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File: 1574209341539.jpg–(77.24KB, 640x646, 0x37882.jpg)
Post gore
¨ No.672
1574250030934.jpg–(291.53KB, 700x467, tkt48-186-04.jpg)
Just stumbled across this... Enjoy your nightmares.

Engine info: http://www.polskieparowozy.pl/index2.php?desc=on&par=tkt48-186
¨ No.675
1574268928776.jpg–(973.45KB, 1200x800, the last hr11 in ruins.jpg)
The sad thing is that this is owned by a "real museum" and not some heritage association. It's criminal not to even have a fucking sheet metal roof.
¨ No.676
1574270847639.jpg–(368.58KB, 1000x750, stop-plate.jpg)
Btw, what gore there is in standard - 1520mm gauge transporter wagon loading track?
¨ No.689
1574374083249.jpg–(566.59KB, 1920x1527, tspa_0001084f.jpg)
Not sure how The Duke Boys are going to get out of this one
¨ No.690
1574374133741.jpg–(815.77KB, 1920x1476, tspa_0001083f.jpg)
sad PCC streetcar sounds
¨ No.691
1574374231935.jpg–(803.10KB, 1920x1309, tspa_0001112f.jpg)

¨ No.692
1574374335147.jpg–(869.16KB, 1920x1458, tspa_0001133f.jpg)

¨ No.693
1574374453396.jpg–(630.64KB, 1920x1061, tspa_0001127f.jpg)

¨ No.694
1574374850126.jpg–(898.34KB, 1920x1354, tspa_0001123f.jpg)

¨ No.695
Where and when was that?
¨ No.696
1574375595772.jpg–(0.99MB, 1920x1273, tspa_0001146f.jpg)
1980's Toronto, Oshawa I believe.

Got the photos from the Toronto Library digital collection.

was more interested in others but downloaded these all the same be cause of trains.

Another Via
¨ No.697
1574375760420.jpg–(461.88KB, 1920x1191, tspa_0015412f.jpg)

¨ No.698
1574375798682.jpg–(848.68KB, 1920x1384, tspa_0001149f.jpg)

¨ No.701
1574385994842.jpg–(903.22KB, 1920x1412, tspa_0001065f.jpg)
TTC bus hit by a train.
¨ No.702
1574386090435.jpg–(697.01KB, 1920x1070, tspa_0001068f.jpg)

¨ No.703
1574386170086.jpg–(525.97KB, 1920x1296, tspa_0001177f.jpg)

¨ No.704
1574401102805.jpg–(972.75KB, 1200x814, 1420613905515.jpg)
A GG rotting on a siding
¨ No.737
1574444690167.jpg–(134.85KB, 900x598, 1069123_10151482320021712_1580730390_n.jpg)
Chopping up street car tracks on Kingston road
¨ No.738
1574446149626.jpg–(46.50KB, 600x450, B53z7yKCUAA2W_6.jpg)

¨ No.741
1574500319512.jpg–(314.24KB, 1280x960, DSCF0013.JPG)

¨ No.743
1574545000906.jpg–(49.63KB, 720x393, FB_IMG_1574544887345.jpg)
Largs, 1995.
¨ No.744
¨ No.769
1574842887797.jpg–(27.10KB, 468x301, news1_468.jpg)

¨ No.1089
I've seen this before, where is it?
¨ No.1099
Looks like some yard in Toronto a loooong time ago.
¨ No.1100
¨ No.1114
Thank you
¨ No.1129
1579116096452.jpg–(877.65KB, 2048x1518, old looks new.jpg)

¨ No.1130
1579116994441.jpg–(208.56KB, 2048x1367, rusty car.jpg)

¨ No.1148
We get it, you vape.
¨ No.1157
1579510870961.jpg–(122.79KB, 704x938, received_518334578776709.jpeg)
I am sitting in a train station in Poland and remembered you guys exist. Here's a photo of when some gypsies tried to steal some cable but they fucked it up, it took fucking ages clearing the mess up.
¨ No.1310
Fuckin gypsies. Why don't y'all remove that trash from the gene pool?
¨ No.1311
Go away
¨ No.1543
1585139202958.jpg–(749.75KB, 1000x666, eu07-184.jpg)
collided with a truck (July 2002)
¨ No.1559
1585581079578.jpg–(543.20KB, 1024x683, 6537w.jpg)

now in colour
¨ No.1561
Why... I want to cry when I see this pictures
¨ No.1573
1585733366655.jpg–(103.68KB, 800x533, CP4054.jpg)
Somewhere in my collection I have pictures of CPR C-Liner #4054 running as Train #92 after it hit a massive rock that fell onto the tracks on the Nelson Subdivision in 1967. It ended up looking like that. Nose crushed up to the windshield, cab broken from frame pointing downwards. The CPR bought a C-Liner carbody retired by the CNR and had it shipped to Ogden Shops with intentions of rebuilding 4054. No work was done and she was struck from the roster.
¨ No.1659
1587083111484.jpg–(125.51KB, 800x450, 1586527734891.jpg)
One for the guro fiends: A smashed Taiwanese EMU800.
¨ No.1660
1587083342031.jpg–(530.99KB, 1750x2100, Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895.jpg)
And of course the infamous Montparnasse smash.
¨ No.1663
1587211478473.jpg–(810.34KB, 1920x1193, concrete washington.jpg)
So the story is something like that 2 of these were bought from the Milwaukee Road in the early 70s, intended for a heritage service on branch line to Concrete, Washington but it became clear it could never make profit.

The engine went to static display somewhere in Seattle and the cars were left to rot in Concrete, until they got arsoned in the early 2000s. Cleaning the rubble fell on no-one's responsibility.
¨ No.1664
quite frankly No-One did a pretty bad job at cleanup
¨ No.1783
1589844890704.jpg–(64.49KB, 702x434, Dead_Turbo_NJ.jpg)

¨ No.1784
1589845322093.jpg–(538.45KB, 1300x867, 21971727832_5e1d89e604_o.jpg)

¨ No.1785
1589846460632.jpg–(48.75KB, 714x960, ewwww.jpg)
I think this the definition of shame, getting taken back to shop on truck bed.

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