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In a move that most railfans are chalking up as Dick Anderson living up to his name, NS office car #30, the "Marco Polo," was removed from its longtime home at the end of Track 7 in Washington DC Union Station. It was parked there in ~1989 and used by NS and Amtrak for entertaining politicians and other distinguished guests. Last October, the car was plucked from its parking spot of nearly 30 years, and shuffled up to the Ivy City maintenance shops to have its brakes redone, among other repairs.

Last week, it was ferried from DC Union Station down to the NS Van Dorn Street yard in Alexandria, VA. It sat there (behind multiple barbed-wire fences, mind you) until tonight, when a lone SD40E shuffled up to Van Dorn, picked the car up, and began heading for Altoona, PA, where the car will presumably meet up with the rest of the OCS fleet and maybe have some more work done.

Picture shows the car sitting in Union Station.


Why would people think it's a "dick" move for them to move their car and keep it *gasp* behind barbed wire fence?



The "dick" move is that Amtrak evicted it from Union Station for no apparent reason.


Delta boy seems to have a personal vendetta against heritage fleet stuff. Fucker cancelled the retirement party charter that was organized for the guy who's been coordinating Amtrak's charter operations for ages.

I'm really curious to know if he's just a clueless git or if he was given the mandate to wreck Amtrak from the inside to justify selling it off.


There has been a lot of rumbling about him sabotaging Amtrak from industry press and even the previous CEO. Some actions do come across that way at least.

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