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1chan's future is at a point where some kind of change needs to be made. It seems that everyday the world becomes more decisive, combative, and political. Unfortunately 1chan, which couldn't be further from the aforementioned problems, is often used as a platform to promote these ideals. Most of the time, this is "accidental" and we're chosen as a target merely for having chan in our name. 1chan is a place where free speech is respected, but the discussions MUST be on topic.

As such, it's at this point where we must decide how to move forward. The current Image Board software is no longer in development, and is subject to hacking attacks. The alternatives are finding a new image board software or converting to forum software. As we are a chan, anonymity is a core way of how this board works. Optimistically we'll find image board software that will suit our purpose. However, realistically with anonymity we're always open to attacks.

For the most part, our userbase is a few loyal returning users. Which leads to the question should we convert to a forum? Essentially the only difference would be the addition of a profile connected to posts. I'm curious to hear from the users before any decisions are made. What do you all think?


I abhore the creation of profiles and registration. I think it is also a barrier to entry, albeit a low one.


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Totally AGAINST the regular forum formate. This is just not it, very far from what 1chan is and what it needs being such a small site, IMO.

My main suggestion, just introduce a captcha and see how it goes. After all apparently most of the attacks are automated. All modern chans use it and it all seems to be fine.

Also, while working on the modernization, maybe consider, if possible, adding webm support and interactive YouTube links. I'm not really a 4chan user but it seems to me its functionality is a good example, and the closer you can get to it, the better.

Pic pretty unrelated. If curious: two perspective urban-type EG2Tv "Ivolga" EMUs on the territory of their manufacturer in Tver region, Russia. As well as TEM18DM and TGM23V diesel switchers.


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I won't be able to post defamatory things about my employer if you make me register a profile.


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I'm a relative newcomer here, but isn't the chan format the selling point? There are enough of quiet little foamer forums but this is the only dedicated chan.

Furthermore, I think at least /n/ is ripe for exodus because you can't have discussion about anything without it turning into political agitation, so we could have a chance for some growth if the infrastructure was in working order.

Whoa man, some feature requests. Let's let Mike and any possible help he has first get us to a state where the board isn't actively broken.

Captcha isn't 100% effective either because awfully many people are working on circumventing them.


I just saw that post and was sad as I like trains
But if you need an updated version of this all here
Choose fikaba as it is a fork of futallaby but updated constantly
You can also report errors like I did and get an answer! Just wanted to drop this
Visit gnoekien.tk if you wanna know more


>Captcha isn't 100% effective either because awfully many people are working on circumventing them.

So having 0% effectiveness is better than having less-than-100% effectiveness? Don't get me wrong, I'm relatively fine with those occasional attacks (after all I as an owner of an Insta account is kinda used to deleting spam messages every 12 hours) but the folks in charge seem to be really anxious about those.

Many people are working, but I strongly believe THESE particular attacks are primitive. After all captcha can't be that complex and/or unreliable of a feature that even if it would block half of the attacks it would not be worth it, right?


Mike and I have been discussing the possibility of changing forum software so many times in the past. There's three big issues we have with this software:

1) As everyone can see, spam is the biggest. Introducing a captcha could work, but as >>7263 said, so many people are actively working on ways to circumvent these measures that I'm not sure that it would be worthwhile. I'll discuss this with Mike - perhaps we could give it a trial run.

2) I know the anonymity of 1chan is a selling point, but it's created a few legal issues for us. One guy posted straight up CP, and another made a shooting threat. With both instances, the only information I could provide to the relevant authorities was an IP address, which, in the age of proxies, are basically useless. Requiring registration of some kind would deter such posts and save us massive headaches.

Furthermore, if we changed to a more traditional bulletin board forums, like phpBB, you wouldn't be required to use your actual names. You'd probably be required to provide a working email address to verify registration, but that's it. Personal information would be kept secure and, unless you make a post that actively violates US law, would not be given to any authorities without a warrant from the state of Texas. As I understand it, since the administrators are in Texas, we don't answer warrants except from this state. (If it turns out that I'm completely backwards on this, I reserve the right to act otherwise. But I'm fairly confident in this statement and will do some research to confirm.)


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3. As Mike said, there's no support for Futallaby anymore. We're really one of the last (the last?) bastions of it. Security gets weaker every day, hence the need to move forward.

Mike, would you be willing to take a look at the software suggested in >>7265 at https://github.com/knarka/fikaba and see if it would work for us? Mike knows this, but I don't know how many of you all have caught on - he handles the back end, I handle the front for the most part. I can't speak to whether or not Fikaba would work for us.

Have this cat I found at work as a peace offering to all of you.


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As long as it isn't like 4chan, CAPTCHA with every post lately. That's a serious deterrent to people making image dumps. It's also another reason why 4chan is so shitty now; only people pathetic and worthless enough to enter those things every time they post stick around anymore.



That's exactly what I'm afraid the most… Those forums are atrocious, not to offend anyone but for me 1chan will be dead the day when (if) it would change to a regular forum. With partitions by topics, absence of a single feed of relevant posts and registration. I just somehow know in our case it won't work.


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Uh what do you know, it still says futallaby on the bottom. So this is more than 10 year old futallaby frontend hacked to work on vichan back, itself also a dying project now? Nice!

No, just saying it aloud that it would still require some human intervention and all the spam filtering infrastructure one can get their hands on. phpBB forums are as much a subject to spam bots too, even if they also have captcha on their registration forms.

I'm quite ok with captcha. It would mean selling one's soul to google in practise but gotta learn to love the bomb.


