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File: 1574209341539.jpg–(77.24KB, 640x646, 0x37882.jpg)
Post gore
¨ No.672
1574250030934.jpg–(291.53KB, 700x467, tkt48-186-04.jpg)
Just stumbled across this... Enjoy your nightmares.

Engine info: http://www.polskieparowozy.pl/index2.php?desc=on&par=tkt48-186
¨ No.675
1574268928776.jpg–(973.45KB, 1200x800, the last hr11 in ruins.jpg)
The sad thing is that this is owned by a "real museum" and not some heritage association. It's criminal not to even have a fucking sheet metal roof.
¨ No.676
1574270847639.jpg–(368.58KB, 1000x750, stop-plate.jpg)
Btw, what gore there is in standard - 1520mm gauge transporter wagon loading track?
¨ No.689
1574374083249.jpg–(566.59KB, 1920x1527, tspa_0001084f.jpg)
Not sure how The Duke Boys are going to get out of this one
¨ No.690
1574374133741.jpg–(815.77KB, 1920x1476, tspa_0001083f.jpg)
sad PCC streetcar sounds
¨ No.691
1574374231935.jpg–(803.10KB, 1920x1309, tspa_0001112f.jpg)

¨ No.692
1574374335147.jpg–(869.16KB, 1920x1458, tspa_0001133f.jpg)

¨ No.693
1574374453396.jpg–(630.64KB, 1920x1061, tspa_0001127f.jpg)

¨ No.694
1574374850126.jpg–(898.34KB, 1920x1354, tspa_0001123f.jpg)

¨ No.695
Where and when was that?
¨ No.696
1574375595772.jpg–(0.99MB, 1920x1273, tspa_0001146f.jpg)
1980's Toronto, Oshawa I believe.

Got the photos from the Toronto Library digital collection.

was more interested in others but downloaded these all the same be cause of trains.

Another Via
¨ No.697
1574375760420.jpg–(461.88KB, 1920x1191, tspa_0015412f.jpg)

¨ No.698
1574375798682.jpg–(848.68KB, 1920x1384, tspa_0001149f.jpg)

¨ No.701
1574385994842.jpg–(903.22KB, 1920x1412, tspa_0001065f.jpg)
TTC bus hit by a train.
¨ No.702
1574386090435.jpg–(697.01KB, 1920x1070, tspa_0001068f.jpg)

¨ No.703
1574386170086.jpg–(525.97KB, 1920x1296, tspa_0001177f.jpg)

¨ No.704
1574401102805.jpg–(972.75KB, 1200x814, 1420613905515.jpg)
A GG rotting on a siding
¨ No.737
1574444690167.jpg–(134.85KB, 900x598, 1069123_10151482320021712_1580730390_n.jpg)
Chopping up street car tracks on Kingston road
¨ No.738
1574446149626.jpg–(46.50KB, 600x450, B53z7yKCUAA2W_6.jpg)

¨ No.741
1574500319512.jpg–(314.24KB, 1280x960, DSCF0013.JPG)

¨ No.743
1574545000906.jpg–(49.63KB, 720x393, FB_IMG_1574544887345.jpg)
Largs, 1995.
¨ No.744
¨ No.769
1574842887797.jpg–(27.10KB, 468x301, news1_468.jpg)

¨ No.1089
I've seen this before, where is it?
¨ No.1099
Looks like some yard in Toronto a loooong time ago.
¨ No.1100
¨ No.1114
Thank you
¨ No.1129
1579116096452.jpg–(877.65KB, 2048x1518, old looks new.jpg)

¨ No.1130
1579116994441.jpg–(208.56KB, 2048x1367, rusty car.jpg)

¨ No.1148
We get it, you vape.
¨ No.1157
1579510870961.jpg–(122.79KB, 704x938, received_518334578776709.jpeg)
I am sitting in a train station in Poland and remembered you guys exist. Here's a photo of when some gypsies tried to steal some cable but they fucked it up, it took fucking ages clearing the mess up.
¨ No.1310
Fuckin gypsies. Why don't y'all remove that trash from the gene pool?
¨ No.1311
Go away

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