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sup y'all. glad to see such an open and diverse community here (learned more about Russian railroading in one day than I have in 16 years of living), and I'd like to join it.
any hoosiers here? Or am I the only one? cuz I am one, and live not 3 miles from a double-track CSX/NS mainline, and help out on a family farm, so I could probably contribute a lot, since grain trucks and trains often meet each other (as in hearing switching maneuvers over a walkie).

also a furry, btw, but I'm sure everyone's fine with that. so, yeah! that's me!

lastly, how does this username thing work? I've never used a chan before, and I don't want to screw up my username forever.


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Welcome, Traveler.

There's only a few dozen active namefags here, I don't recall if any of them are from your neck of the woods. All you have to do is type your desired username in the "Name" field, and you can change it whenever. There's a way to set up a "Trip Code" (at least, I think we can still do that) so someone can't just type in your username and pretend to be you. But we don't get much of that sort of thing here, just the occasional boring troll and spamvertisements.


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You're kinda lucky Mike (hopefully?) abandoned the idea of turning this place into a regular forum :) You can change your username, like, every 5 minutes, the site doesn't give a crap.

Also really flattered on this one
>learned more about Russian railroading in one day than I have in 16 years of living

In case by "new" you mean "few days new" then this "more than in 16 years" must mean only that tiny bit of trivia/formality nitpicking about the escort cars and shunting operations. So heres a few links of older threads with more (IMO) significant stuff (just be aware there's couple of "heated arguments" - by this place's standards anyway - but they concluded peacefully near instantly)
>>6789, >>6938 , >>6744
Don't worry, it's not ONLY Russian stuff by those links. The latter one, at least…


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>In case by "new" you mean "few days new"

Oops, seems that I missed that part accidentally:
>in one day

Then the relevance of the abovementioned depends, really, whether you dug through older threads or not.

…whatever, nobody cares, wasn't worth mentioning, I know, heres another neat picture of russki train to atone for this mess.


Welcome friend, we’re always happy to have new faces around here. Tripcodes still work, just put a pound sign (or a hashtag for you youngsters) after your name and then whatever you want, it kinda acts like a password. I’m in the middle of NS territory so probably just a few states away from you, but hopefully soon i’ll be working for them so who knows? Maybe you’ll see me. You like models too? I’m an avid HO scale modeller, and we have a few others into it as well.

As far as being furry, we don’t discriminate here, and in fact one of our longer-term members here is furry, say hi to Ham next time you see him.

Hope you decide to stick around


>>7446 yeah, I have a little model train, pretty basic compared to what I've seen on here. it's just a 29-car, 2-engine BNSF freight running on 75 feet of track, usually on the floor. my parents would flip if I tried to build something permanent (SaWdUsT!!!1!!!1).


>He actually put an email in the email field.
Is this a joke?


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>any hoosiers here?
>also a furry, btw, but I'm sure everyone's fine with that.

>mfw I share a state with this degenerate

Stay away from my livestock you bestialist sodomite.


Nice looking FA's.


>>7460 they're PAs
>>7459 did you not read the part where it said I'm a Fucking farmer too?


>TFW "I'm a Fucking farmer" sounds kinda dubious in this context



I just couldn't resist…


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The only thing that keeps Kentucky from falling into Tennessee is because Indiana sucks so hard.

What part of Idiotiana?

Have some OC in return.


File: 1559577574064.jpg (6.01 MB, 3888x2592, IMG_1950.JPG)

What do you call an eighteen year old virgin girl in Kentucky?
[spoiler]Fast enough to outrun her father, her four brothers, and her twelve cousins.[/spoiler]

Do spoilers even work on 1chan? Eh, I don't care. Have some L&I.
The southern third or so of the state (Indian Country) is closer to the south culturally than it is anything else, so long as you stay away from the brain eaters.


Someone thinks they're being funny but they're not. >>7459 I 2nd this


>>7488 shut up, Ham, You're a furry yourself


This Farmer Boy person acts like he knows me but says he's new…


>What do you call an eighteen year old virgin girl in Kentucky?

a femcel, jealous of all the lucky mares

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