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File: 1573710986815.jpg–(59.86KB, 550x367, union-pacific-big-boy.jpg)
Question for 1chan: what is the most preserved piece of rolling stock in the world by percentage? That is, of the total number built, how many examples still survive? Let's use the Big Boy as a starting point: of 25 built, 8 still exist, or 32%. One-offs don't count, has to be something that was mass produced.
¨ No.660
1573784959566.jpg–(4.58MB, 4000x3000, EV_Coach_1194.jpg)
in the US I'd guess the Lackawanna MU trailers. wiki says 141 were built (118 coaches, 18 combines, 5 club cars) and 97 were preserved, which is 68% of all cars produced. museums snatched them up because they resemble a typical heavyweight and were available in matching sets from NJT on retirement.
¨ No.677
1574277049852.jpg–(52.47KB, 760x504, 3101d_.jpg)
It will definitely tie for 1st place... CP only had 2 class K1a Northerns, 3100 and 3101 and they are both preserved. Built in 1928, H.B. Bowen took over motive power design that year and built 2-10-4 Selkirks of a similar size instead. Bowen designed CPR steam from that point on and is responsible for the design of almost anything that comes to mind when you think CP steam.
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1589929352248.jpg–(138.95KB, 1024x498, prr5823.jpg)
Conversely, what's the least preserved piece of rolling stock? Was there a really popular loco class which none of survived?
¨ No.1793

Oh there's plenty of those. A few examples that spring to mind immediately are the NYC Hudsons and Niagaras, and the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha steam engines.

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