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File: 1514960761612.jpg (448.56 KB, 2048x1365, 017A3320 12th street switc….jpg)


Good thing the switch heaters are still working. Brr.
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I'm not seeing it myself, either. If the flange is in there, isn't it already past the point of no return and will fall outside of the gauge once it's moved past? Or is the flange of the guardrail above the railhead, in which case it would hit the outside of the wheel, not the flange?

I suppose I could just walk down the street and take a look at it…


I can't see it either.


I guess it doesn't hit the flange but more of the wheel edge, but that's the way I see it working. You'll absolutely see a shiny face on them from wear. At least the ones in my yard.


I asked a retired CPR railroader about it and sent him the picture so he could see it. He responded with; "The thing on the right hand rail is called a Flange Guard and it forces the wheel to the left by rubbing on the outside of the wheel face, thus keeps flange from cutting and riding up the switch point, saving wear and tear on moveable point face where it is narrowed."


Yeah I can understand that and it makes sense.

File: 1477593055699.jpg (622.25 KB, 1200x800, 176346.jpg)

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So why wouldn't we start the first RZD thread on the new 1chan?

As usual: I provide you with stuff, you provide me with questions and topics for discussion on the subject. Something like this basically.
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File: 1515360778716.jpg (385.8 KB, 1200x779, 20180106_610280.jpg)

Oh, and it looks like this thread is ended. Or is it? Need someone who runs this site to confirm.

Anyway, in case it is the bumplimit, this thread was actively afloat for 1 YEAR, 2 MONTHS and 11 DAYS. Not bragging, I didn't do this for purpose but I think this record would be hard to beat. It was a pleasure guys.


File: 1515522053565.jpg (359.84 KB, 1200x800, 20180107_610337.jpg)

So, need to make sure the thread hit bumplimit.


File: 1515522444046.jpg (218.28 KB, 1200x750, 20180101_609895.jpg)

Confirmed. So, this is it for the oldest thread on 1chan. We did it. I hope you enjoyed it, guys, because I surely did. Thank you all who was monitoring this thread!

I think I shall create the new one soon. 1chan without 1520 would be too boring, wouldn't it?:)


Agreed, this has become one of my favourites.



File: 1514410185265.jpg (34.22 KB, 489x405, Great_thread_robbery.jpg)


Using historical freight traffic records, recent research has shown that the conversion to standard gauge instigated a large shift of North–South freight traffic away from coastal steamships to all-rail carriage.[12] These effects were especially strong on short routes, where breaks in gauge were more expensive relative to the total cost and duration of carriage. However, the data indicate that the gauge change had no effect on total shipments, likely as a result of anticompetitive conduct by Southern freight carriers which prevented the railroads' cost-savings from being passed through to their prices. This research suggests that had Southern carriers not been colluding, the gauge change would have generated a sharp reduction in freight rates and immediate growth in trade between the North and South.


Citations don't mean anything unless you also upload the original research paper.


File: 1514571999622.gif (55.3 KB, 1053x675, bnsf-lakeside-sub-screensh….gif)


Does anyone here use this?
I just signed up yesterday afternoon and was wondering if it takes a few days to be approved?


So what is this? Some people try to update the position of trains in real time?



Basically it picks up on the real railroad transmissions on train locations, signal positions and routes lined up, makes it easier to railfan when you can see exactly where the trains are.


File: 1514696396561.png (186.22 KB, 1693x1174, NW Indiana.png)

OP here.

There are people who run servers that send the data to you so you don't need to have your own onsite radio. You can use a radio to receive when in the field and send the data to the laptop to show up on the display.

Its neat being able to see whats going on in NW Indiana in real time.

There are also Rules you can assign to do things when say a block is occupied or a signal is given.

I have some rules that mimics the 3 different approach bells that used to be in State Line Tower.


Will this work with an RTL-SDR?

I've always wanted to do this but I don't want to hack my scanner up to install a discriminator tap.

File: 1515133988707.jpg (277.62 KB, 1031x721, American Freedom Train_LAC….jpg)


Had this sent to me looking for help identifying the location. Look familiar to anyone?

>"This nice photo is captioned as being in LA. But if it IS in LA it has to be on Pacific Electric tracks. That's where I completely struck out.

I am not all that familiar with Oakland but the 1948 time frame would seem to indicate Oakland as a better possibility. Those kids are now in their 80s if still alive."

