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File: 1491864874150.jpg (373.65 KB, 1024x487, 3619.jpg)


So I lucked out and found this CPR observation car for my replica of Canadian Pacific trains #67/#68 from the mid-1950s.

I'm going to see about replacing the steps with something more detailed (one on the other side has been damaged) and I need to find a picture of the real one so I can see if any more detail can be added overall.

Anyone know what I can do about the glass placement on this model? The current plastic insert is set too far back.
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File: 1491971961480.jpg (234.41 KB, 1024x683, Cranbrook Kootenay Express….jpg)

Fort class, aw yiss! (Cape class for myself, as attached)
I haven't done it myself, but what about cutting the correct window size out of a somewhat thick sheet of clear plastic, then securing them all in place with a larger strip (sans joins at windows, of course)


Yeah I thought about cutting out some plastic and somehow gluing it into place more flush with the carbody. My fear would be excess glue ruining it.

And someone also suggested the glass slide covers method. A local modeller has done it, said it was a bitch to do but the end result was pretty good and it has elicited positive comments. I will have to ask him how he did it as trimming slide covers has to be tricky I suspect. Once upon a time as a budding geologist I had a microscope kit and recall how fragile those covers were (good thing I had a um *cough!* cheap supply at school).


I don't know what brand this model is but the previous owner decorated the interior, changed out the railing on the observation platform with one of those thin etched brass kits, and the marker lamps actually light up.

The 'Fort' class cars was primarily used on the run from Vancouver to Penticton. An individual (he's sent me a handful of CPR CLC pics) gave me a list of some he's seen on that run during that era. This observation car was listed and it turns out that a model of it was for sale from a local collection that was being liquidated. It was the last car I needed to complete the train.

Not sure if you are aware but check this site: http://passcarphotos.info/Indices/CP1.htm


I've heard of using specialized thin double sided tape for mounting window glazing without glue ruining everything. Fancy tape is expensive as fuck tho.


This is good to know. I will look into that.


File: 1492928733802.jpg (1.3 MB, 4160x2340, 20170423_090309(1).jpg)



File: 1492734966211.jpg (221.47 KB, 1024x688, 12555542395_58c67252f7_b.jpg)


It's 4/20. Post some Alco C420s!


File: 1492735033679.jpg (83.23 KB, 640x480, 6d01fcc0.jpg)

Alcos sure are known for SMOKIN


File: 1492735213679.jpg (121.7 KB, 736x565, bb506e1de2f9b9ee0cb8576125….jpg)

Not sure I like the high short hood on this particular model of Alco.


File: 1492766321656.jpg (777.38 KB, 3008x2000, dsrc_213_c420.jpg)

blaze it fgt


File: 1492912940300.jpg (228.68 KB, 1024x683, DSC65772.jpg)

Objectively wrong, high-hood C420s are hot

File: 1492904021420.jpg (106.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


"Olympia, WA: Train Tracks Sabotaged To Stop Fracking Equipment"

Ah, hippies. Never change.


File: 1477593055699.jpg (622.25 KB, 1200x800, 176346.jpg)

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So why wouldn't we start the first RZD thread on the new 1chan?

As usual: I provide you with stuff, you provide me with questions and topics for discussion on the subject. Something like this basically.
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File: 1492628073567.jpg (356.95 KB, 1200x800, .jpg)

> Line 14
I would rather call it MCC or metro-rail… after all technically it is a railway, just with cutting edge ABTC-M signaling system by NIIAS RZD's research institute allowing VERY tight intervals. Remember, there is even rather busy freight traffic on MCC! Though freights only use specially built main track III in daytime, thus on 2-track stretches they can pass only at night.

And I have covered the topic with Delovoy Tsentr here: >>1820


File: 1492636755286.jpg (480.49 KB, 1250x854, .jpg)

I can only add that the lighting seems to be not as bad as it looks on the picture. The security men seem rather comfortable to be there and I myself was here for about half an our without any significant discomfort. Though it indeed very unusual but not painful.
Sounds like a good topic for the SciShow, can being on the light of only one basic color be unhealthy.

P. S. I know, this is not Lastochka yet there are only two main tracks. It has been spotted that two-track stretches, while can't be used for the freight traffic at daytime, are used to pass some passenger consists from carriage depot on Moscow-Kievskaya to different stations terminal to their according routes. Try to guess what the cars are or which route they are used on.


I love the look of those big russian pax cars - slab sides, somewhat angular roofline, loads of underfloor gear and complex gangways.

And it's all topped off with bright LED tail markers. Genuinely a good looking end.

I might have an odd fetish for coaching stock.


The CIS is one of the last bastions of old school long distance loco hauled passenger trains.


File: 1492876680944.jpg (361.19 KB, 1200x744, .jpg)

> those big russian pax cars
Wow, these are big to you? I thought you will figure out comparing them to the first car in the consist that these are RIC loading gauge mod. 61-4476 cars by Tver Carriage Works (Transmashholding) http://tvz.ru/catalog/passenger/item_detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=186, you can say these are the smallest passenger cars in operation on RZD.
And… >>3717 The funny thing that these are actually designed to work on EU routes and this particular consist would become a Moscow - Warsaw train in the next few hours. They use some Siemens parts, naturally, it would be almost impossible to certify them in the EU without some big local player, but the drawback is that Siemens actually tried to promote these carriages as their own, you may heard of Siemens Viaggio Classic, this is, as far as goes my research, the "false name" of TVZ's 61-4476. Though not a big deal actually, I guess. SNCF even started the test operation of these cars on their internal routes about a year ago.
> Yeah, Russia is bad, sanctions and stuff, but nobody will notice if we buy from them some rolling stock… right?

