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Found this stuff on another web. Info?


I can't clearly see the engines, but it's very possible they're exports and have a different gauge.


Definitely exports, I get them through my area pretty frequently (close to port). If I had to guess, they're for India or Pakistan, they at least aren't the same kind I saw heading for Ukraine.


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>they at least aren't the same kind I saw heading for Ukraine.

Funny thing, given there's a long and successfully operating assembly line in Kazakhstan making those very same ES44ACi's, but NOPE, since the Evil Empireā„¢ is indirectly involved in their construction, we are going to buy the same locos from across the ocean for literally about 1.5 times the price… Politics is such a ridiculous thing.

And that's not to say that the diesel locos aren't the biggest concern, as the current AVERAGE age of the electric locomotive in Ukraine exceeds the basic lifetime of one, yet no one even speaks of sorting this mess out! Unless they are just going to replace their aging electrics with diesels, which is totally ridiculous to think about for a railway system of that scale.

Though, to not be banned for alleged political bias, I will point out that UZ (Ukrainian railways operator) was a pure mess and notorious for its many problems, including with locomotives, way before all that Gidnost' revolution/Maidan thing. Even when they had an option of manufacture domestic locos, they never really bothered. So, technically, compared to what there was, those 240 Evos are already kind of a success.

Livery looks kinda nice tho. But with that cab design… ehhh.


Just to clarify and ease your mind, politics are not completely taboo. If the political discussion is related to railroads, it's more than welcome.

Mostly I just don't want this board to be fouled up with people who want to argue about irrelevant bullshit. Remember, the only true rule on 1chan is "Trains or GTFO" which is a rather broad rule.


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appears to be GT38ACe's bound for Indonesia


Ahh finally

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