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that's the old CNJ jersey city terminal, the passenger tracks ended at a ferry terminal to manhattan and the other tracks led to car floats for interchange with the other NY-area railroads. the headhouse, ferry slips, and passenger platforms still exist, but all the tracks were pulled up decades ago and converted into fields for liberty state park.


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modern view of the same site today-ish


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It's truly incredible how quickly these facilities were outmoded in the later half of the 20th century. Container ports were a lethal injection into the industry of the waterfront in NJ and these sites just turned into vast wastelands in less than a decade. It's so bizarre to think this is now a beautiful public park.


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i miss this cool double roundhouse personally


That is just an insane amount of carload freight. What is that site being used for currently?


Part of it were redeveloped into real estate lofts and new condos but most of it is now part of Liberty State Park.

Yeah it's a shame they couldn't keep more of the old facilities (I really wish they would do something with the old CNJ terminal, it would make for a lovely event space) but considering how decayed most of structures were it's not surprising so little was saved. It must have been quite a sight to see all the activity happening there during its heyday.


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empty parkland mostly, the EPA gave it the business after the CNJ went kaput. there's still rail access at the site but it's via roundabout detours over the ex-LV or ex-Erie, its direct mainline connection was severed with the removal of the newark bay draw.


Amazing stuff! Thanks for these pics and background info.

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