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Why does everything made by IHC look and feel like cheap, hot garbage?


I think that's their business model: cheap & affordable. Entry level. In other words, you get what you paid for. Their models never seem to match any prototype.

I had a bunch of C-Liners from them, absolute crap but the only other option was brass which was out of the question financial wise.

Then the Life Like P1K's came out and I never looked back.


I'm going to second this based on my personal experience, with one minor change: once I tried getting into the realistic side of the hobby and saw how expensive it was, I just quit and never looked back.


File: 1527232444863.jpg (2.08 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

This kills me because for a few years I lived comfortably and always liked the nicer things. Especially when I got serious about model railroading I learned I valued the high quality and detail of Walthers, Proto, and Athearn, and I look back on older cars and I can't believe I bought so much IHC, back before I knew better I guess. Retail prices are retardedly high so I usually just surf eBay and hit up whatever trade shows are convenient. I've been able to get some deals that way.
While I've got a model thread started, what's everyone's preferred manufacturers of rolling stock/locomotives, from best to worst? I'm curious to see peoples' opinions

Pic related, my latest eBay score. Around $30 after shipping. Yes I model SAL


If it makes you feel any better, a much younger me once seriously considered buying an HO scale RDC car with a rubber band drive *even after being warned about it by the salesman* because the price was right. We all do dumb shit when we're trying to be cheap.


>I model SAL
good taste.


File: 1527263127837.jpg (59.72 KB, 640x343, the fuck is this shit.jpg)

IHC models can make good bases for kitbashing projects though.

I remember the two-page ads in the Kalmbach rags that would list generic streamliners with 100+ road names.


File: 1527290923639.jpg (96.22 KB, 845x425, complete_superliner_i_trai….jpg)


Walthers was pretty much the only company that made halfway-decent Amtrak stock. I found it cheaper to ride Amtrak IRL than to model it.


File: 1527297500195.jpg (26.1 KB, 400x224, ihc-ho-scale-santa-fe-vall….jpg)


I have a set of IHC Valley Flyer cars that I got, I was going to use them as a basis for a home-road passenger train.


I've got a full set of IHC Blue Goose Santa Fe, all together it looks alright but I've never cared for the build of the cars themselves. The only reason I've kept it around this long was because I enjoyed having a full set of something (aside from the right engines to pull it)

Everyone gets such a boner for the Southern in this area, and don't get me wrong, it's a good road, but I just get tired of seeing so much of it. Plus SAL/SCL was also local to this area back in the day so it's more apropos than if I ran UP or something.

Oh god, belt driven?


I agree honestly. I myself model the FEC over the SAL though, I just find it a bit more interesting.


File: 1527631867260.jpg (377.02 KB, 1000x750, 4292018143239.jpg)

Ahh.. the curse of being cheap (aka "thrifty").
Some model prices are unbelievable. I'm just starting to build up a fleet of freight cars, because of the era i'm interested in it's mostly boxcars. I was at a train show on sunday looking at a beautiful 40 ft CPR boxcar in block lettering made by True Line Trains… the detailing is immaculate, a rivet counters wet dream. Price: $49.98! Holy s–t! I thought it was a misprint. I didn't pay that much for my locomotives.

Instead I bought a couple of boxcars made by some company called Trains Canada. The detailing level is decent & good enough for me. Best of all they were discounted down to $11.99. I'm planning to buy more if they still have some in November at the Vancouver show. I kick myself for not buying more as I just learned today the company has closed. I've been looking for a Bachmann Spectrum H16-44 priced right so I held onto my money at the time.

Model trains seems to be all about compromise.

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