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File: 1552430758874.jpg (974.77 KB, 1880x2506, 74002863_5c758f542dcc24-12….jpg)


What rail is this?


probably some old iron shit when they broke all the time
or for that giant nazi germany gauge prototype


Is this yours? Measure the base of the rail. I'm curious myself. It's interesting that the head itself appears to be symmetric, but the base obviously has a cant and also has different profile on each side.


File: 1552516544278.jpg (598.86 KB, 1879x1409, 74002863_5c758f5429d0d9-76….jpg)

No it's not mine, the guy who is selling it says it's used in rail crossroads
It's 70mm on top and 125mm on the bottom, height is 150mm


Well it seems you know a lot more about it than us. It certainly could be used in diamond crossings. It does have a narrower base than I thought, however.


I have no idea what I'm talking about actually, I've come to you guys for knowledge


File: 1552549873464.gif (4.98 KB, 440x269, fig6.gif)

such profile exists but its likely cast iron as well


The Breitspurbahn called for almost 200 pound rail of a conventional profile. So no.

My best guess would be some sort of crane rail.


File: 1553353747426.jpg (53.15 KB, 680x485, 20160221143731_15686.jpg)

crane rails usually have a pretty similar profile to train rails, just shorter & wider

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