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whats your favorite amtrak locomotive? (excluding traInsets)
mines the F59PHi or HHP-8

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ITT: Objectively ugly engines
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File: 1543393964871.jpg (352.32 KB, 1008x669, Night_session_june_23_2011….jpg)


>>6470 – I still think Tonka designed the 70s.

>>6481 – Nose looking like The Luggage v nose looking like a skip. Decisions, decisions…


File: 1543462931827.jpg (69.64 KB, 1322x792, sp4460-hechtkoff.jpg)


Always thought the headlight arrangement ruins this engine, though I don't know what to replace it with.

It's far uglier in all-black, and especially with a single headlight. Yech.



Actual Warbaby. Note the anti-aircraft shield on the headlight and lack of side skirts. GS-6's had to be approved by the Wartime Production Board.


File: 1544006918014.jpg (297.8 KB, 1029x683, Clapham_Junction_(Windsor_….jpg)

File: 1539892371221.jpg (20 KB, 400x400, yWRigl6B_400x400.jpg)


>you will never work for JR rail


You if you worked for JR


>Tfw you will never get ran over by JR Rail.


Based pepe <3


>tfw lifelong dream is doing the announcement on JR talking with that crazy nasal voice

File: 1543958607889.png (38.34 KB, 150x150, _thumb_310ee822-128c-44ce-….png)


can we stop posting porn? its getting dumb


A lot of people come here to post stuff that isn't trains. It's inevitable. Mike and I usually knock it out pretty quickly, but we have our own lives and can't monitor this 24/7. On the upside, if you're able to text US phone numbers, sending a message to (512) 953-3619 will alert us to what's going on. This number is always posted at the top of the main page underneath the new thread form. Texting us really does wonders for the quality of the board because the porn/spam/whatnot isn't left up until one of us comes by and sees it by chance.

On a sidenote, lol for thinking that a Carmen Electra photoshoot was fetish porn.

File: 1543669339031.jpg (172.19 KB, 800x500, AMTK138A.jpg)




this is a joke


please leave


File: 1543793206612.jpg (73.94 KB, 625x397, 286a5274b6af8b08fe0d3e02e4….jpg)

File: 1542814206607.jpg (575.2 KB, 2048x1365, 017A8349CP 2241 TEC train ….jpg)


This week in Canuckland: The CP TEC (Track evaluation) train was parked near my house. The sun was setting. I felt a burning need to get photos.


The weirdest thing like that I've ever seen was meeting a local that had an old EJ&E SD38 for power, freight, and an FRA passenger test and passenger car on the rear.


I have to say that is one ugly locomotive. But the old lightweight baggage car behind it looks interesting. I can just make out the old "Canadian Pacific" near the roof line, but I can't make out the word(s) below it near the bottom edge.


File: 1543557512577.jpg (684.58 KB, 2048x1365, 017A8361CP 2241 TEC train ….jpg)

Consist was as follows:
GP20C-ECO 2241
68 Accommodation car (Ex-baggage)
424993 Restraint gauge measurement
63 Track Evaluation (Ex-buffet-solarium Antigua)

File: 1543512704460.jpg (50.06 KB, 1499x1500, BlackSpear_.jpg)



What does this have over OpenTTD?

File: 1543250876648.png (26.7 KB, 273x200, Blank _8c0513bda402f85cb4f….png)


are you people alone and desperate of trains or some shit or what?
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>go back to /b/

Not OP fuck/b/ Shit is mostly redditfaggs. not le edge s3cr3et l33t h4x0rs


Bruh get fucked. Trains are literally the most based form of transnportation. Also a lot of trin hoppers post here for some reason.


Also /b/ is nothing but trannyies and porn dumps.


>tfw this is why I’m ashamed to admit I’m a railman in public


I’m not a railwayman, but a few have posted here. Some still do.

File: 1539714143500.jpg (56.35 KB, 900x539, hiro_meets_kiki_by_favorit….jpg)


What's the history of 1chan and why did they kick trains off 4chan?


As far as I know there are still train threads on /n/. I just happened along this site on my adventure of every chan made and active. Welp, off to the next one


moot deleted the '/n/ (Trains)' board off 4chan back in ancient pre-historic dinosaur times (2004), so thatdog made his own trains board, with blackjack, and hookers. then after about 10 years the PHP rusted into dust and thatdog ran out of whale oil to keep it running, so the current owners took over with a vichan fork.


File: 1540250781955.png (442.79 KB, 800x1182, 54578.png)

1chan was the first chan I went on.. irc I found it through a google image search around 2007(??). Up to that point i'd never heard of 4chan but found it when I started systematically searching 2chan, 3chan, etc hoping i'd find more train pix gold. I stopped going there in 2011. Stopped in for visit in 2016 for a few minutes and haven't gone back. I don't miss it.


'cause furries, my man. :(


File: 1543331882525.png (360.96 KB, 512x512, train folder.png)

have no clue – heres a folder image for storing train photos

File: 1542847879253.png (263.33 KB, 480x442, Screenshot_20181121-163933….png)


Long time no see. I'm still around and riding them rails. Tho not as much as I used to, I have an apartment in southern California now. But its trackside and watching trains roll by day after day made me antsy and I just caught one on a whim. Anyways I'm in Longview WA and I know theres a lime that runs through here but can't remember which. I'll probably hitch hike out of here if I can't figure it out. Its cold and wet and have plenty of friends in either direction that'll house me. Pic from Roseville CA after getting off that train I caught on a whim.


Riding in winter takes some fucking stones. I'd head home and chill in the warm.


Be careful, you can slip easily. The ice makes it tough. Don't end up like strobe.


I only catch stopped trains! I'm more worried about the temperature. But also I've ridden from Portland OR to Bakersfield CA two years in a row arriving in CA on Christmas Eve both times while on my way to visit family. The coldest points always being from Oakridge OR to Klamath Falls OR, always get absolutely covered in snow there.


Also I ended up hitching out, and will hitch back to Portland to catch a southbound train from there, IM headed to LA, typically leaves around 4-6pm, gets to Eugene around 9-12, typically I sleep and wake up in Dunsmuir CA early morning, getting to Roseville around 4-6pm then finally arriving in Bakersfield around 3-4am usually but of course it varies. Only things I really hate about riding in winter is good and water freezing.

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