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There are people who seriously believe that the lack of HSR makes America "culturally backward".


It kind of does, though. It really shows just how much Americans prioritized the automobile over every other form of transport.


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tl;dr densely populated regions value HSR because it's more land-efficient than either highways or airports, the US is apathetic towards HSR because there's no shortage of extra land there.

it's not really that some countries are ahead of others, it's that different situations led to different priorities. the US has lots of spare land, so they built lots of highways and airports wherever they thought they needed one. if one got too busy, they built some more. passengers liked it and stopped taking trains. with no passengers, the rail network optimized for freight instead, and developed the massive land-boats that can carry XX,000 tons across the country in a few days or less. now the rest of the world trails the US on rail shipping cost by about 5-20 years, in a reversal of the US being 5-20 years behind the ball on HSR.

europe's situation is different because they _do_ need to ration the land they use for transportation. this chart should show why: airports and highways use a shitload of land compared to railroads. they never undertook the level of highway or airport development that drew passengers away from trains in the US, because they just don't have space for it. therefore when they needed more capacity, they focused on extracting more speed from existing rail lines.


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It's kinda hard to survive without a car in America.


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Also, politics. Because anyone whose political beliefs are to the right of Mao Zedong = anti-rail.


I mean that's entirely true but there are certainly corridors that should have been upgraded to accommodate for some form of high speed passenger rail service and while technical factors play a key role in the lack of development it is hard to deny that there isn't also some form of cultural component compounding them.

I mean the fact the CAHSR project was effectively stalled indefinitely in large part because some old money fucks along the alignment were scared a POC might be able to penetrate into their gated compound if train tracks were laid within a 60 mile radius of their domain does speak to there being a cultural component to transit development in the US and the persistence of idea of transit being for the "undesirable" in the US (which of course ties into the larger historical issues of racial tensions in the US and makes for a self-fulfilling prophecy as transit networks are starved of capital because of this perception which just results in worse service which in turn results in the service being used by those who have no other alternative).

Of course, I don't mean to reduce the importance of the technical failing of the CAHSR project, like holy shit the whole design process for the new Transbay terminal has been a mind numbing exercise in how not to build a modern urban rail terminal.


To be fair, there is some validity to that viewpoint. In major cities you can trace the areas of increased crime rates starting at the ghetto and spreading outward along bus routes.
Conversely, any urban area with a "rail to trail" program, (usually pushed by NIMBYs and BANANAs wanting to preempt the potential utilization of said rail), the resulting trails pretty much immediately turn into avenues of robbery, rape, and assault.


Sure but I'm pretty sure you could say the same about building roads too. Infrastructure development will bring an increase in traffic so an uptick in crime is not unexpected.

Moreover, it needs to be pointed that usually these figures tend to be wildly blown out of proportion and they tend to make it sound like a bus line is going to bring crime rates to where they were in the 70s.

Plus, HSR isn't really comparable to local transit infrastructure anyway. I doubt would-be thieves would start start commuting from from LA to Bakersfield for some loot.


Even though roads bring crime too, the upper middle class suburbanites will never give up them because muh cars. These same people have no intention on ever using transit, so via Reaganite reasoning it shouldn't exist in their neighborhoods. It's all about them, don't ya know!?


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I seriously believe this.

Car over-dependence is about as backward as it gets.


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Thieves won't be commuting on the CAHSR. More like millennial douchebags from the Silicon Valley, who will use towns like Fresno or Merced as their bedroom communities while, say, Facebook or Google subsidizes (or even pays for) their train passes. Then these hipster fucksticks will impose their coastal will and values upon the Central Valley's working class, while driving up housing and property values.

Bako still won't be immune, though. Whatever big-money kids work in LA, will use the CAHSR to do the same to Bakersfield what the Silicon Valley shitbirds will do to Fresno and Merced.

This won't just be a fast, novel way of traveling between Sodom and Gomorrah without getting groped by TSA agents nor getting your ass beat by airport cops. It'll make the concerns of "Loot Rail" seem like small-potatoes by comparison.

Pic unrelated. But props to anyone that gets the reference.


Also true. Anywhere there'e an easy convenient way to get from Point A to Point B in a commuter-scale timeframe the smaller will invariably become a suburb, politically and culturally, of the larger. It's the same reason why urban blight spreads along the interstate highway system.

The only places capable of retaining any organic culture and not getting overrun by the (for want of a better word) soyboy zeitgeist are the places you can't get to without driving for two hours on twisty-ass backwoods country roads.



Cars and highways are for REAL Americans.

Trains are for Communists and faggots.

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