity fundraiser tour back in July with Tim, Tim actually didn't get to make the trip back home, he had to rest.
"So now we have the opportunity to finish that journey with him."
"Tim was absolutely besotted by anything to do with trains and rail," he said.
"He will probably be listening to every clickety clack of the sleepers as he passes over them."
¨ No.50
What do they call self propelled cars in Aussie speak?

I'm sure it's something weird like Vuzahogga because it's the aboriginal word for their ancestral trolley spirit.
¨ No.85
Old ones are called railmotors

No idea what people call things like the vlocity and sprinter units

File: 1567232254309.jpg–(948.31KB, 2048x1536, 83549954-4FC9-4099-B6F7-2DA0ACE2DAE6.jpeg)
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Fallen flag/heritage paint schemes thread
¨ No.53
Aaaaaaaand that’s all I can post because the rest of my photos exceed the maximum image side.

¨ No.77
1567396031134.jpg–(307.74KB, 1200x890, 67611864_750988338653717_3087218257527046144_o.jpg)
Miss me with that wide-nose shit

Embed: BeamNG.drive | MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING Trains–(YouTube)
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¨ No.28
1567142752109.jpg–(209.73KB, 1280x960, starlight9.jpg)

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¨ No.26
Funny how even the 2ch audience with their IQ similar to such of a tomato realized (roughly) what this means and why this actually makes sense. Never expected such a feat from this crowd.

Embed: San Juan Capistrano, California USA - Virtual Railfan LIVE–(YouTube)
No.4  [Reply]
Wonder if this works for Livestreams?
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¨ No.18
1567009140225.jpg–(698.05KB, 1279x854, 252261.jpg)
That was me by the way. For some reason the board doesn't remember the usernames, it appears. Or is it my browser?..

Aslo, %%spoiler%% [s]spoiler[/s] [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler]
¨ No.22
I've noticed that. It actually seems to remember it for me, but it fills it out in the E-Mail section. I'll see what I can do for spoiler text, but I've never tried to implement something like that before.
¨ No.23
Texarkana, Arkansas USA - Virtual Railfan LIVE–(YouTube)
I'm partial to the Texarkana Yard. Always fun to watch

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File: 1566952033918.png–(116.03KB, 1280x1024, pixmicat.png)
No.9  [Reply]
Have you already tried Pixmicat (PHP)? It's way better than TinyIB and got some very useful modules that you can find on github.
¨ No.10
It's chinkspeak in the OP pic but you can set the language to english in the config
¨ No.13
While it looks nice, the fact that all the commenting on the code is in Chinese, means it would be hell to troubleshoot. Also, the database structure between vichan and TinyIB isn't hugely different.

File: 1566925895382.jpg–(758.11KB, 1024x666, 8498579332_2317dcc80f_b.jpg)
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Test post, clear a path so I can jerk to APTs for a while.
¨ No.8
Here, have some fap material:


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