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File: 1573497903391.jpg–(50.88KB, 600x598, 1573340994118.jpg)
Got any CP links?
¨ No.634
1573522237337.jpg–(71.48KB, 591x376, BF72FE0E-712D-439B-8E9B-A9DB04D5B952.jpeg)
I’m quite partial to the pac-man logo.

It wouldn’t be a new 1chan iteration without a CP thread
¨ No.636
1573533599609.jpg–(170.09KB, 1280x1280, CP-Beaver__46714.1496421252.jpg)
Love me some beaver
¨ No.638
1573570409605.jpg–(789.99KB, 2048x1365, 1N5A4977 CP 5750 Alyth 12th street CWR Rail train_)
My CP stash is bigger than you'd believe.
¨ No.649
1573707549988.jpg–(230.07KB, 1280x853, CP_1800_(12859619005).jpg)
I prefer a different type of CP, if you know what I mean.
¨ No.650
Get out.
¨ No.652
Portugal: Two CP Class 1400 diesels pass on passenger trains at Pinhao (on the Douro Valley line)–(YouTube)
¨ No.653
1573709615847.jpg–(0.97MB, 2700x1799, cp.jpg)
too bad
¨ No.656

“I think my Alco has autism”
¨ No.659
1573779903475.jpg–(389.51KB, 1280x960, CP_1550_Series_locomotive_in_Tunes_Train_Station _)
What was that? You want more? Here, have more!
¨ No.665
goawayweebm, we only fuk trans
¨ No.813
What Alco? That's an EE you heathen!
¨ No.814
1575055100245.jpg–(80.73KB, 750x600, 1176221048076.jpg)
¨ No.815
¨ No.915
>>649 – Man, if you ask for CP here, you will get rail-related CP: Canadian Pacific, Central Pacific, Comboios de Portugal…
¨ No.931
Exactly. Which is why I love this place. Annoyingly, I've found some CP from London, but I can't download it on my phone, so have a link instead:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3671718853
¨ No.938
>can't download with phone

Assuming you're using an Android phone & the native Samsung Internet, switch to "Request desktop site" by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner. Reload the Flikr page and you should see a downward pointing arrow in the bottom right corner. It'll allow you to select various image sizes.
¨ No.940
1575512508512.jpg–(290.59KB, 1985x1138, CPCT.jpg)
Is there any information about the Christmas train? I don't care about where it is and where its going but rather information on how they built it and how they did the lights and stuff?
¨ No.1557
http://ftp.funet.fi/pub/pics/railways/ – Rail-related pix from a site in Finland.

There are both CP and others to be seen.

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