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File: 1572359300290.jpg–(35.37KB, 480x360, 1972420_1557369217822507_1891803058_n.jpg)
I just want to say hallo to all the old friends... I too ashamed to post these days ... I am happy to see that a lot of the old are still posting, here in Africa it is real dark and my company is suffering one scandal after the next... like I said nice to see you Ham549, Mike, microbuss, Tex, Kartma, Captain Slog... the only one I don't see it Cornelius van der Wreck...anyone know if he gone on to a better place?
¨ No.560
Corny must have passed away four or five years ago. It's been some time, and he was quite ill then.
¨ No.562
Not sure if that's correct, I saw his posts maybe two years ago.
¨ No.563
I could be wrong, but it feels like it's been a while since I've seen him. I recall that he was in either a retirment home or hospice in the Chicago area.
¨ No.566
Glad to have you back! From what you've posted, your railway is always a bit of a shitshow. It's a little entertaining, and I would be happy to see you post more.
¨ No.569
Welcome back, Smitie! Regardless of the political affairs of SAR, you're always welcome around these parts and I'd love to hear of any recent experiences!
¨ No.571
I remember someone posting on his behalf a while back, saying he had passed. I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed though.
¨ No.572
I do miss him. He was very intelligent and knew all kinds of facets to railroading and business. The world is truly the lesser without him.
¨ No.573
TMH Africa unveils rolling stock manufacturing facility–(YouTube)
Welcome back, I happen to still remember you (though you seem to not remember me :D That's alright tho).

I heard that our Russian manufacturer Transmashholding recently purchased your locomotive manufacturing plant in South Africa for future developments. Any thoughts on this? Ideas what they might wanna manufacture next?
Because from what they said they clearly intend to introduce some new models of locomotives but so far for a Russian observer it is even unclear what exactly they were making here in the first place.
¨ No.576
1572530648419.png–(8.80KB, 530x124, 444.png)
¨ No.577
¨ No.578

something familiar about this post.
¨ No.590
Good to see another old 1channer around again. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I know things have been nuts in South Africa these days. But the trains still need to run. Like in any country in the world, transportation is important.
¨ No.595
Glad to see you back Smitie!
¨ No.597
1572766625784.jpg–(325.49KB, 1280x960, DSCF0010.JPG)
Alright mate, I hope you're OK.
¨ No.612
Now there's a name that was always a guarantee of quality content. It's good to have you back.

Also I hear the local egg-chasers did quite well recently.
¨ No.619
Smitie! Alas, I too am too busy myself to pop into 1chan these days myself, I do miss it though.
¨ No.1118
1579008041676.jpg–(274.76KB, 1024x589, krokodil.jpg)
I'm going to zombiepost itt to say that as longtime lurker and very occasional poster I'm also still here. I used to live in Spain but now I live in Switzerland, fwiw.

also F Cornelius
May this Crocodile take you to railroad heaven.

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