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Let's have a thread for your favorite train stations! Subway or outdoor, big or small.

I personally love the Green Line in Boston, even if it's slow. Stops like Longwood are so beautiful when the trees are full.


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nothing at all is best


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Alexandria Union Station in VA. Fantastic railfanning spot, a good dozen+ daily freight trains, about 2 dozen Amtrak trains, and nearly 3 dozen commuter trains on weekdays, and even an adjacent subway line if you're into that. Bathrooms, snack machines, frequently other railfans hanging out, plenty of good photo angles, and it can be reached by public transport if you find parking a bit tight. Love it.


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It's a museum now as you can see. My pic, if anyone cares.


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Seattle's King Street Station, which I had been in, out, and through, since I started riding Amtrak on the regular in 1997 (back when the Seattle-Vancouver, BC train was called the "Mount Baker International" and used the old Talgo demonstrator brought in from Spain).

I've seen it transform from the drab dinginess to its beautiful renovation. I've rode every Amtrak route that serves it (Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, and Amtrak Cascades), as well as the Sounder. And I've always liked how the station was steps away from CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games, and the International District for weeby shit.


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Meanwhile, the old Tacoma Amshack will always have a special place in my heart. The place may be ugly as sin, in a crappy neighborhood, and a bit of a hike from both the Tacoma Dome Station and Freighthouse Square. But it's been where a lot of my rail journeys began and ended, and it has also been where I'd go spotting before Amtrak got all paranoid about things.

When the Point Defiance Bypass is sorted out, and Amtrak moves back to Freighthouse Square, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it.


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Looks like someone didn't get the joke, lol.

*for the ones who missed it there was a totally innocent meme, nothing family unfriendly, related to this >>7134 post (so *technically* it wasn't purely an offtopic or shitposting, but oh well)


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Wemyss Bay


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The inside is even better!

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