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How can I get I
Into trains? What exactly does your hobby all entail?
Right now all a know is a think trains are really cool.
Is there. Any practical side to the hobby?


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> How can I get Into trains
Hang around other railfans, learn, ask questions (not too stupid though), see technical literature or articles (start from wiki, then go deeper into their sources).

>Any practical side to the hobby?

Becoming a photographer for a railway magazine (or just improving your photo skills via transport photography), building your own backyard railway and then making it commercial, going to a railway college and then becoming a railway employee if you wanna go truly hardcore.


find something that interests you within the hobby. maybe there's a specific railroad or railway somewhere that'll interest you in particular.


No hobby is practical. It's a means of escape. :^)


Options available:

Spotting (gotta catch 'em all!): Get an Ian Allen ABC, write down loco/unit numbers, tick off all the ones you've seen until you have seen them all.

Filming/photography: Get a camera. Post pics/videos to 1chan/flickr/youtube

Volunteer at a heritage railway: This will consume all your weekends, and mostly involves hanging around with grumpy old men. Not recommended if you want an actual social life.

Build a model railway: All the fun of the real thing but without going outside.


>Build a model railway: All the fun of the real thing but without going outside.

Will empty your wallet too.




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