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Fuck you I'm a train.


That'll buff right out.


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2chan japan rail thread, just for fun:

go http://dat.2chan.net/r/futaba.htm
bring something back, bonus points for translating.
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Now here is a tote for a bloke.


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Y’know… I think the Nishi-Gobō station is starting to look a bit rickety these days.


I like japan train


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Most Japanese streetcar systems use old school overhead contactors to control the switches, it makes it pretty easy to split a switch if the driver fucks up.

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If you lot can listen to this and still feel down in the dumps, your problem is permanently unsolvable.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkFUAUmo2Xs – «Hilly-Billy-Ding-Dong-Choo-Choo» with Conny Froboess
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iLmvW1FXk (better sound quality)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3tyEv0GG4A – «Schwarzwaldfahrt» with the Fischer Choir.
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Let me play you the song of my people (literally, I was born here)







In a place on Jutland’s western coast,
where the sands are bleached and hides are roast,
there lives a group that made a boast:
They’d write a song to sing the world.

They’d write a song and tell the world
of their local railway line.

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ITT: Objectively ugly engines
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Good score.



I actually think baldwin centipedes looked pretty sleek. It's a shame none survived.


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Not necessarily an ugly one but definitely an over-the-top cab design. Interestingly, most Russian railfans cheer this one, despite most of them plain hate everything new. Especially when comes to exteriors.

So what's the local folk opinion?


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Here it is in more "conventional" livery. Again, livery opinion is also welcome.

Forgot to say, this thing is called RA3. New railbus (DMU) model designed by Metrovagonmash (better known as the largest metro car manufacturer, at least on ex-Soviet space), another part of the Russian engineering giant Transmashholding.


>>7381 – I definitely like that orange/black/blue livery. It has me dreaming of going on holiday or to a resort.

>>7382 – These greytones don’t suit it. The designere were right – it needs a striking colour on the wishbone curving around the front.

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There are people who seriously believe that the lack of HSR makes America "culturally backward".
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Even though roads bring crime too, the upper middle class suburbanites will never give up them because muh cars. These same people have no intention on ever using transit, so via Reaganite reasoning it shouldn't exist in their neighborhoods. It's all about them, don't ya know!?


File: 1558251760075.jpg (71.46 KB, 1024x680, 21307761.jpg)

I seriously believe this.

Car over-dependence is about as backward as it gets.


File: 1558257232897.jpg (241.9 KB, 1024x706, Boeing_727-227(Adv),_Brani….jpg)


Thieves won't be commuting on the CAHSR. More like millennial douchebags from the Silicon Valley, who will use towns like Fresno or Merced as their bedroom communities while, say, Facebook or Google subsidizes (or even pays for) their train passes. Then these hipster fucksticks will impose their coastal will and values upon the Central Valley's working class, while driving up housing and property values.

Bako still won't be immune, though. Whatever big-money kids work in LA, will use the CAHSR to do the same to Bakersfield what the Silicon Valley shitbirds will do to Fresno and Merced.

This won't just be a fast, novel way of traveling between Sodom and Gomorrah without getting groped by TSA agents nor getting your ass beat by airport cops. It'll make the concerns of "Loot Rail" seem like small-potatoes by comparison.

Pic unrelated. But props to anyone that gets the reference.


Also true. Anywhere there'e an easy convenient way to get from Point A to Point B in a commuter-scale timeframe the smaller will invariably become a suburb, politically and culturally, of the larger. It's the same reason why urban blight spreads along the interstate highway system.

The only places capable of retaining any organic culture and not getting overrun by the (for want of a better word) soyboy zeitgeist are the places you can't get to without driving for two hours on twisty-ass backwoods country roads.



Cars and highways are for REAL Americans.

Trains are for Communists and faggots.

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Hello everyone. Long time no see.

Couple weeks back I was in Melbourne and ticked off a bucket list item. Visiting this Cafe that is famous for the old trains on the roof that you can dine in.
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Gotta agree, that burger looks pretty unwieldy. Not to mention, that's as much meat and dairy as I need in 3-4 days, let alone one meal.


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That looks like the most Murrican thing ever. But it's in Straya!

I really like how they at least re-used those old Melbourne Metro trains into SOMETHING.


Straya is just Canada with heat instead of cold.


What? How come I've never heard of this. Next time I'm in Melbourne I'll have to check it out. Thanks.


Seems cool. Thanks OP.

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We talked a lot about trains over the years but the important question is.. do you like planes too?
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A load for a railway wagon!


File: 1557858615586.png (34.72 KB, 245x196, WonderfulWorldPlanesTrains.png)



ares 1 was garbage you SRB-loving hippie



this comment made me actually LOL



Some places more than others.

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Thinking of makeing another f40ph video. Thinking of trolling by first showing Genesis locomotives with Justen Bibers Baby playing but that migh want to make people kick my ass. I was thinking of useing the song Hard Rock Hallelujah.
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>>have been an outlet for extremely edgy anti-semitic crap.

Dua fuck?


>Killing muslim Croatians is antisemitic.


Bull shit I don't even know what remove kebab means.


Same here. Sounds like a food run to me, although I am sure some wanko lamerzz have a shitty turn of the word for it.



If you guys really wanna know what "Remove Kebab" means, well…I suggest you two Google it.

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i miss this cool double roundhouse personally


That is just an insane amount of carload freight. What is that site being used for currently?


Part of it were redeveloped into real estate lofts and new condos but most of it is now part of Liberty State Park.

Yeah it's a shame they couldn't keep more of the old facilities (I really wish they would do something with the old CNJ terminal, it would make for a lovely event space) but considering how decayed most of structures were it's not surprising so little was saved. It must have been quite a sight to see all the activity happening there during its heyday.


File: 1557789695305.jpg (524.54 KB, 867x895, NBD_LOC_Drawb.jpg)

empty parkland mostly, the EPA gave it the business after the CNJ went kaput. there's still rail access at the site but it's via roundabout detours over the ex-LV or ex-Erie, its direct mainline connection was severed with the removal of the newark bay draw.


Amazing stuff! Thanks for these pics and background info.

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Yeah, so, my home IP address has been perma-banned for "Not Trains," a sin I'm pretty confident I've never committed here. Anyone want to explain this one to me?
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File: 1557518308519.jpg (75.83 KB, 1000x667, s-l1600 (1).jpg)


File: 1557518340805.jpg (160.36 KB, 753x500, soux5159sunbrighttn.jpg)


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Life, uh, finds a way


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The Road of the Innovators sure had some interesting ideas

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