File: 1512923276511.jpg (117.63 KB, 960x486, 24991378_1528658640550003_….jpg)


All of the drivers who did an excellent job in breaking the existing World Record of 269 kms travelled in 24 hours, and setting a new World Record of 330 kms and 669 m in twenty four hours (881 laps and 294m). A great tribute to an excellent locomotive designed and built by Andries Keyser. Also a sincere thanks to the drivers who came from far and wide to help with this fantastic feat!!
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So how's the garden gauge scene in South Africa outside of this?


File: 1513343636442.jpg (214.66 KB, 1280x853, 2.jpg)

Back in January 1961 some like minded gentlemen formed a club called “Pretoria Live steam Club/Pretoria stoomtrekkragklub” which operated from their garages, building trains.

Many years later i.e. 1985 it was announced that a site was made available by the then, Verwoerdburg Municipality for the enthusiasts to exercise their hobby and attracting public interest.

The club announced it's official opening as "Meerpark" on 12 June 1993. The club now known as Centurion Society of Model Engineers boasts an attractive site with a track of just under 900m where trains trail through a beautiful landscape including tunnels, bridges and over lakes.


File: 1513344127542.jpg (158.83 KB, 800x313, title (1).jpg)

The track consists of multigauge ground level track of 3.5", 5" and 7.25" tracks. The track comprises two circular loops, the shorter of the two is about 450 metres long, while the longer is about 850 metres long. The total running surface of the track is almost 1,6 km's. The vertical height difference between the highest and lowest points in the track work is 5 metres. The average ruling gradient/s is 1:100 to 1:80, although there is a section of track which is graded to 1:50 for approx 60 metres.


It is called model steam clubs… but yes we have a few clubs in every major city … google


File: 1514778019943.png (233.12 KB, 393x391, 1406943711606.png)

I misread kms as kmh at first. I was thinking "how they heck do they hold on if it's kmh?"

File: 1514657305314.jpg (16.56 KB, 350x350, cedes-aps-positionssensor-….jpg)


How many of you have You Tube channels?




File: 1514317631604.jpg (92.79 KB, 672x800, 090717MBTAcar.jpg)



Did they back trace it with the Cyber Police?


So, what exactly happened? Because the way it's written it seems like the car broke a coupler and then kept rolling.

If that's the case, that's uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad


It doesn't work that way. The train went into emergency when it came apart. Still, a broken knuckle in a passenger train is pathetic.

File: 1514359377368.jpg (96.89 KB, 956x960, 26001109_908140372678053_3….jpg)


Watch her as she completes her first trial run in 7 years, what a sight! A huge thank you to the Apple Express Workshop and our volunteers, for their dedication and commitment to keep the loco and the carriages in magnificent condition, restoring them to a mint condition, for you to enjoy. Book your seat at www.appleexpresstrain.co.za to experience a piece of History.
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File: 1514529703149.jpg (65.87 KB, 960x639, 16298445_1180107355442690_….jpg)

NG15 No 119 is captured here arriving at Billson - between Humansdorp and Assegaibos - during the Geoff Cooke 2009 Tour. Photograph: Nerina Skuy


File: 1514529801630.jpg (116.06 KB, 960x720, 13466513_982868911833203_5….jpg)

Our current steam locomotive undergoing a full restoration at present at the Humewood Depot. There is something so special about narrow gauge steam! Is'nt she a beauty?


File: 1514530263581.jpg (101.26 KB, 960x657, 19732275_10156367725459167….jpg)


File: 1514581218929.jpg (78.88 KB, 800x540, 26112262_2450252305200958_….jpg)


File: 1514581255723.jpg (82.19 KB, 800x579, 26195442_2450252335200955_….jpg)

File: 1506545290273.jpg (36.91 KB, 698x603, FB_IMG_1506542989523.jpg)


This had to be a team effort.


You're a bit late to the party - we've discussed this act of (admittedly, really cool) vandalism.

See >4510 onwards.


Speaking of team efforts, did everyone here see "Dead Freight" from Breaking Bad? It made me wonder if there really are dead zones that the train tracks pass through. Nowadays it may be the case that no matter where the tracks are there will always be the ability to communicate, like how no matter the size of the sphere, if it has a particular cylinder-shaped area removed, the remaining sphere will be the same volume:

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J51ncHP_BrY - "The Napkin Ring Problem - YouTube"


File: 1514175036258.jpg (59.1 KB, 300x400, illust_66296257_20171214_2….jpg)

I saw your post hammy, and at once I thought of this:


You have been freaked out.


File: 1514430323122.jpg (425.79 KB, 1200x814, showimage.jpg)

So late to the game, it's already been repainted

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