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whats your favorite amtrak locomotive? (excluding traInsets)
mines the F59PHi or HHP-8


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obvious answer


inb4 Ham talks about how the F40 is superior despite having never operated one.


remember when he was a mod lmao


File: 1544990759567.jpg (6.12 MB, 3603x2400, 20170827-DJI_0621.jpg)

I like the F40s, but I've only operated units that we re-geared for freight. I have no clue what they're like with the passenger gearing. Besides that, I'm digging the Chargers.




File: 1545489581510.jpg (5.54 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20180824_131833658_HDR.jpg)

Dees bad boys. I hardly get to see them anymore. When I do it's either the Pennsylvanian flashing by or traveling to see family. So yeah, in a see of ACS-64s, I choose the P-42.


Why is that MoW guy holding up a red whistle board thing?


Yeah. Necrobumped


FYI I made this lol

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