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Hello I am in college and this chan is unblocked!


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Welcome! You do like trains…right?


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Fuck yeah. Trams are also cool


Unpopular opinion time: cable trams are ridiculous


>>7102 – And yet the SanFrans don’t want to give theirs up for buses.


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Trains are awesome, except on Sundays. Sunday trains are shit.

Pic related, it's a Sunday train.


Having a piece of historical cable car system with whole three lines preserved is nice, wouldn't you agree though?



Just watch out for the dirty syringes and human feces.


For real. If you haven't seen it, there's a literal poop map of San Francisco that shows all the locations human feces has been spotted in public. The transit system is cool, but dodging bums, heroin addicts, and literal piles of shit is not.


Does this count as literal shitposting?


>>7115 – I think this case is called scatposting.

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