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Anyone take the train in Taiwan? Am going on a trip am wondering what to expect.

Just from reading about it, I'm going to get a huge kick many of the trains are the same models as they have in Japan.


File: 1540218550556.jpg (41.32 KB, 650x400, 1.jpg)

Taiwan train derailment in Yilan County kills at least 18.


Maybe you should reconsider if you are going to travel in Taiwan after this accident.


Why should Anon1 do so? Are railcrashes that frequent on Taiwan?


Taiwan is like visiting China but everyone is nice and the country is relatively clean, but not autistic like the Japanese

Fuck no am I going to reconsider going there


According to the news the Limited Express "Puyuma" sets were 5-years old and made by Nippon Sharyo so its not really suspect. What they do suspect is something on the track or maintenance issues.



>A spokesman for Taiwan Yilan District Court told Reuters the driver told his bail hearing he switched off the system himself to boost the train’s power when it had slowed down on an earlier stretch of the journey.

>Reuters was not able to reach the train driver, You Zhen-zhong, 48, for comment. He was granted bail of T$500,000 ($16,167) and barred from leaving Taiwan after being detained for the investigation.


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