Now to be clear, if you speaking of BIG CARS, you wanna consider these. http://tvz.ru/catalog/passenger/item_detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=190

File: 1491233024198.jpg (33.84 KB, 468x377, 77efb0a5ecde4684a2477d41b1….jpg)


what's your favorite train
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File: 1492188370928.jpg (248.38 KB, 3000x1735, ad3fed57-ca0e-47ce-9046-4f….jpg)

Looks like a dynamometer car, which would make sense seeing as the locomotives are still in their demonstrator scheme. The dynamometer car was used to measure various aspects of the locomotives' performance.


To contribute, my experience thus far tells me that my favorite train is one that works entirely and has a clean toilet. Basically, I'm looking for a unicorn.


File: 1492694983506.jpg (3.05 MB, 4288x2848, Odakyu_50000_VSE_20100515.jpg)

Probably the Odakyu 50000 series VSE.


File: 1492741521233.jpg (428.28 KB, 1024x702, 5912.1342811633.jpg)

this sexy bitch


Nothing special.

File: 1492630028432.jpg (55.56 KB, 510x680, C9TJb3PUwAEU59w.jpg_small.jpg)


I think this guy has just won an Internet. He built himself a coach inside his flat.



A guy in America Light (Canada) did this in his basement and had much more detail.



>buys a decommissioned railcar
>strips the interior to redecorate his basement
>instead of just parking it on a plinth in the backyard



The dude owns Rapido Trains.

He also bought an old GM Fishbowl bus (from Calgary I think), and drove it to Toronto and repainted it like an 80's TTC bus.

File: 1492745801241.jpg (94.92 KB, 964x659, article-2605886-1D23D53C00….jpg)


I found a scan of an old guidebook that may be of interest to some of you. It's a book that was given to American soldiers who were to be stationed in Great Britain to help them become acclimated to the different cultures and customs found in the Empire. There's a brief bit in there about the different terminologies for railways and what you can expect to see when riding a train in war time. The whole thing is worth a read if you're into this sort of thing.



What page is the part about railways on?

File: 1492451684653.jpeg (177.22 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)


Empty coal drag hit what they are thinking was a sun kink near Mattawana, PA. Sadly the news unit was NS 4001. Crew made it out with only minor injuries
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A sun kink right now? I find that a bit hard to believe.


Murmurs from the Facebook, your guess is as good as mine


>TFW railfans are publicly arguing over whether folks should care about the crew being hurt or not, and loudly insisting we should unfollow/unsubscribe/unfriend people who believe one way or the other.


Autism is a hell of a thing isn't it?


File: 1492557866444.jpg (135 KB, 900x563, delaware_and_hudson_sharkn….jpg)

This is a clear sign from the D&H gods that they don't like NS' attempt at mimicking their livery for the 4000 rebuilds.

File: 1485364627357.jpg (92.79 KB, 720x960, 15977880_643107289204657_3….jpg)


Johannesburg - A Transnet contract worth almost R8bn for new Chinese-manufactured locomotives has hit a stumbling block as technical problems have plagued the first of the trains to arrive in South Africa.
News24 can reveal that the alternators of the first two diesel locomotives delivered to Transnet by CRRC Corporation, China's state-owned rail behemoth, posed serious problems soon after they arrived in South Africa last year, rendering the locomotives unable to operate.
Transnet is now refusing to accept a further 18 locomotives that are waiting to be shipped to South Africa. The locomotives' alternators "vibrate excessively", say sources familiar with the development.
Alarmingly, problems with the alternators of similar Chinese-manufactured locomotives ordered by Namibia in 2004 played a role in that country's decision to stop using them.
An alternator is one of the most crucial components on a diesel locomotive, as it generates the power that moves the train forward.
Transnet, however, maintains that the locomotives are still at "prototype stage" and that CRRC "has resolved the problem successfully".
Problems from 'day one'
In 2014 Transnet, under then CEO Brian Molefe, placed the largest order for locomotives in South Africa's history when it awarded a tender worth R50bn to four international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for 1 064 new locomotives.
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File: 1492368060852.jpg (264.16 KB, 1200x900, 43-121.jpg)




File: 1492368637561.jpg (272.27 KB, 750x1000, zavru.jpg)


Caape-gauge/1067. Everything has to be smaller, to fit

We haven't any specification for engine nor trasnmission


File: 1492369208492.jpg (19.79 KB, 600x338, rusfire.jpg)


Also, Holy Fire?


File: 1492372345671.jpg (384.05 KB, 1260x880, .jpg)

And yet GE managed to design a 6-axle diesel loco with 4200 HP diesel output for the same Cape gauge. Makes sense though if they had limited choice regarding traction motors, but in this case (in any case actually) it would be better is they would go for articulated 4-axle trucks (like ES43BBi for 1000 mm gauge, for example) packing a third more of both power and traction. But again, the reasons here could be economical.
The Holy Fire of autoignition in the diesel engine, FUCK YEAH BABY!

Happy Orthodox Easter though.

P. S. Not a GE on the pic related BTW, it is Transmahholding's 2TE116U with Kolomna 5D49 engine.


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