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File: 1554068799741.jpg (31.77 KB, 625x249, RAP107247[1].jpg)


Do the generator car come before or after the baggage car in a passenger rack?
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So what does "REA" stand for? I'm not familiar with that term.


It stands for Railway Express Agency. They operated similarly to how UPS, DHL, or FedEx operate today except most of the transportation was done via railroads. First mile/last mile stuff was done with trucks, but the intercity transit was on rails.


>Special boxcars equipped with steam lines were used
Weren't they also typically equipped with passenger car bogies so you could pull them at varnish speeds?

That and the fact that railroads didn't want to deal with less-than-carload lots. The purpose of the REA was to composite all of the little shipments into something the railroads felt was worth the trouble.


Near as I can tell from the reference material I have, they (the CPR) used normal freight trucks, Bettendorf style. In the case of the southern BC 2nd mainline, the steep grades kept speeds below what would be found on sections of the CPR mainline so high-speed issues weren't a concern. I could be wrong, though. The book that has that detailed info isn't accessable to me at the moment. 'Canadian Railcar Pictorial, CPR 40 ft Boxcars' by Richard Yaremko.


Around what point did they start phasing out HEP cars? I know that one thing that attracted SAL to Alco’s RS models were the steam generators for passenger train usage

File: 1511027329281.jpg (140.29 KB, 1199x801, 13-3-9793573.jpg)


Where has the urban rail thread gone?

Ah well.
So heah, Länsimetro opened today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zGvhYRgBBE

They had the student orchestra to delight the early morning visitors, of whom there wandered a reasonable number, everyone thinking they'd be almost alone. Later the day very small coffee, cake slice, bag and mug ceremony. As it's saturday, some probably use the new instrument for bar crawl right away.

So yeah, urban rail - the armchair foamer's rail. Always things happening.
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I meant that it was a deviation in that a city (in Texas, no less) was building a new streetcar line AND using rebuilt vintage cars for the service.


File: 1534014510987.jpg (391 KB, 1600x1066, 3004 3036 Victoria Stn 2….JPG)

Bump. I'm lurking too, but no content, empty head.

Anyway, the home town tram project is chugging along. The original chedule called for a vote after the council summer holidays, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead the transport board announced it's going to review british light rail systems, namely Nottinghamn, Manchester and London.

I don't know what to take of that. I mean our transport board's thinking that the UK is the most appropriate prototype for for our town :( I still count it as a positive sign that that they are taking their time with this and observing all tram cities. They already went to Nantes and Malmö to see what it takes to make dedicated infrastructure for the buses only.


I get up every morning at the crack of eight
Ridin' on the D Train line
Take a train in a hole to a job I hate
Ridin' on the D Train line

Well, every morning I'm ridin' that subway train
Ridin' on the D Train line
To a phone and a desk and a ball and chain
Ridin' on the D Train line, oh Lord
Ridin' on the D Train line

Hey, ho, way to go
Never gonna be on time
Hey, ho, let's go
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File: 1554074670999.jpg (597.62 KB, 1920x1080, cropped-Trollysideview.jpg)

Not 100% unique, the dum dums in St. Louis have made a toy tram line


Poor St. Louis just can't figure out public transit.

File: 1552593013414.jpeg (159.68 KB, 640x640, longwood.jpeg)


Let's have a thread for your favorite train stations! Subway or outdoor, big or small.

I personally love the Green Line in Boston, even if it's slow. Stops like Longwood are so beautiful when the trees are full.
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File: 1553725294186.jpg (378.29 KB, 1600x1200, DSCF0009.JPG)

It's a museum now as you can see. My pic, if anyone cares.


File: 1553849494798.jpg (80.68 KB, 700x467, shutterstock_205992850.jpg)

Seattle's King Street Station, which I had been in, out, and through, since I started riding Amtrak on the regular in 1997 (back when the Seattle-Vancouver, BC train was called the "Mount Baker International" and used the old Talgo demonstrator brought in from Spain).

I've seen it transform from the drab dinginess to its beautiful renovation. I've rode every Amtrak route that serves it (Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, and Amtrak Cascades), as well as the Sounder. And I've always liked how the station was steps away from CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games, and the International District for weeby shit.


File: 1553849980935.jpg (208.13 KB, 1280x960, IMG00016.JPG)

Meanwhile, the old Tacoma Amshack will always have a special place in my heart. The place may be ugly as sin, in a crappy neighborhood, and a bit of a hike from both the Tacoma Dome Station and Freighthouse Square. But it's been where a lot of my rail journeys began and ended, and it has also been where I'd go spotting before Amtrak got all paranoid about things.

When the Point Defiance Bypass is sorted out, and Amtrak moves back to Freighthouse Square, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it.


File: 1553850871373.jpg (3.06 MB, 4608x3072, DSC_0459.jpg)




Looks like someone didn't get the joke, lol.

*for the ones who missed it there was a totally innocent meme, nothing family unfriendly, related to this >>7134 post (so *technically* it wasn't purely an offtopic or shitposting, but oh well)

File: 1553766938567.png (284.95 KB, 580x282, pcr2.PNG)


I wanna see how futabally works out to make my own, so im here testin


yeah basically the title

File: 1553532635580.jpg (252.74 KB, 1800x544, alco loco.jpg)


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File: 1553677124081.jpg (3.43 MB, 2992x2000, 6045073568.jpg)

(BTW on >>7116 it is not the world-famous Baikonur, but Vostochniy, a new cosmodrome to provide the site on Russian territory to accommodate launches of perspective rocket types rather than still using leased Kazakhstan land for them. They plan the first manned launch from it in 2020, as well as superheavy and returnable launches in the future - oh boy oh boy)


Is that an eight axle switcher? Nice.


