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File: 1525841415754.jpg (1.91 MB, 2048x1365, 017A8571 CP 8920 CSX 4021 ….jpg)


I haven't taken many photos of trains recently, but here's one.


Nice, I always enjoy a good pedestrian crossing!


Great shot, man. I'm glad to see you're still hanging around!


I've always envied you and your Canadian Rocky pictures. This is a great photo too.


an endangered species maybe?


Nice! Years ago I remember watching an SW1200RS struggle up that steep industrial spur to the south of you (Goes under the highway) with 3 or 4 newsprint cars.

Is this a recent pic? There's still white ceramic insulators on that crossarm.


Very recent, that was in March. Lots of insulators still kicking around on the Red Deer and Three Hills subs especially.


>There's still white ceramic insulators on that crossarm.

Are those suspiciously maintained-looking plain uninsulated discrete wires used for interlocking and if not, what on earth is their purpose in 2018?


I was told in the mid-80s by signal maintainers that any lines seen by then were usually supplying power to some trackside equipment like signals, hotbox detectors & certain switches. Or were dead. All comms were handled thru radio links (& commercial landlines).


Reported for posting CP



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