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Since there still is some interest, I hope the second thread won't hurt.

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No doubts you are, I'm hearing about this locomotive the first time from you! :) And IIRC this is the first time I discover our new locomotive from a foreign resource. There isn't even technical specs yet, based on the existing information it is just renewed version of TEM18DM, more cheap and easy in operation due to low hood layout and a few modern technical solutions. Basically more cheap version of TEM-TMH. I wonder if it is powered by Russian or foreign diesel, because surely they could fit in there only high-speed diesel. Actually quite strange it hasn't red lights on it, dual-color LED panels maybe?..

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> or take to the lines with small freights...

Of course, every Russian shunting locomotive (at least the ones with electric transmission) is capable of mainline work, so they are actually road switchers by your classification, if I am correct.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we7sPqucHPs - In some cases they are coupled into multiple unit systems and work even mostly on mainline.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jtU_gNApOM - And sometimes they haul even suburban trains.

> it hasn't red lights on it

And only now I have noticed the same thing on the TEM-TMH... Just have found a photo of the LED panel on TEM-TMH working in the red mode.

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BTW high-res variant of the pic related.

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The "space train".

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>long hood forward

I came.

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Yes, we can :)

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More than that, on all Russian shunting locomotives long hood side is considered as front. Obviously this is historically because this doesn't make much of a difference. Also on many road switchers like TEM7A, for example, the sockets for multiple unit work are placed only on the short hood side, which is rather a strange thing. Thus, if two such locomotives work in a system they will always move long hood forward in any direction.

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Actually with these round LED panels and rounded hood this TEM28 looks surprisingly old-fashioned.

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Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive.

Have sum Amtrak in La Grange, the hometown of David Hasselhoff.

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sum catgirl maids for snail

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>cat girl
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>obligatory ginger

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And in the latest from /r/...

The 485 express trainset will run its arigatos mid-June in Fukushima prefecture.

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That MHz.

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This morning, the 7:50 from Higashi-Kanagawa in Yokohama had to tip out when the relief guard didn't show up. Turned out she was waiting to relieve elsewhere, namely at Kamata station.


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52 years was a good run. I think for some, they were probably thinking "finally!"
Now to see how long until the 103 series is killed off. But it's JR West so it doesn't look like any time soon. Maybe if JR East donates their old E231s or something.

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Radio-carbon date this, Dr. Lewis Leakey.

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It would not surprise me if the 103s made it through a century.

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Hennyways and milwaukyroads, here is the raw Giggle Translate text from the first post in the abovementioned thread:

It was produced in JNR era limited express vehicle "485 system" was supposed to be retired. Both days of June 18 and 19, Miyagi, Yamagata, there is a final operation in the three prefectures of Fukushima. JR East Sendai branch office is 27 days, was announced.

485 system, the lead vehicle in marked with the emblem of the inverted triangle with the motif of the swallows, the characteristic that is drawn a red line on the vehicle body of the cream. 6-car train to Sendai branch was left as for the special train, but 37 years from production only, has been aging.

The final operation is scheduled five-course, it expresses there is Yukari in Sendai branch office lark, Aizu, running with a head mark of the wings.

5 course, express lark of Sendai - Koriyama (June 18, 10,000 yen), express Aizu of Koriyama - Aizuwakamatsu (18 days, 8 thousand yen) and Aizu Wakamatsu - Koriyama (same), limited express wings of Fukushima Yamagata (19 days, 10,000 yen) and Yamagata - Sendai (19 days, 8 thousand yen). To recruit 300 people in each course, in the price, it includes a commemorative ride certificate and original lunch box of the vehicle illustrations.

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Translate it back into Japanese and post it in /r/. It'll be hilarious, I guarantee it.

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/r/ is country-locked.

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I don't care for the overall worldview most people have in San Francisco, but I love their 10/10 sexy rail transit system. Multiple types + a few of them use historic equipment + world's last manually-operated cable car system. Is there any city with a sexier medley of public rail transit services? I doubt it.

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I was taken completely by surprise during my time at the tourist traps in San Francisco, to find such a fascinating array of old trolleys/streetcars in regular revenue service.


