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Long time no see. I'm still around and riding them rails. Tho not as much as I used to, I have an apartment in southern California now. But its trackside and watching trains roll by day after day made me antsy and I just caught one on a whim. Anyways I'm in Longview WA and I know theres a lime that runs through here but can't remember which. I'll probably hitch hike out of here if I can't figure it out. Its cold and wet and have plenty of friends in either direction that'll house me. Pic from Roseville CA after getting off that train I caught on a whim.


Riding in winter takes some fucking stones. I'd head home and chill in the warm.


Be careful, you can slip easily. The ice makes it tough. Don't end up like strobe.


I only catch stopped trains! I'm more worried about the temperature. But also I've ridden from Portland OR to Bakersfield CA two years in a row arriving in CA on Christmas Eve both times while on my way to visit family. The coldest points always being from Oakridge OR to Klamath Falls OR, always get absolutely covered in snow there.


Also I ended up hitching out, and will hitch back to Portland to catch a southbound train from there, IM headed to LA, typically leaves around 4-6pm, gets to Eugene around 9-12, typically I sleep and wake up in Dunsmuir CA early morning, getting to Roseville around 4-6pm then finally arriving in Bakersfield around 3-4am usually but of course it varies. Only things I really hate about riding in winter is good and water freezing.

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