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Embed: Slavic train with hardbass–(YouTube)

¨ No.624
Прыжки электропоезд ЭР2 / Jumping ER2 EMU–(YouTube)
Here, the original video.

This guy's channel is a goldmine, by the way.
¨ No.626
Are Latvians even Slavs tho?.. Never even thought of it, honestly.

(And yes, this is definitely in Latvia. Only they can have such crappy tracks on a mainline, as far as Space-1520 goes)
¨ No.627
Oh wait, that's actually Estonia. Turns out their ER2s look incredibly similar...

Well then, turns out the only Baltic country with actually decent railway is Lithuania. Just as Belarus, they profit from a huge Russia-EU freight transit.
¨ No.633
Тепловоз Ц36-7и-1517 на ст. Раквере / GE C36-7i-1517 at Rakvere station–(YouTube)
>This guy's channel is a goldmine, by the way.
>Oh wait, that's actually Estonia.

"Oh, do they have a video of... yes, they do."

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