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File: 1543669620036.bmp (750.12 KB, 640x400, GENESISBIGSUCC.bmp)


yes this was intentionally drawn bad
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Not only were they built ulgy but they were also built without function in mind. Something goes wrong in a F40PH you csn take parts of it off for acess with a Grnesis nope gotta cut a hole and then weld it back up. The cab intior is cramped snd a mess, they have crap aceleration, and are not very realible. While the name Genesis might share its nsme with the Biblicle book of creation you won't find intelgrnt desighn there.


You found the question that broke Ham worse than I've ever seen.


>>6523 – People are raised to believe they must hate something.


Here is the thing my opion does not matter as I neather run nore mataine them but if you ask the people who do and have also worked on F40s they will almost always agree F40s are better except for the noise. Also what kind of cab does a Genesis have?….

An Abacab



My fave song of theirs, btw.

File: 1543858317332.jpg (289.15 KB, 3396x2344, UP4141Schmollinger.jpg)


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File: 1544128318290.png (457.58 KB, 843x475, bush train grade crossing.png)


A lot people showed up along the whole route.


File: 1544154527304.jpg (6.07 MB, 3843x1725, Funeral train attempt 02 J….jpg)

No, I meant the the train going slow like you thought. I thought the issue was going to be with goobers trying to pace the train blocking traffic, but it turned out that the blockage was the backup motorcade that was following the train escorted by loads of police. They were keeping pace with the train just in case something stopped the train, they'd be right there to move the casket to the hearse and continue the procession.

Anyway, here's a fairly quick sloppy edit of the one single shot I got today.


And people say train spotting is dying…


I mean, it is for me. This was the first solo trip I've ever done exclusively to see train(s). It had been years before this since I went on a train spotting trip.

File: 1539573120599.jpg (163.78 KB, 1525x1158, 619e18059c7cff986e848fd907….jpg)


How can I get I
Into trains? What exactly does your hobby all entail?
Right now all a know is a think trains are really cool.
Is there. Any practical side to the hobby?
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No hobby is practical. It's a means of escape. :^)


Options available:

Spotting (gotta catch 'em all!): Get an Ian Allen ABC, write down loco/unit numbers, tick off all the ones you've seen until you have seen them all.

Filming/photography: Get a camera. Post pics/videos to 1chan/flickr/youtube

Volunteer at a heritage railway: This will consume all your weekends, and mostly involves hanging around with grumpy old men. Not recommended if you want an actual social life.

Build a model railway: All the fun of the real thing but without going outside.


>Build a model railway: All the fun of the real thing but without going outside.

Will empty your wallet too.




File: 1503437109420.jpg (16.55 KB, 200x268, pg55397.cover.medium.jpg)


“Railroad Reorganization” by Stuart Daggett, Harvard U.; 1908.



Too lazy to make a new thread, so sticking some books here:

https://archive.org/details/standardcodeofam00amer – ARA Standard Code, anno 1897.
https://archive.org/details/standardciphe00amer – ARA Standard Cipher Code, anno 1906.
https://archive.org/details/ciphercodeofwor00shea – Cipher for RR employees, anno 1892.
https://archive.org/details/generalciphercod00rail – Railway Express Agency cipher, anno 1930

https://archive.org/details/unicodeuniversa00unkngoog – Unicode, anno 1889


In case someone is interested in how the Boys/Girls in Camo do it:
http://www.apd.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/tm4_14x21.pdf – US Army Technical Manual 4-14.21: Rail Safety.


Is it this long since I found a book?

http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/56688 – Handbook of Railroad Construction” by George L. Vose (1857)
A large dose of mid-19th c. US practice of building a railroad from bare ground up.


File: 1543785475079.jpg (200.28 KB, 1024x768, PICT0049.JPG)


If anything, what surprises me the most is that it took this long for these to show up around here.


It always irks me when I see cheap garbage like this being sold to Joe Public who doesn't know any better. Though to be fair, SOME of these bargain-basement train sets actually work decently.


It gets worse still. These are the first model trains I have seen on sale here. Ever.

File: 1539892371221.jpg (20 KB, 400x400, yWRigl6B_400x400.jpg)


>you will never work for JR rail


You if you worked for JR


>Tfw you will never get ran over by JR Rail.


Based pepe <3


>tfw lifelong dream is doing the announcement on JR talking with that crazy nasal voice

File: 1543958607889.png (38.34 KB, 150x150, _thumb_310ee822-128c-44ce-….png)


can we stop posting porn? its getting dumb


A lot of people come here to post stuff that isn't trains. It's inevitable. Mike and I usually knock it out pretty quickly, but we have our own lives and can't monitor this 24/7. On the upside, if you're able to text US phone numbers, sending a message to (512) 953-3619 will alert us to what's going on. This number is always posted at the top of the main page underneath the new thread form. Texting us really does wonders for the quality of the board because the porn/spam/whatnot isn't left up until one of us comes by and sees it by chance.

On a sidenote, lol for thinking that a Carmen Electra photoshoot was fetish porn.

File: 1543669339031.jpg (172.19 KB, 800x500, AMTK138A.jpg)




this is a joke


please leave


File: 1543793206612.jpg (73.94 KB, 625x397, 286a5274b6af8b08fe0d3e02e4….jpg)

File: 1542814206607.jpg (575.2 KB, 2048x1365, 017A8349CP 2241 TEC train ….jpg)


This week in Canuckland: The CP TEC (Track evaluation) train was parked near my house. The sun was setting. I felt a burning need to get photos.


The weirdest thing like that I've ever seen was meeting a local that had an old EJ&E SD38 for power, freight, and an FRA passenger test and passenger car on the rear.


I have to say that is one ugly locomotive. But the old lightweight baggage car behind it looks interesting. I can just make out the old "Canadian Pacific" near the roof line, but I can't make out the word(s) below it near the bottom edge.


File: 1543557512577.jpg (684.58 KB, 2048x1365, 017A8361CP 2241 TEC train ….jpg)

Consist was as follows:
GP20C-ECO 2241
68 Accommodation car (Ex-baggage)
424993 Restraint gauge measurement
63 Track Evaluation (Ex-buffet-solarium Antigua)

File: 1543512704460.jpg (50.06 KB, 1499x1500, BlackSpear_.jpg)



What does this have over OpenTTD?

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