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File: 1574881491400.jpg–(125.51KB, 650x862, fCGAsaQ.jpg)
A goon over on the Something Awful forums was kind enough to scan and share this article about the Bay Area Rapid Transit system from the May 1971 issue of Popular Mechanics. It's so hopeful for what could be; it's a shame BART doesn't live up to expectations.
¨ No.771
1574881529362.jpg–(136.97KB, 649x871, ch9ojnP.jpg)
Page 2
¨ No.772
1574881567341.jpg–(167.52KB, 652x868, jbCPgQH.jpg)
Page 3
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1574881603092.jpg–(140.94KB, 650x870, ibkR6bX.jpg)
Page 4
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1574881637688.jpg–(229.97KB, 1041x698, yHmu7Kp.jpg)
Page 5
¨ No.775
1574881670771.jpg–(234.55KB, 1025x724, OYIwaAM.jpg)
Page 6 - final
¨ No.932
On Market Street, BART stations ended up being grimy places where vagrants gather. The transit police are trigger-happy meatheads that are a product of the "Military-to-Law Enforcement Pipeline". BART's design team gets salty when you point out that the interiors of their new trains are "Seahawks Colors". And what good is a transit system taking cars off the roads and highways, when there are more people coming to the Bay Area who either have their own cars, or have jobs that provide their own transportation (eg: "Google Buses")?

But at least they got that line to SFO done.
¨ No.941
1575520691120.jpg–(71.95KB, 800x549, v4zAeySliuNS3R3C8Cbh1jn2JsKBkDyjT9nia3Pjl0Y.jpg)
i think BART was conceived as more of a consolidation/restoration of Key System service than as its own distinct transit system, so most of the benefits were intended to be restoration of service without trains literally causing traffic jams in the streets.
¨ No.942
1575521618009.png–(76.80KB, 714x550, dsN8mLEF5l05ai00tcZ4XEItce_XSIGlcum27eDalmE.png)
my evidence that there's some trolley influence on BART is the wacky rail and track profiles they picked. their wheels were* cylindrical with no taper at all. that's really fucking weird for anything on heavy rail, but pretty common in trolley-style equipment with extremely narrow curves to get around. The only other heavy rail operation with a cylindrical wheel profile is the CTA in Chicago, and it's for a technical reason, the minimum curve radius on the loop is extremely close to the radii trolleys have to deal with when they need to turn 90 degrees in the space of a street corner. therefore if BART specifically chose this wheel profile, either they were stupid, or they intended trolley-style curves would exist on their system at some point.

*within the past 10 years they realized this was stupid and bought a wheel lathe to put a taper in all their wheelsets
¨ No.944

Seemed to make more sense to sink some tubes into the bottom of the Bay than to be all like, "Sorry, motorists! You gotta give the bottom deck of the Bay Bridge back to trains!" And then, as with now, rail transit in California often meets with opposition.
¨ No.1028
The book "The Great Society Subway", while specifically about the Washington Metro, talks a lot about the politics of this era of subway building.

In typical American fashion it was roped into a broader social and industrial policy agenda (which gave us the shitty Rohr EMUs and the shittier Boeing LRVs), which is a big reason for the current state of transit in the USA. Another example is that there's a company in Florida making clones of the ancient Phillips VETAG tram signalling hardware from the early 80's that still has a guaranteed customer base.

It's not surprising that David Gunn fucked off and bought from the Japanese when renewing the NYC subway fleet.
¨ No.1035
There's this podcast that claims that the wheel profile was chose to combat hunting oscillation.
¨ No.1036
And all it did was cause excessive noise and maintenance.
¨ No.1037
1576992678651.jpg–(210.19KB, 1200x988, 1572207137368.jpg)
>it's a shame BART doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a shame Amtrak doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a shame DC Metro doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a shame the concorde doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a the space shuttle doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a shame the Moller Skycar 400 doesn't live up to expectations.
>it's a shame the V-22 Osprey doesn't live up to expectations.
¨ No.1040

what's your point
¨ No.1547
BART? more like FART

¨ No.1592
>>1040 – Bonedomes always overblow their expectations to triple-fuck and then whine like politicos when real-world systems fail to achieve these expectations.

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