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Per some railfan rumors, 4141 has been sitting at the UP shops in Arkansas (or somewhere similar) for several years, likely because they knew this day was coming, and they didn't want something awful to happen to the engine out on the road.

In other news, Trains Magazine published an article about HW's campaign train from 1992. Interesting read, although FB comments on the article say this was most certainly not the last ever campaign train.



Reading that media kit… Holy shit that is smorgasbord of special cars, plus 4141.


I'm currently sitting here with the route description, Google Maps, and an app called The Photographer's Ephemeris open desperately trying to find a decent place to photograph this train. This is probably the biggest railroad event with the worst possible chasing conditions I've ever seen. The railroad parallels two lane highways for the most part, making it hard to chase. Furthermore, word has it that the speed will be restricted to 25 mph, making it even more impossible to follow. I'm scrambling to find a spot to get to a few hours ahead of time tomorrow so that I can get there and just set up shop and wait. To add insult to injury, the train is traveling in a northwestern direction, and the sun is setting a bit towards the southwest. I'd expect most shots to have great lighting on the side, but dark noses.

Few things railroad related will inspire me enough to get off my ass and grab my camera; the first Presidential funeral train in 50 years is definitely one of them. I'm looking at a 6 hour round trip of driving alone. I've got a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.


Good luck!


John Kerry had a campaine train with his name on the side of a Geneshit.



How does a slow speed make it impossible to follow? A 25mph game of leapfrog sounds a lot easier than a 70mph one.

Either way, best of luck and do share your results with us. For a brief moment, us railfans here in Virginia thought the funeral train would pass through to move the body from DC to Texas, but the dang ol' airplane got that gig =/


I'm thinking he meant the highway.


I'm watching a PBS News Hour live stream right now and it just passed a nice little grade crossing that was plenty attended.


File: 1544128318290.png (457.58 KB, 843x475, bush train grade crossing.png)


A lot people showed up along the whole route.


File: 1544154527304.jpg (6.07 MB, 3843x1725, Funeral train attempt 02 J….jpg)

No, I meant the the train going slow like you thought. I thought the issue was going to be with goobers trying to pace the train blocking traffic, but it turned out that the blockage was the backup motorcade that was following the train escorted by loads of police. They were keeping pace with the train just in case something stopped the train, they'd be right there to move the casket to the hearse and continue the procession.

Anyway, here's a fairly quick sloppy edit of the one single shot I got today.


And people say train spotting is dying…


I mean, it is for me. This was the first solo trip I've ever done exclusively to see train(s). It had been years before this since I went on a train spotting trip.

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