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File: 1532599414411.jpg (1.47 MB, 1600x1200, Build_1472_Bridge_2.jpg)


so when I was in san diego I saw a few trains pass by that were pretty cool really long and went on for a while carrying all sorts of great industrial things most likely but sometimes and these would come more often were the small amtrak trains which had an online university advertisement on them I despise these trains because

a) they are very short and just quickly pass by unintrestingly

b)im sure that online university is a trash cash grab

it's an eyesore to see

btw when I was in portland there were a lot of cool train yards by the river. also there was like a bike path that went right into them or something I went through it a few times always a good time


Cool story, bro.


Dumb story aside, where's that screenshot from? I swear that train looks familiar. Left 4 Dead?


File: 1533034681559.jpg (190.77 KB, 1024x683, RZD-ChME3-4750_Yelets_29-0….jpg)

My guess would be from the Stalker series or Escape From Tarkov, since the loco pictured is a a standard six axle Soviet road switcher (believe this is ChME3).


Looks like a cheap cigar box….


The train is from the series stalker, it is on the bridge over the military outpost in cordon

Sorry if this sounded like a dumb story to you guys I just genuinely feel angry whenever I saw those trains pass by and this was the only place I could vent my anger.

I wanted to start this thread as a topic for people to discuss trains that they dislike


File: 1533402679079.jpg (1.28 MB, 1244x826, RSD-1_final_voyage.jpg)

It was based on the Alco RSD-1 (the first was a copy TE1, then it was refined into other various Soviet/Czech road switchers). I quite like them.


File: 1533540364671.jpg (964.77 KB, 1200x817, 209380.jpg)

WAIT, WHAT? In which component is ChME3 even remotely based on the RSD-1, with its fully original (and quite unique) running gear, original Czech DGU, and… wait again, are you saying that 8-axle twin-diesel Russian TEM14, or Czech 8-axle ChME5 or maybe even this 3-axle diesel-hydraulic TGM23B, for that matter, are all also copies of the RSD-1 just because they all dare to have the twin hood layout?

Dude, get over it, it was almost 70 years ago. TE1 was a copy of RSD-1, yes, but WHY does this have to make ALL Soviet/Czech/whatever else commie diesel locomotives its descendants? Is this like an STD?


File: 1533592928723.jpg (5.81 MB, 2400x1600, ТЭМ1-1255,_паромная_перепр….jpg)

I seem to have struck a nerve - извени братан. I was merely trying to say they have a common heritage, ancestor if you will. It seems logical to me that they would continue to build upon and refine (and innovate). No offense was meant, merely stating my observations. The RSD-1/RS-1 is the progenitor of virtually all hood units IMO, and influenced various manufacturers around the world.

I did also mention that I quite like the Soviet hood units, so again, no offense meant.


File: 1533652726327.jpg (479.96 KB, 1252x835, 223103.jpg)

No, it really wasn't about offence, it was about that such statement is stupid. Combined with the fact that now it seems like 99% of US railfans believe that ALL Soviet diesel locos are based on the Alco. Do they even remember which country practically INVENTED the diesel locomotive itself? Also I was trying to make a dramatic entrance, LOL

Again, "influenced by" =/= "based on". Is it so hard for a loco designer to figure out that you have to narrow the machine compartment if you want to have one cab with view in both directions? And you know where else a similar idea was used before RSD-1? Exactly, steam locos! So the RSD-1 then is based on a steam loco as much as every commie twin-hood loco (except TE1, TEM1 and TEM2 obviously) is based on the RSD-1. Sounds kinda ridiculous, right?

And then this approach led to (and this IS quite offensive actually) misconception that Soviets couldn't do a thing withouе the US with claims that Buran is a copy of the Space Shuttle - because they look similar and screw everything else, that (ok, that's not the US one) AK47 family is a copy of STG44 - because… are you even serious?!, and even that the Tu-144 is a copy of the Concorde despite the fact Tu-144 was created literally BEFORE the Concorde!
I'm not a commie BTW but to not recognize everything which was made by thousands of brilliant engineers would be just beyond stupid.
Again, nothing personal here, this is mostly just general pondering about the thing which is getting more and more irritating as you keep browsing the Web.

Pic of anotrher totally-a-blatant-copy-of-the-RSD-1 with its 8 axles, V12 2000 HP diesel and an AC-DC impulse controlled tramsmission.


File: 1533690900144.jpg (339.55 KB, 1024x679, 32291434582_34ed5ce11b_b.jpg)

Soviet engineers were very capable, but it's also true that they weren't shy about using reverse-engineered foreign parts as a starting point. Especially post-war when they had lots of lend-lease equipment floating around to study. The TE3 used a prime mover cloned from a Fairbanks Morse marine engine, which they eventually upgraded and added turbos to use in the TE10. Doesn't make it automatically bad, since they beat the original designers in implementing some of the upgrades they made. There's lots of other examples, like how late Soviet software runs in DOSBox coz their computers were carefully reverse-engineered from IBMs.


File: 1533759406204.jpg (524.34 KB, 1200x807, 39712.jpg)

True, but it's only part of the truth. There are two main things.
First, reverse engineering was a thing everywhere back in the days, but blaming Soviets so hardly in this is, consciously or unconsciously, a good mean to hide the opposite (captured MiG-25 anyone? Or the sold blueprints of Yak-141 to influence the F-35B later? For instance), just like a typical move used by every propaganda: claim yourself as a victim and hope thus nobody notice you did exactly the same to your opponent you presented as the abuser. No conspiracy intended.

Second, for anyone savvy on the subject this is kinda graceless to assume that if USSR copied one thing that every other thing you encounter is a priori a copy if it has even a sligtest resemblance to the pre-existing thing (or not even the pre-existing, remembering Tu-144 vs Concorde, I still hardly even grasp the logic of the people who went as far as claiming that the "copy" came BEFORE the "original").
This is a simple presumption of guilt which is never appropriate.

Spaeking of Fairbanks-Morse, the charging (actually, drewb, they used mechanical chargers and not the gas-turbine ones, which was part of the problem) it to 3000 HP was, and still is, a disaster, the 10D100 is exactly opposite of reliable and to tune it to the normal performance is almost impossible. That's why TE10s on your pis use the very successful Soviet (originally designed, BTW. Hear that? Originally! LOL) 5D49 V16 4-stroke turbodiesels.

In the end, I agree, reverse engineering is a blessing for the progress as a whole. But seeing it everywhere isn't right, regardless of implications.

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