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Do you guys live in a basic city, where students from high school and college can use the tram for free?


I don't know what a "basic" city is, but I am not aware of any student discounts for public transit in my suburb of a major US city.

Out of curiosity I looked it up. The major transit authority does not have any student discounts (covers bus, subway and """""tram""""" which goes nowhere) while the local county bus DOES offer free rides to public grade school students, so I guess that's something.


I live in Melbourne (Australia) and students receive either a discounted price or the can buy a pass for one years (price ~500 aud) which allows them completely free travel.


Typically one gets 50% off here if they are underage, pensioner, disabled, a student or a conscript.

Sadly, no tram yet. Earliest at 2026, when I'm nearing 40 already. The big decision will be april 15th but if it gets tabled, then sometime in may. Well, nominally it's still about the detailed plan and the final no backing out, the shovel hits the ground now -decision is like 2-3 years in the future, by a different municipal government, but if the project continues this fall, it's like 80% suse.


My region doesn't do free public transit passes for ALL students, but everyone who attends schools within the service area (which is MASSIVE) gets a 50% discount. The only exception to this that I know of is that students of select programs in one county get free passes.


Auckland here, primary/secondary students get ~50% off, university students about a third off, linked to the Hop card.


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In Moscow all students can get personal pass which would give limitless access to either metro or all urban transit for about 6$ a month (I think more for all modes of transportation variant). For retired, disabled and veterans ALL urban and suburban transit is free (because they know little they will use it, LOL).

For reference, single ride here is 39 roubles upon using a Troyka card or about $0.6. Each suburban zone is about $0.4.

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