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Hello everyone. Long time no see.

Couple weeks back I was in Melbourne and ticked off a bucket list item. Visiting this Cafe that is famous for the old trains on the roof that you can dine in.


File: 1554761998492.jpg (894.88 KB, 2048x1365, _MG_8833.jpg)

I ordered the biggest burger on the menu.


File: 1554762105921.jpg (1018.85 KB, 2048x1365, _MG_8853.jpg)

This is by no means a heritage preservation, but the vibe of the place is pretty cool and I enjoyed it.


File: 1554762253031.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x1365, _MG_8858.jpg)

You can also sit in the 'train yard' between the carriages. Very pleasant in the shade with a little breeze, a good view, and a cold beer.


another hipster shit

no thanks


Hello noofy


Was the food good? Looks like a cool place.


Stick to eating Burger King if you want the food you've always had with the ambience you're used to.

Food was superb. I've heard on good authority that their hot dogs are to die for aswell.


The food looks good, but that burger looks like it's way too much for me to handle. Regardless, it looks to be the kind of food that would make a 'Murican like me feel right at home.


its funny how hipsters always play classcucks when criticized

they're not smart people anyway so that is to be expected


File: 1554885051404.jpg (185.65 KB, 1280x960, -----6~1.JPG)

It's not that it's too big to digest in general, more like why do those pretentious fast food places keep making burgers which are physically unconsumable without partial dismemberment (obviously how this food is NOT supposed to be eaten)… I myself make big, meaty (literally) burgers at home quite often but I try to make them eatable, at least when squished gently, and it's not like I would keep stacking patties atop of each other for no other reason than just for the sake of it.
So, hereby I declare that any burger which uses stick like on >>7173 to keep it from falling apart is a failed burger.

And here we go, some Russian spy actively pretends to be a burger expert. If this will not get me banned here, I dunno what will LOL
Also, Putin loves shawarma. A street ad won't lie


File: 1554915885754.gif (1.47 MB, 480x360, wxAYHFziIik8STEncwPChUjGIV….gif)

>Uses the word cuck
>Tries to blame hipsters for wanting to eat at a restaurant with a theme
>Actually believes this stuff makes them lesser


>Actually believes this stuff makes them lesser

didn't say that
but it makes them more retarded


File: 1554931289721.gif (472.43 KB, 342x251, AptShockingAyeaye-size_res….gif)

>didn't say that
>they're not smart people anyway so that is to be expected
>but it makes them more retarded

Sure thing, dude


Aww now i'm all hungry all of a sudden… :^)


Gotta agree, that burger looks pretty unwieldy. Not to mention, that's as much meat and dairy as I need in 3-4 days, let alone one meal.


File: 1555107528156.png (82.71 KB, 500x423, participate-in-australian-….png)


That looks like the most Murrican thing ever. But it's in Straya!

I really like how they at least re-used those old Melbourne Metro trains into SOMETHING.


Straya is just Canada with heat instead of cold.


What? How come I've never heard of this. Next time I'm in Melbourne I'll have to check it out. Thanks.


Seems cool. Thanks OP.

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