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Is this somewhat inaccurate artistic representation of an actual working concept?


File: 1553677124081.jpg (3.43 MB, 2992x2000, 6045073568.jpg)

(BTW on >>7116 it is not the world-famous Baikonur, but Vostochniy, a new cosmodrome to provide the site on Russian territory to accommodate launches of perspective rocket types rather than still using leased Kazakhstan land for them. They plan the first manned launch from it in 2020, as well as superheavy and returnable launches in the future - oh boy oh boy)


Is that an eight axle switcher? Nice.


File: 1553729445185.jpg (406.84 KB, 1320x870, 20151117_540648.jpg)

Road switcher, if I remember your terminology correctly. That's TEM7A (TEM7AM), revised version of a Soviet project of the heavy road switcher (shunting diesel locomotive with mainline capabilities) by Ludinovo locomotive works @ Kaluga region. Has 180 tonnes and 2000 HP, not much for its size but plenty enough for its workload, one of the bestsellers among the 1520 mm shunting locomotives. Well you should know, US attempted to buy 10 of them back in the days.

This one is I think owned by Roscosmos, assigned to Vostochniy cosmodrome. Really like its livery.


File: 1553732428770.jpg (455.6 KB, 1200x800, 20171021_604318.jpg)

This platform is also used by pic related, TEM14, kind of a successor, more heavy and powerful road switcher (twin 8ДМ21 diesels instead of single 2Д49 on TEM7A, for a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option) and also TE8, "industrial" mainline loco with GE's 7FDL-12 for a prime mover.

Though this platform's potential is still not utilized fully, this thing just asks to become a 4000-4800 HP single-hood mainline locomotive as a cheap and efficient replacement for the aging fleet of 2M62* twin-unit locomotives working across all the 1520 space. Previous time I spoke with Ludinovo works guys they said they were planning something of this nature. This was 6 years ago… Never bothered since?


This train is very sweet lolz

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