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File: 1574473742243.jpg–(268.25KB, 2160x540, 76909732_2404714683124489_7699251292132081664_o.jp)
Just gonna leave this here.

(CREDIT: Teenage Stepdad)
¨ No.747
No they aren't! Though I will argue that memes are definitely a form of art. They're used to vent out emotions and express opinions.
¨ No.759
Agreed, grafiti is another form of art as well. It's like saying a column is the same thing as a statue. Yes they're similar in ideology, but different in expression.
¨ No.776
>grafiti is another form of art as well.

Heh the guy whose car I graffiti'd felt otherwise. I mean he painted a pic on my property wall so I did one just as nice on his Acura. Some people just aren't appreciative these days. :-/
¨ No.777
1574894377923.jpg–(477.26KB, 1264x836, 1268831.jpg)
You guys keep forgetting that in rare cases graffiti on vehicles can be consensual. Look at this Tatra KT4SU in Kaliningrad, you really would call this masterpiece a vandalism?

The other side looks even better by the way. Look: >>532
¨ No.778
Wow, I had no idea. Damn, sorry, I just kept complaining that people ignore pretty numbers on their posts, and here I am, botched a get myself :/

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