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File: 1543669620036.bmp (750.12 KB, 640x400, GENESISBIGSUCC.bmp)


yes this was intentionally drawn bad


Let me guess, you're between 3 and 6 y. o. (closer to 6 judging by the drawing).

*What's the deal with GEnesis anyway?*


There is a good reason I always wipe my attempts at freehand drawing with a mouse. They look far worse than this.


this was a joke. lol


read the dang title lol


File: 1543947002252.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)


first off, the username isint supposed to be a joke nor am i serious. idk why i chose it. second off, the title says "Foamers In A NUTSHELL". and i INTENTIONALLY made it look bad


What is going on here?….

Never mind


Why do people hate Genesises anyway? OK, so they're ugly, but they sound good.


i like the genesis


Not only were they built ulgy but they were also built without function in mind. Something goes wrong in a F40PH you csn take parts of it off for acess with a Grnesis nope gotta cut a hole and then weld it back up. The cab intior is cramped snd a mess, they have crap aceleration, and are not very realible. While the name Genesis might share its nsme with the Biblicle book of creation you won't find intelgrnt desighn there.


You found the question that broke Ham worse than I've ever seen.


>>6523 – People are raised to believe they must hate something.


Here is the thing my opion does not matter as I neather run nore mataine them but if you ask the people who do and have also worked on F40s they will almost always agree F40s are better except for the noise. Also what kind of cab does a Genesis have?….

An Abacab



My fave song of theirs, btw.

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