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Thinking of makeing another f40ph video. Thinking of trolling by first showing Genesis locomotives with Justen Bibers Baby playing but that migh want to make people kick my ass. I was thinking of useing the song Hard Rock Hallelujah.


ham nobody cares you're in your 20s now surely you've matured


Personally, I think Lordi goes better with big blondes, the Dr16 class tbx.


>Might make people want to kick my ass…
Yes Ham, that's what would do it.


Do what makes you happy. There's billions of videos on youtube that I'll never watch, why not add another?


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I remember when the F40PH was an amusing meme.



I can't ever remember this because it was always an outlet for spergs.

Then there was that short period where it was an outlet for extremely edgy anti-furry crap, in the same way that "deus vult" and "remove kebab" have been an outlet for extremely edgy anti-semitic crap.

And BOTH times it was ham pushing a forced meme. What's not to hate?


>>have been an outlet for extremely edgy anti-semitic crap.

Dua fuck?


>Killing muslim Croatians is antisemitic.


Bull shit I don't even know what remove kebab means.


Same here. Sounds like a food run to me, although I am sure some wanko lamerzz have a shitty turn of the word for it.



If you guys really wanna know what "Remove Kebab" means, well…I suggest you two Google it.

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