I thought we were on tiny board… Was that during the railchan era? And if so, why the return back into this ancient thing?


Always wondered ehat a site owners responsabikety is to illeagely posted continent. Worce comes to worce just have 1chan URL direct to what I did.


Make a 8chan bord


I appreciate the community we've developed here, even if it is slower than usual lately. I, for one, would be okay with a forum setup that allowed us to remain effectively anonymous (read: just usernames verified by email, or something). I'm not a software guy, so I can't really comment on what system is better than another, but it sure would be nice to be able to drop in on this forum without worrying about being greeted by Canadian Pacific.


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There are more than enough forum-style rail forums out there. 1chan's USP is that you don't need registration and it's easy to use. I don't know the ins and outs of chan software, but what are all the other chans using these days?


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> I appreciate the community we've developed here

I've been visiting this place on and off for 12 years and if it migrated to a regular forum, I wouldn't follow. Slow as it is here, this is one of the last imageboards left that hasn't fallen to… well all the things the others have succumbed to with time.


I agree with the others that the chan format is what brings me back here, especially the lack of wading through subs. Most of my visits are under a minute, checking the latest post. I always feel it's more of a commitment to go onto a forum, whether I'm logged in or not. I have no good suggestions for fixing the problems you've brought up, but I've been part of waaaay too many tiny forums that died.


How hard would it be to set up Recaptcha V3 on here? That would be invisible to most of us but should resist a bunch of automated attacks, and you can tweak your risk profile to force captchas on the rest.


I expected some push back towards the forum idea but not to this level.

First and foremost for the foreseeable future we’ll remain on image board (Chan) software. As Tex mentioned our concerns stem less from spam and more so people posting illegal content.

At the moment we run a highly customized version of Vichan (a fork of Tinyboard). While we could try to take what we have and make a working spam/attack free version of the site. However the code has seriously underlying flaws. They biggest being the risk of SQL injection. While I do code as a hobby, it's not my day job.

I'll provide updates to the community as we look for software that suits us. I know that the newer features like .webm support, YouTube embedding (which we've always been able to do you just need to ask a mod), are important to some users. How do we feel as a community about these? Some of these we'd need to check into to determine their viability.


yeah, what could possibly go wrong with a fucken 8chn board


I'm not quite sure what you mean by 1chan being used as a platform to promote said ideals. I only stop in now and again for a fill of train content but could I get a quick rundown on what happened to lead you to posting about this


I delete three to four posts a week from people trying to get us to visit their politically fueled board/subscribe to YouTube channels for conspiracy theories/ spouting bullshit. Most notably, someone from Korea will post massive walls of text about how their president and President Trump are colluding in some illegal activities.


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>>7268 is right about the struggles of backen lol
yeah i have fikaba on my site and its literally the easiest thing ive ever used, it has updates when its needed, the developer actually answers and its very easy to set up,
after meeting requirements and moving everything to the server - you go to the config.php and it gets auto set up (keep in mind you gotta type in your stuff for sql and that) but thats it!
and thanks for mentioning my post ;)


I appreciate everything that you guys do behind the scenes but honestly three to four posts a week is nothing by today's standards. Other sites get three to four similar posts per hour. Whatever the offending material is, you clean it up faster than I can catch up with it anyway. I come here infrequently now and never see spam or alt-right astroturf here lately, just the occasional thread of "omg wtf trains? why?" etc.


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Like, this is what I got last night and now it seems the database is down or something, given there are no images.

I suppose with soch modest infrastructure as 1chan is on, such outages are inevitable. yet still…


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…Or the cache is out of synch or something. Forgot there are such thigs too. The biggest I've ever run is wordpress on shell account so even if you trusted me, I wouldn't be technical (or reliable, will disappear for months without warning) enough for maintenance team.

There's one feature request from me though: could you make it such that users of secure trip codes that are verified to be human wouldn't need to fill captcha at least as often. Would that work? For dumping reasons. It gets annoying even if you are doing it by hand. I know many chans have fixed this by having optional user accounts but meh, usually that comes with some "gold member" program.


You were trying to access 1chan during an upgrade.

As for the images, they were nerfed in the upgrade (not supposed to be). Everything should be back up now. If images are still not showing up you for anyone clear your cache (Google How).

I know that inline zoom is on at the moment. I AM going to turn this off. It's too much of a load on my server.


File: 1557001492792.png (455.03 KB, 480x1348, catalog.png)

Thank you. Maintenace break are always welcome, considering the state of things.

How ever…


Hey mike and all the people!
i see that the main site isnt online anymore and that the other site like the one for futallaby are down
Does this mean yall upgraded the server to fikaba or so?
Thanks if you respond, just curious

(id pull a shameless plug but id feel bad)


Ha, during the upgrade all the original pages are overwritten. Unfortunately the Catalog is not coming back. I just don't see the point. This board is slow beyond belief, people rarely go past the first page, almost never past the second. It also eats up my resources to generate the page.

I've looked at fikaba and while it's an interesting idea, it doesn't fit what we need. Specifically it lacks things like stickied and locked threads. Both of which are things that Wakaba (the second software 1chan used) were able to do.


On 1chan.us, you have to register to post. Bronnen.net uses vichan and has an optional registration.

I also found this: https://github.com/ECHibiki/ViQa-Kissu. Just throwing stuff out here.


It's possible to post anonymously on forum software. And you can also enable premod for anonymous users.


Try to enable opcache in php.ini. Do you use mod_php or php-fpm?

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