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No-one was injured in a derailment of an out-of-service shinkansen train in Kumamoto when a 6.5 earthquake hit Kyushu today.

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Another source said it had been a total derailment - all twelve bogies/trucks left the track.

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If I remember correctly, the celebration and original video was dated march 9 2011 - 2 days before the 3/11 incident which had an amusing storm of comments in the years after. Almost like it was bad luck.

>cry everytime
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If google translate is interpreting this right, the whole line is reopening tomorrow?

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Looks like Giggle Translate is right. I checked with NHK World, and they said the same thing.


Seems the Tsubame all-station service will be the only one operating to begin with.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W-DELFawCU -- "Journey to the stars" News clips from the shooting of the JRK shinkansen commercial.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va2brxKGP3g -- 25-min marathon "Boom!" play.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw8qrUfWmLI -- A wedding vid styled as the JRK ad.

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"The Express Three-Nine
will take you on a journey,
a never-ending journey.

A journey to the stars."

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>>132966 -- s/The Express/The Galaxy Express/

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For teh lulz

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why don't you autismos post your stupid fucking comics in your containment thread?

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Technically involves trains, but that's not the subject.

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This steamy qt3.14 can blow my whistle anytime, if you know what I mean.


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Looks real nice. The girl, too.

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Anyone else here voting in the primary today?

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I'll just leave this here.

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fukken saved!

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"What have you been up to, Cousin Gustav?"

"Oh, the usual. Riding around with the Wehrmacht in Russia, shooting the breeze. And some Communists. HEIL HEET-LAH!

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The Overland Route to the Road of a Thousand Wonders
(UP and SP from Omaha to San Francisco)

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Nice find. Thanks

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And since much always wants more...


That ought to keep you lot out of too much trouble.

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I'm just gonna leave this here.

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Cheap rip off of the look&feel of The Perry Bible Fellowship. Anyway, this rip off is better.

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If you want some le edgy PBF ripoffs just go all the way and read Electric Retard.

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>this rip off is better

I respect that that is your opinion, but not much else. That comic just tried too hard to be "lol so edgy".

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>EFC is a cheap rip-off of PBF
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Ha, you don't get it. The first one (OP) is completely random. The second one provides a justification, incidentally one inferred from reality, and therefore is better. Ever heard of a privileged psychopath that kills people for fun, a thrill-killer?

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Touched a nerve there, huh?

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Excuse me for not doing a full psychological evaluation on my web comics before deciding which one makes me laugh.

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Excuse me for having taste.

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...so what did you guys think of the toy train fight scene in Ant-Man?

Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muYbXyYxd5E

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Lol. Did they find the guy from the old Twilight Zone/Outer Limits too? (forgot which, too lazy to google).

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That's actually breddy gud!

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Will that be enough, or ought they add 'rabbit lights' -- strobes programmed to flash one after another?

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Washington Metro has had this at every station for ages, save for the pedestrian crossing bit. Lights on the platform flash when a train is approaching.

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More like they weakly dim. Not like anyone pays attention to them anyway, the hot blast of sewage-smelling air is a better warning system :D

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This is all true.

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I've seen them, I think they're a great idea! Not so much to keep people from walking off the edge but for when you're standing ready to embark, staring at your phone, they'll blink as if a heads up to be ready

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Does anyone remember playing MSTS? If you do, do you remember at the big terminal on the Settle Carsile line, if you make it past the station and through the train yard (the consist I used were the two BNSF locomotives backwards, so I could drive forward on it), you can make your way onto some secret line that isn't marked on the map? It's been years since I played it and I dunno if anyone else remembered it but google searches didn't help me find anything on it so I thought I'd ask here. The only memories I have of it was that the scenery was very bare and it had a few unnamed stations every now and then. Can anyone who has this game try it out? Or is it a lost cause? Thanks.

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