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Sometimes I get this undefined variable: mod -error, how come?


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I't was me, (1524)

Like I wanted to ramble about DC motor control in that other thread like I'd knew anything and ended up deliting and reposting like 3 times. Sorry :(


Sorry guys, I just saw this. I don't know the reason myself, but I'll text Mike. He handles the technical side of the site so we'll see if he can get something worked out for you.


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Just testing, if you see this, it probably started working again.


If either of you, or anyone else sees this error again. Please take a screenshot and post it in this thread. This isn't something Tex or I are running into so it's hard to troubleshoot.


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It still keeps happening intermittedly, clearing cookies didn't help.


I've been getting it too. It persists for a couple of days, then suddenly I can post, then suddenly I can't again. Tried to post in this thread yesterday to say so and got the error. Now I can post in this thread and the others. Dubya tee eff?


Just a heads up I’ve been working on it intermittently. It looks like it’s possibly related to the spam filter. However after disabling all keywords, people still got the error.

Next step is to completely disable it and possibly recompile the board. Hopefully we’re now pretty low on the list of places to spam. We’ll see though.


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Probably I got myself on spam filter by deleting and recreating same post multiple times. Great, I wont do that anymore :/


I'm going to compromise and reduce the intensity of the spam filter. Hopefully, that should reduce false positives while still preventing spam.

As for deleting and recreating that could have possibly done it. Unfortunately, the lack of editing is one of the prices we pay to use image board software like this. I've been thinking about possibly changing us to a more traditional forum where you're required to register.


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I got this a few minutes ago while trying to reply in another thread. A glitch in the Matrix I guess. :^)


>I've been thinking about possibly changing us to a more traditional forum where you're required to register.

That would cause a riot ;)

Even a bit updated imageboard software would be nice, since this currently is evidently more broken than just the catalog (which is tradition, I understand).

Anyway, got the error again like 10 minutes ago, let's see if I get through this time. For me it has been like that, that sometimes I get a message or two through if I try repeatedly but not always.

This has happened very rarely before but I have assumed that the whole board would have been closed due ongoing spam surge or something.

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