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>>133046 -- You might want to have a look at Hiroshima and its 'working tramway museum' for one. Hiroden owns and runs about a century's worth of trams.


There are also the Astram AGT and JR West's San'yo lines, plus a gaggle of buses.

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I looked this up recently. Although several US cities have a wide array of public transit options like SF, only two cities have all five main types of land-based transit AND are controlled by one entity: Philadelphia, via SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority); and Boston, via MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Between these two, Boston wins because MBTA also runs ferries.

In SF, Muni (San Francisco Municipal Railway) controls the light rail lines, buses, and trolleybuses, but the rapid transit/subway, commuter rail, and ferries are run by different organizations.

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I didn't realize the Hiroshima system also had modern rolling stock. Sorry to go off-topic but why don't Japanese rolling stock makers push their trams to foreign markets? The Green Mover Max looks like it would make a great competitor to the Citadis or Urbos series.

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Regulations, "special needs" (the Japanese have a take it or leave it tendency. At most you'll see someone like Hitachi bend over. But even if you look at it, it's just a copy and paste A-Train). Japanese stock is pretty much always suited to the Japanese environment and they care little for overseas.
Especially with regards to tram, the original Greenmover was a Siemens Combino (which broke so the Japanese made the Greenmover Max). Bombardier also did tram designs for Fukui - distinctly non Japanese in the sense that it has sealed windows.

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How the hell can large rolling stock makers sustain from sales from one market? I know the Japanese cycle through rolling stock in a matter of years but surely the national demand can't be that high.

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It's not the only thing many of the companies make. Selling rolling stock internationally is really just icing on the cake for many of them as they rarely get really big contracts, just little bits here and there. Now that Tokyu Car Corporation is pretty much part of JR East - they do their rolling stock in house top-down. What little external hardware there is, is either sourced externally because they can't do it in house, or for shits and giggles. As a topic of personal interest, this was a thing with the air conditioners used on some trains. JR East can do them in house via TransporTec but they get some (of the same design, mildly different in appearance) from Mitsubishi Electric anyway. Same thing with Hitachi trains which some do use Hitachi aircons but some also use Toshiba units. Or the N700 which uses aircon units from both Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric - except they're pretty much identical in spec and appearance.
In the inverter space, it's really just Hitachi which is self sufficient. And with bogies, it's everyone supplying everyone.

Others like Alna Sharyo though are just small makers and probably get by likewise. Beyond that, they also get money through constant rolling stock programs.

Curiously, the domestic cost for Japanese rolling stock is relatively cheap. Considering the Alstom garbage thrown at us here (lacking even the basics such as air spring suspension because the government cheaped out) costs as much as a Shinkansen per carriage, I'm always left amused and appalled at how the government lets itself get gypped.

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>>133070 -- Newbuilds, rebuilds, upgrades, updates...

Many sharyos (car makers) might also buy in parts from companies like https://www.toyodenki.co.jp/en/

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Toyo Denki, like Alna Sharyo that @James mentioned above, is a member of http://www.jorsa.or.jp/en/ (Japan Overseas Railway Systems Association).

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>Curiously, the domestic cost for Japanese rolling stock is relatively cheap

Doesn't that come down to labour being cheaper and the trains having ridiculously short useful lifespans? As terrifying to even thin bout it, the Xtrapolis units will probably outlive whatever stock JRE is using right now.
Would it be possible to make the same comparison using rolling stock built in the JNR era when Japan was at its economic peak and when they still built rolling stock to last? I imagine the difference would be much smaller.

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File: 1462359023771.jpg -(2081580 B, 2000x1178) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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https://www.ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2015/03/full-steam-ahead.html -- Yes, this is school.

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Happy Birthday, Amtrak!

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You mean the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

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You mean Railpax

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This guy created micro-scale Lego trains only one-stud wide moving on track and everything. Checkk it: https://www.facebook.com/james.mathis.927/videos/10154215257478278/

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Nice find, Mr. Little.

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That guy would be James Mathis, who designed the majority of the realistic Lego train sets in the past couple decades

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