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I wish trains had wheels because my bus is late


I've got good news and I've got bad news for you, son.


File: 1525367609105.jpg (137.1 KB, 800x607, tt-essen.jpg)

Then it sounds like you could use a Trolleybus!


Yes that's right! You too can combine both of the worst aspects of rail travel, and bus travel into one handy form.

How do we do it? Well we combine the limited range of an actual trolley with the traffic problems of a real bus, and viola you've got a Trolleybus.

No more wondering if that brown liquid on the seat in front of your is soda, it's not! That smell? It's the hobo behind you. You see no one gets kicked off a trolley bus. The only official onboard is the operator just like a real bus!


Okay, so we're going to build overhead wires, AND lay rail, AND bracket the rail with U-channels, just so we can run two incredibly similar yet mostly incompatible mods of transport on the same set of infrastructure.
Why bother?


because the automobile lobby doesn't want to see money spent on actually improving public transit, but useless "experimental" projects that are just money down the drain are fine desu, anything that will keep the public seeing investment in transit as a waste of money.


To be fair, trolleybuses as a concept are hecking old, like 1920s vintage, and mostly a glimpse into what the world would have been like if electric cars had won out over the Infernal Combustion Engine. Some cities had extensive systems, and laying overhead wires turns out to be preeeeety cheap compared to digging up road for rails.


The thing is, LRT actually gives you something more than buses, trolleybuses don't. They're just electric buses. Don't get me wrong, trolleybuses are great, they're silent, fast, comfy and don't need large batteries, but you can easily see how they could become cannon fodder for demagogues.
Which in the end is what often happened:
>Hey guise, let's get rid of the streetcars, we can just use trolleybuses
>Hey guise, let's get rid of the trolleybuses, they're no better than buses, and the catenary is ugly and expensive
rinse and repeat.
Hell, now everyone is talking about electric buses like it's the best thing since sliced bread, but they only care about battery buses, when trolleybuses have been around for literally over a century.
Fuck this gay earth.


Battery buses give you electric traction, no unsightly wires, and freedom to roam. I think there's a few of them on the city shuttles in Manchester. In Soviet Europe I think we're going to see a lot more EVs on urban networks and PHEVs on longer routes, though I imagine in Fuckyeahmurrica the auto lobby and the oil lobby will try and kill it everywhere other than Portland.


File: 1525615667762-0.jpg (223.38 KB, 1232x754, m852619cguv3.jpg)

This, guided buses were literally Mercedes-Benz trying to get into the LRT game


File: 1525619727783.jpg (514.83 KB, 897x598, Kauppatori ja risteys 897.jpg)

The batteries simply arent good enough yet, though. That's why I'm fostering a hope that trolley systems would make a come back to provide loading infrastructure for part time battery operated buses.

Above power dencity and price, the loading speeds are an issue. Like the system they use in Nantes and some other places have loading stations in every few km:s that load super capacitors that then move their charge to super capacitors on board the bus that maintain the charge in batteries. This is also desirable because the batteries tolerate this sort of steady power fluctuation much better than full charge-discharge cycles. They have ideal off grid range in the double digit kms.

The battery bus technology is really new. Theare are small four wheel buses of 40 seats / 12m. There are no bi-rear axle buses of 50+ seats / 16m. There is a trolleybus though and I think a first bi-articulated ones are to come in use in future in Nantes. That was the place where my home town sent a delegation concerning BRT vs. LRT debate. Not a bad choise for an expedition assuming they fould the right people and listened what they had to say.

All the buses meet at the market square.


File: 1525620016940.jpg (199.56 KB, 764x403, kauppatori.jpg)

>There is a trolleybus though
Meant to say articulated bus.


File: 1525621344542.jpg (136.48 KB, 700x466, sähköföli.jpg)

Just now there have been first generation at terminus loadable battery buses. They require oil heater in winter and have had reliability of just 60%.

Maybe in 10 years but not now. Too bad it could mean "do nothing in 10 years", but at least the transit authority is finally getting branded trunk lines going.


File: 1525621834158.jpg (148.14 KB, 800x450, efoli_1.jpg)

Not having double rear axle "bogie" buses itself is not a proble. I think singly or maybe even finally doubly articulated (when and if the battiers advance) bendybuses make more sense with electric power train.


File: 1525630484425.jpg (5.66 MB, 5652x3109, dave495.jpg)

Red Arrow toyed around with hybrids in the late '60s, even testing on Reading RR commuter lines. Apparently it was deemed a failure. https://thetrolleydodger.com/2016/09/13/red-arrow-in-west-chester/


Trains do in fact have wheels


Wrong type for OP’s sulk. Not that they would help, because road trains would have even greater problems in city traffic than buses already do.


It's called a tram anon


Holy crap, if only those had caught on Light Rail would look more like mid-century American design, and not Euro-Trash leftovers.


>>5659 I would build a Rail Bus like that but I'd try to find a 15 passenger Shorty bus like it

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