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File: 1576304359144.jpg–(1.03MB, 1784x1124, P1040278sm.jpg)
What does a railway lover want for Christmas, 1chan?
¨ No.989
1576313463390.png–(2.35MB, 828x1792, DBC39B86-4E2F-47F8-B2B3-D47C4C4DF4D0.png)
An Allegheny in HO in Virginian livery (they called it the Blue Ridge class but that’s just splitting hairs)
¨ No.990
Looks good
¨ No.1003
Tickets for heritage steam runs are always a nice surprise.
¨ No.1004
More railroads to open up to NARCOA.
¨ No.1005
1576572285553.jpg–(129.90KB, 1262x600, drt700.jpg)
Just drop one of these in my backyard, please and thank you.
¨ No.1006
1576608278583.png–(590.92KB, 1038x576, raitiotie_yleiskartta2_paikannimilla-1038x576.png)
Do we have a streetcar buff here ;) ?

I want some political progress with the local light rail project. Even damn bumb-fuck Vantaa is starting the light rail plans. A decent camera would be nice.
¨ No.1007
1576623316175.jpg–(4.06MB, 5312x2988, 20150802_015214.jpg)
We sure do. I don't think I've ever really talked about it since the rebirth of 1chan, but I used to be a motorman for a company that used vintage cars. Here's a good pic from that time; we had to move a dead car into the very back of the barn and over a pit, but didn't have another car to push it with. The brakes and the compressor worked fine, so we pumped up the air, pulled the pole down, put a mechanic into the cab and shoved it up to a good coasting speed and let the mechanic stop it at the right place over the pit!
¨ No.1021
1576704247361.jpg–(83.38KB, 500x500, POWERCAB.jpg)
Train related? I'll probably buy one of these babies in the New Year as a present to myself.
¨ No.1027
OT but DCC is so oldschool. Every system looks and feels like something from the 90s that was assembled in a garage with parts from RadioShack.
¨ No.1029
Just one train to fucking turn up on time.

In both senses. Not just a service to arrive on schedule, but for new stock to enter service when it's supposed to. My local operator is waiting on _four_ orders to come in, and they're 6-24 months late.
¨ No.1030
1576879071518.png–(191.79KB, 400x800, carbon fibre cello.png)
I'll tell you what this railway lover wants...
¨ No.1031
1576894927487.jpg–(1.75MB, 2592x1936, 38962412484_503c7ef39a_o.jpg)
Enough money to build a Bi-level Genset DMU with a quick change interior and take it on a demonstration tour of Ontario North Land for 5 years to prove it's worth.
¨ No.1034
D0nitsi - Elukoiden ideamaailma–(YouTube)
Mike, are we getting any sweet board features for Christs mass? Like catalogue, referrer links, watched threads?
¨ No.1045
1577188768369.jpg–(26.64KB, 240x221, 380037235_0b582f26f5_m.jpg)
Just one more train trip. Just one more free moment to fuck off and take a train somewhere, and with the money to do so.
¨ No.1050
Take me with you. I gotta get the fuck outta here for a while.
¨ No.1104
1578622773398.jpg–(2.03MB, 4032x3024, 321617C7-E6A1-4093-A39C-3166F02B00BF.jpeg)
My wish came true
¨ No.1105
1578622823472.jpg–(1.64MB, 4032x3024, 56CF7B6C-454F-4498-B3EF-70FFB12B63B2.jpeg)
The best Christmas presents are the ones you buy yourself, because you know exactly what you wanted
¨ No.1106
1578622859496.jpg–(3.08MB, 4032x3024, 611C5D7D-C2B7-4ED7-8959-403FA63613DD.jpeg)
And boy is she amazing.
¨ No.1219
Amazing adhesion!

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