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File: 1575168609202.jpg–(29.49KB, 220x311, Railways_film_poster.jpg)
A thread for random features, movies and related AV (audio-visual) material that may hold the interest of assorted anoraks, foamers, gunzels and tetsu-ota.
¨ No.924
"Why Risk Your Life?" -- 1940s Railroad Safety Film–(YouTube)
"Why Risk Your Life?" -- 1940s Railroad Safety Film
¨ No.925
"And Then There Was One" - Full Documentary [OFFICIAL]–(YouTube)
"And Then There Was One" - Full Documentary [OFFICIAL]

[This 93-minute clip] is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of Southern Railway #4501 and the men and women who have cared for her.
¨ No.928
Train 406–(YouTube)
I like these two films from the National Film Board of Canada. It covers the era I find most interesting and all facets of Canadian railroading as it was at the time (1950's).

Plus there is some rare CNR C-Liner footage. :-)
¨ No.929
Railroaders 1958–(YouTube)
And this one that takes place on the CPR mainline in Rogers Pass in winter of 1958.

Another video I like is called "End of the Line", another NFB production. It profiles the very end of steam on the CNR in eastern Canada. The interviews with crews were most prophetic. (again, there's some C-Liner & H16-44 action in the backgrounds)
¨ No.984
「つばめを動かすひとたち 」日映科学映画製作所1954年製作–(YouTube)
The “Tsubame” amd the people that make it run.

A Japanese film from 1954 showing the limited express “Tsubame” make a run from Tokyo to Osaka.
¨ No.1041
Britain's Railway - 1988 British Rail Advert (Better Copy)–(YouTube)
Inspired by "Night Mail", obviously.

HQ at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsyyJaX0j3Y
¨ No.1043
Bahnorchester: rnv's Antwort auf den EDEKA-Spot–(YouTube)
Merry Christmas and Joyful Yule!
¨ No.1161
LNER HST Farewell | 20th December 2019–(YouTube)
Look like, then, that LNER no longer operates HSTs.
¨ No.1205
“What happened to Southern Rail’s auto-apologiser”

“Considerin’ all available data, I’d say it’s fooked.”
¨ No.1328
Gutted I missed the posting of this originally.

Soundtrack by Vangelis too.
¨ No.1332
The Japanese Girls Who Survived The Atomic Bomb–(YouTube)

A documentary about the tram-driving schoolgirls in Hiroshima.
¨ No.1333
Wir die Lokführer–(YouTube)
"We the Train Drivers"

The music is "Flora's Secret" by Enya.
¨ No.1442
Anyone selling an oscilloscope?
¨ No.1483
The freight rolls to JR Freight's company song.
¨ No.1498
Příběhy z kolejí - část 1.–(YouTube)
Videos by a Czech tram driver. Some of them are translated, but not necessarily all.

>"Ring-ring, motherfucker!"
¨ No.1500
It's called "kurbel perspektiv", so here's 7 minutes behind a Gt8's crank.
¨ No.1501
Oops. Well, this was better.

Sigh, the empty village street you just can't escape. No matter what you see when coming out the door - it's that old strasse again there, nothing you can do.
¨ No.1506
¨ No.1513
Essen duobus switching between electric and diesel modes–(YouTube)
>>1501 – I was so sure this was in Essen, where electro-diesel duo-buses used to roam.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9ZFQuSc0no – Clip from inside a duo-bus.
¨ No.1594
https://archive.org/details/@children_apos_s_vhs_museum_uk – Classic VHS Museum UK

You can find British railway and non-railway videos here to while away your lock-up time.

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