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File: 1567342820739.jpg–(21.82KB, 377x379, 41-w9stXq9L.jpg)
Federal narcotics agents board Amtrak's "Southwest Chief" at its break stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to make "random searches" for narcotics and cash. But are there those within Amtrak riding a gravy train by railroading its own passengers?

¨ No.67
Your headline reads like a parody of shock journalism. The actual meat and potatos aren't so juicey, though. People are stupid and let cops search their stuff for no reason; there's no easy fix to blind submission to authority. Pulling out checked luggage and prodding it is very scummy and of suspect legality.
¨ No.68
1567355107877.jpg–(839.97KB, 1400x900, 251533.jpg)
Funny how after that, WE are called a rampant police state and a horrible dictatorship when even we don't have anything even closely like that. (isn't it right, Simon?..)

People will go to truly infinite lengths to justify the exact sins they are so vocal in bashing others for, when these come from them, or any kind of group they associate with. That's all sad. (No that's actually fuckin infuriating but for the sake of sanity, it's just sad) Suka blyat.
¨ No.69
1567358729225.jpg–(151.82KB, 1137x853, CN_MMsuWwAAlat6.jpg)

There is the issue of those within Amtrak who not only would snitch for the DEA (funneling passenger manifest information and such), but also be compensated.

There are those passengers too dumb to know their rights. Those inspections by the DEA aren't absolute "open your bag because we say so" inspections like the border authorities do at Blaine, Havre, Niagara Falls, and Rouses Point. Theoretically, the 4th Amendment should apply. Though it also sounds like anyone traveling should never carry large amounts of cash...you never know just who might want to take it.

Perhaps I did sound a little too "Vice"-ey in that headline.


¨ No.70
There's a distinct difference between coercing people to give up their rights and putting polonium in their food.
¨ No.71
These people were asked if their bags could be searched. All they had to do was say "no" and that would be the end of it.
¨ No.75
1567388249047.jpg–(378.70KB, 1280x830, 246364.jpg)
And at the same time you have missed the distinct difference between supposed attributes of "police state" and "dictatorship" and a usual stuff for a major country fiercely grasping to its position of power. I mean, not to even mention various CIA operations of the past which make all the KGB stuff look like child's play.
And then again, it's easy to assume you can say no. But there gotta be a catch, like they then have a right to deem your decline suspicious and take you off the train to check your stuff already following all the protocol.
Yeah sure, we have checkpoints too, at the big transport hubs where the luggage needs to be checked if you want to proceed past them, but just like that, seizing people's assets indefinitely without any charges? Dude. But it's not really about condemning this (though I do believe it's kinda wrong), hear me out.

To be clear, BY NO MEANS I imply we are better (well duh) but heres the thing. Just recently I stumbled across a video, from 'supposedly' credible YT channel, describing in all the gruesome details the "brutal realities of life in Russia". So what triggered me, apart from a usual [intentional] misinterpretation of facts and legal aspects and declaring specific conjectures as an undisputable truth (read as "only nominally having anything to do with the actual state of things")? (TBH barely even worth triggering over, cuz normal media stuff, we're living in the 2019 after all) Most of the entries here (with a little change of the wording, or without it at all) can easily be attributed to ANY major modern power, "good guys" not only included but especially those, and yet this was portrayed as something unique to only Russia or at least those who were labeled as a "dictatorship" by a bunch of self-proclaimed "good guys". And yet if you point out that these "grim realities" are scalable to pretty much anyone these days, if you just take off the rose-tinted glasses, you are quickly attacked by a bunch of loyal hamsters and proclaimed a Russian troll for doubting ANYTHING the kind sir host declared. And this isn't even the sad part, that's normal stuff for big media propaganda machines, but when you see something like this from a YT channel which acts as a safe harbour for those who are tired of lying media corporations and declares it is all about REAL FACTS, education, transparency and freedom of discussion?.. They even cite their sources (obviously knowing nobody would check them), in the image of the actually sensible channels, and what do we see as the sources? References to these very big media companies, sometimes one per entry, and little else. I can see why it is done to fullfil some political order, but on this level, really?.. So even here stuff about truth and education turns out to be about money and what people want to hear, and not to find out.
I know this is probably not true and naive to assume, but still can't help but feel as if there's more hypocrisy and Pharisaism in the modern society than before.
¨ No.76
People being ignorant of their civil rights is not even in the same ballpark as state sponsored murder of political opponents.
¨ No.81
Dude, don't repeat yourself, you don't even get what I was trying to say here, you missed the point. And then, CLEEEEEARLY US wasn't involved in any political murders whatsoever in the previous, like (insert any number of years from 15 to 100), yep, aha, right.