File: 1553729445185.jpg (406.84 KB, 1320x870, 20151117_540648.jpg)

Road switcher, if I remember your terminology correctly. That's TEM7A (TEM7AM), revised version of a Soviet project of the heavy road switcher (shunting diesel locomotive with mainline capabilities) by Ludinovo locomotive works @ Kaluga region. Has 180 tonnes and 2000 HP, not much for its size but plenty enough for its workload, one of the bestsellers among the 1520 mm shunting locomotives. Well you should know, US attempted to buy 10 of them back in the days.

This one is I think owned by Roscosmos, assigned to Vostochniy cosmodrome. Really like its livery.


File: 1553732428770.jpg (455.6 KB, 1200x800, 20171021_604318.jpg)

This platform is also used by pic related, TEM14, kind of a successor, more heavy and powerful road switcher (twin 8ДМ21 diesels instead of single 2Д49 on TEM7A, for a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option) and also TE8, "industrial" mainline loco with GE's 7FDL-12 for a prime mover.

Though this platform's potential is still not utilized fully, this thing just asks to become a 4000-4800 HP single-hood mainline locomotive as a cheap and efficient replacement for the aging fleet of 2M62* twin-unit locomotives working across all the 1520 space. Previous time I spoke with Ludinovo works guys they said they were planning something of this nature. This was 6 years ago… Never bothered since?


This train is very sweet lolz

File: 1553502288513.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3264x2448, 63453C8E-B8FB-4EF7-930C-F….jpeg)


I still can’t believe this myself but I was at the Nascar race in Martinsville yesterday and I actually saw a guy in a hobo Stobe shirt, with the stylized “FNBS”
I thought maybe I was having a stroke when I saw it the first time and maybe I just read it wrong but I passed the guy again later and got the look I needed to confirm it. The fact that there was merch of him sold and that even this long after his death people are still wearing it surprises and amuses me.
Which begs the question: 1chan merch when?

Semi related picture, active NS line runs right past the speedway
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We could definitely use some kind of pictorial symbol for "trains or GTFO".


Also, lol at the idea if people spending money to idolize a bum.




Those MAGA hats sure sell, don't they.


I am in favor if Mike were to open up a 1chan CafePress store that sells the page banners on shirts in all of their low-res glory. I would buy a few, time to add to my shirts anyway.

File: 1553516749982.jpg (114.48 KB, 1200x1197, D1XpdYuX4AAH9Ij.jpg)


Hello I am in college and this chan is unblocked!
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Having a piece of historical cable car system with whole three lines preserved is nice, wouldn't you agree though?



Just watch out for the dirty syringes and human feces.


For real. If you haven't seen it, there's a literal poop map of San Francisco that shows all the locations human feces has been spotted in public. The transit system is cool, but dodging bums, heroin addicts, and literal piles of shit is not.


Does this count as literal shitposting?


>>7115 – I think this case is called scatposting.

File: 1545401011861.jpg (351.92 KB, 1600x900, DSC_1467.JPG)




File: 1553501772470.jpg (3.94 MB, 4032x3024, 20190317_070750971_iOS.jpg)

You are now aware to go along with the Hello Kitty Shinkansen JR West also made Hello Kitty Ltd. Exp. Harukas (Kansai Airport <-> Kyoto)

File: 1552430758874.jpg (974.77 KB, 1880x2506, 74002863_5c758f542dcc24-12….jpg)


What rail is this?
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Well it seems you know a lot more about it than us. It certainly could be used in diamond crossings. It does have a narrower base than I thought, however.


I have no idea what I'm talking about actually, I've come to you guys for knowledge


File: 1552549873464.gif (4.98 KB, 440x269, fig6.gif)

such profile exists but its likely cast iron as well


The Breitspurbahn called for almost 200 pound rail of a conventional profile. So no.

My best guess would be some sort of crane rail.


File: 1553353747426.jpg (53.15 KB, 680x485, 20160221143731_15686.jpg)

crane rails usually have a pretty similar profile to train rails, just shorter & wider

File: 1552971169351.jpg (2.77 MB, 2642x1743, PortlandStreetcar5.jpg)


Do you guys live in a basic city, where students from high school and college can use the tram for free?
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I live in Melbourne (Australia) and students receive either a discounted price or the can buy a pass for one years (price ~500 aud) which allows them completely free travel.


Typically one gets 50% off here if they are underage, pensioner, disabled, a student or a conscript.

Sadly, no tram yet. Earliest at 2026, when I'm nearing 40 already. The big decision will be april 15th but if it gets tabled, then sometime in may. Well, nominally it's still about the detailed plan and the final no backing out, the shovel hits the ground now -decision is like 2-3 years in the future, by a different municipal government, but if the project continues this fall, it's like 80% suse.


My region doesn't do free public transit passes for ALL students, but everyone who attends schools within the service area (which is MASSIVE) gets a 50% discount. The only exception to this that I know of is that students of select programs in one county get free passes.


Auckland here, primary/secondary students get ~50% off, university students about a third off, linked to the Hop card.


File: 1553251625722.jpg (335.45 KB, 1185x800, 1186035.jpg)

In Moscow all students can get personal pass which would give limitless access to either metro or all urban transit for about 6$ a month (I think more for all modes of transportation variant). For retired, disabled and veterans ALL urban and suburban transit is free (because they know little they will use it, LOL).

For reference, single ride here is 39 roubles upon using a Troyka card or about $0.6. Each suburban zone is about $0.4.

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