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So I'm overnight on a Amtrak train. Let's see how slow the board is on a Friday night… Ask me anything.


are you winning?


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>>7469 Yep. Saw some private cars in Savannah. Then that's not ginger ale in my cup. Totes McGoats winning.


Which train?


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>>7471 Silver Meteor. The last Amfleet II coach has the new and improved interior refresh. New seat upholstery, curtains, and carpet.


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Where ya headed m8?


PVs should have been Dearing, Moonlight Dome, and Birch Grove. Poor Dearing is gonna head to a museum shortly =(


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>>7473 Philly, Dilly Dilly!

All three cars were in SAV tonight. There was a small event in the dome tonight with plenty of friendly waves to those stretching their legs on the platform. It sucks that Amtrak's new rules, rates, and restrictions are really killing the PV business. I can understand the focus on OTP. Yet some of the recent restrictions I've heard about at WAS just seem petty. The Dearing is a neat car, hope it finds a good home.


I hope so too. I got to tour it a few years ago and it was absolutely gorgeous. It's a shame that the owners were pressured into selling by the new policies. I understand the need for OTP and all the other metrics that determine if Amtrak is running "well", but I'll bet that if Amtrak had sat down with a few representatives from the RPCA, we'd have a better policy that everyone would be at least sort of happy with today.



FWIW, the owners aren't selling it (which is a bit surprising, considering how far in the hole they are after last years New River Train) just putting it in storage and hoping for better days.

Meanwhile, the State of West Virginia, in conjunction with Amtrak, announced that the New River Train will continue in 2019… exactly HOW has yet to be explained.



How were the new seats?


Well that's good to hear. I thought I'd read somewhere that they were selling it. Maybe I misremembered it and read that they were *considering* selling.

I think the owner is holding on to it due to her extreme personal connection to the car. I'd bet she's willing to put it in storage for a while hoping for better days rather than just dumping it on someone else because she loves the car so much.

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