If you wanna play a game of escalation, so then murdering individual people isn't remotely as bad as being directly involved in total destruction of multiple countries (that is, literally them ceasing to exist as states), and that's speaking of the same time period. So what? Does it justify somehow the murders, and then do murders somehow justify oppressing people's rights to property and seizing their stuff at will? No it doesn't, which is kinda the point I was trying to make. You were kind enough to provide an example of how people "justify" their own fuckups by pointing all the attention on completely unrelated fuckups of others.
¨ No.82
>The Russian state blatantly assassinates and imprisons political opponents and dissidents.
>Your whole defense is that the US and others might do this, but haven't been caught.
Don't bring in open military conflict, because the US and Russia are both similarly guilty of using proxy wars to further their causes.
¨ No.84
>...because the US and Russia are both similarly guilty...
>as a matter of fact US HAS been caught trying to kill/killing opponents (albeit some time ago, or technically you could bring up even Hussein or Gaddafi, thought that's debatable) and imprisoning politically inconvenient people by using other "crimes" as excuses (remember Butina? arguably Manning?) just as Russia did, and it's not really even "been caught" since about some they were more or less open in the first place

By this logic, Russia is a douchy pisshole just as much as the US and most its allies, yet people pretend their side is guiltless just so they could bash and shun others for the exact same sins, thinking this fingerpointing will make them look (and feel) better, while in practice it just makes them look like extra douches for not being able to deal with the moral consecuences of their(/those who they keep siding with) decisions. Yet, sadly, there isn't a big percentage of people who realize this. It's not even about politics, for fuck's sake, it's about people! More exactly, about shitty ways people behave and lengths they go just to convince others they are way, way better than they really are.
¨ No.86
1567458868401.jpg–(243.25KB, 1080x1080, 66368476_760766987653555_586743965931129348_n.jpg)
Look, guys, I really want to find a diplomatic way to say this, but I'm coming up short, so ...

¨ No.88

Political discussion have historically been tolerated on 1chan as long as it was still related to trains somehow. This thread started off well, but got sour FAST.

Take a chill pill.
¨ No.94
Political posts have been fine here, as long as they were about trains. Boy did I start a snowstorm.
¨ No.95
1567702224083.jpg–(736.21KB, 2105x1023, laivaovi2.jpg)
Uh, so from my neutral small country perspective this is pretty inexcusable. Going "uh, uh, they don't have right to do that, why didn't you say no" doesn't quite work with neither police nor militia (okay, it has been police for some time now)... And neither two party turbo-capitalistic corporatocracy nor the leading party and the friend's toy parties oiligarchy (misspelling intentional) seems pretty comfy places to be in lately.

They tried walking the dogs in crowd once in Tampere, everyone got quite upset, front page news and it hasn't happened since. This is definitely a small nation perk. You 150-300 million continent sized populations can't have that :( We do have our problems though, but nothing pressing. I hear things aren't going so swimmingly in either of the former and or to be former superpowers lately. So yeah, politics is to be handled with gloved hands.

Since the thread has been a complete shipwreck, I guess I could mention that after drifting about 3 years, I ended up handling cable and cable accessories in a shipyard. It's work that funds my substance problem, and I aren't even kidding. It is also good workout, though you get definitely adequate lunches from the mess hall. All in all, things are breddy good and they don't do piss tests.
¨ No.120
Some time ago, I guess 4-5 years or so, I took the Southwest Chief from LA to Illinois for business. I didn't go all the way to Chicago, I stopped at some middle-of-nowhere station to take an Amtrak bus to my final destination. Well, the bus was running on Amtrak Time <TM>, so I had the chance to familiarize myself with the station. There wasn't anything of interest, so I'll skip that. In any case, there were only two other people waiting with me: a young, headphone-wearing guy, and a schizophrenic black woman. I say schizophrenic because of all the talking at nobody about nothing she was doing.

Well, after waiting for a while, some policemen entered the station, approached me, and asked me where I rode from. Being the naive young guy I was, I said LA, and they asked to search my luggage. Being the naive young guy I was, I let them. All I had in there was clothing and some food and water, anyway. The schizophrenic lady was going off on how the fuzz was searching through the one person in the station there on actual business. Nobody else was searched, and nothing else eventful happened after that.

There's no moral to this story. It's just the only time I've been searched by the cops. Probably I could have said no to being searched, but even today I don't know whether that would have been the right thing to do.
¨ No.122
> All they had to do was say "no" and that would be the end of it.

In my experience, that sounds nice in theory but rarely works.

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