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Yeah, so, my home IP address has been perma-banned for "Not Trains," a sin I'm pretty confident I've never committed here. Anyone want to explain this one to me?


Ah shit, my bad. In the day of dynamic IPs, this unfortunately happens on occasion. Was the reason "not trains" exactly? I'll search the ban list for that phrase and remove it.


The exact phrase is "Not Trains, GTFO." No worries m8, I figured it was some kind of mistake.


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And I just posted this from my home computer, so I guess you already found the error and corrected it. Thanks! Back to our regularly scheduled railroadery.


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nice southern


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Actually, I hadn't. Your IP simply cycled again. I found the offending ban and removed it just now, so hopefully you won't see it again.


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Life, uh, finds a way


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The Road of the Innovators sure had some interesting ideas

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