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What's the history of 1chan and why did they kick trains off 4chan?


As far as I know there are still train threads on /n/. I just happened along this site on my adventure of every chan made and active. Welp, off to the next one


moot deleted the '/n/ (Trains)' board off 4chan back in ancient pre-historic dinosaur times (2004), so thatdog made his own trains board, with blackjack, and hookers. then after about 10 years the PHP rusted into dust and thatdog ran out of whale oil to keep it running, so the current owners took over with a vichan fork.


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1chan was the first chan I went on.. irc I found it through a google image search around 2007(??). Up to that point i'd never heard of 4chan but found it when I started systematically searching 2chan, 3chan, etc hoping i'd find more train pix gold. I stopped going there in 2011. Stopped in for visit in 2016 for a few minutes and haven't gone back. I don't miss it.


'cause furries, my man. :(


File: 1543331882525.png (360.96 KB, 512x512, train folder.png)

have no clue – heres a folder image for storing train photos

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