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At the Trolley Museume I am slowely adding poles, the layout is built on a hollow core door so it is difficult to install them properly. Any one know of an epoxy that will stick to brass and sand?


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Controller I built myself it uses a variable frequency drive fed into a capacitor which I figure varies voltage. However I am wondering if I should just cut the capacitor out the maximum voltage is always reaching the model trolley ( with it being pulsed the speed should still be controllable


Thermal of trolley resistor grid.


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Be there to velocipedes one was built by a high school student who is from Germany. After he graduated he went back to Deutschland to Apprentice at some Narrow Gauge steam Railway, and this year he came back. The other one is a vintage one that got broken…


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πŸ™ How hard can it be to fix cast iron?


>Even someone as irritable as Ham can find someone to tolerate him.
Good job, bromigo.


>How hard can it be to fix cast iron?
It's a massive pain in the ass. You basically have to heat the whole thing up to about cherry red, make your welds, and slowly let it cool to room temperature. Only then do you get to reform the tooth profile using the vertical shaper.

Source: I'm about to go down the same rabbit hole fixing the idler gear on the Huber.



Didn't you break that? I'm pretty sure you broke that.


>>6078 – May be easier to come up with some β€˜plugs’ to push through from above and glue to the bottom panel, and then mount the poles in them.

>>6079 – Might be OK; might end up with whining motors, though, assuming the capacitor is there as a smoothing cap.

>>6084 – No idea. You might be able to get away with building up the breaks with an arc welder and then shape the teeth, but an experienced metalsmith can give you much better advice than I ever can.




Its a 3 unit car. They have 2 brake systems at either end of the car. That way they can test them individually?


It's like that on a lot of pigs. I'm surprised you've never seen it before.


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I have just thought I would finally ask.
Also former Red Hook former MBTA PCC


>>6098 – It’ll take tons of TLC to get that one back on its trucks.


Here is a story about the PCCs http://forgotten-ny.com/2014/02/red-hook-trolleys-removed/ we also have a parts car (one of the other PCCs that was there) problem is nothing wants to move so it will be a problem getting them in the shop


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Here are some tricks that thanks to me cost the museums $6,000.




So did you save them money in a deal so they cost ONLY $6k, or did you do something to them and they had to be replaced for $6k?


I heard we're gonna get a pair of Taylor electric trucks that is all I knew about it. It all started on Facebook where everybody with bitching at steam town for scrapping a central Vermont caboose I joined in on the bitching because we could have used some of those parts. Someone mentioned that while everybody was complaining about the scrapped caboose another wooden car with about to be scrapped. I took this information to RYPN and started a thread "wooden car needs home OR ELSE" This thread was very successful and a lot of people got together and he ended up saving the car. Guess where the trucks were that we're gonna get, yep under that car I just helped save. If the car got scraped then we would have gotten the trucks, the new owners arrested to SELL us the trucks for $6,000.

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