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I still can’t believe this myself but I was at the Nascar race in Martinsville yesterday and I actually saw a guy in a hobo Stobe shirt, with the stylized “FNBS”
I thought maybe I was having a stroke when I saw it the first time and maybe I just read it wrong but I passed the guy again later and got the look I needed to confirm it. The fact that there was merch of him sold and that even this long after his death people are still wearing it surprises and amuses me.
Which begs the question: 1chan merch when?

Semi related picture, active NS line runs right past the speedway


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I will get right on it.


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I'd happily pay for a "Notwork Fail" shirt. Obviously in aid of maintaining this place, not whatever hare-brained scheme Ham wants to cook up, obviously.


We could definitely use some kind of pictorial symbol for "trains or GTFO".


Also, lol at the idea if people spending money to idolize a bum.




Those MAGA hats sure sell, don't they.


I am in favor if Mike were to open up a 1chan CafePress store that sells the page banners on shirts in all of their low-res glory. I would buy a few, time to add to my shirts anyway.

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